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ET Hands - 5 Digits

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Two short humanoid beings, wearing silvery white coveralls, glowing eyes.

See also: Dome , Abduction

Charles L. Moody. He told of finding himself aboard a strange craft, and of a kind of telepathic communication with aliens who were about four feet eight inches tall, with large, domed, hairless heads; large eyes; a small slit-like mouth; small ears and small nose; five-digit hands with no nails.

See also: Disc , Abduction , |Interference , Injury

Image courtesy Michael H. Rogers ©1996

Travis Walton. They had a basic humanoid form: two legs, two arms, hands with five digits each, and a head with the normal human arrangement of features. But beyond the outline, any similarity to humans was terrifyingly absent.

When they extended their hands toward me, I noticed they had no fingernails. Their hands were small, delicate, without hair. Their thin round fingers looked soft and unwrinkled. Their smooth skin was so pale that it looked chalky, like ivory.

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