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UFO Activity - Abduction

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Colonel H. G. Shaw claimed that he saw three tall and thin humanoid figures. "They were without any sort of clothing, but were covered with a natural growth as soft as silk to the touch and their skin was like velvet."

See also: Alien Abduction. ET: Suit

Early UFO, abduction encounter investigated by New York artist Budd Hopkins.

"These people - I call them people, I don't know what they were - looked like a diving suit with a head shape at the top and very distorted, short-looking body. It was weird."

See also: Large Head, Short , Suit

Soon after the main witness and some friends were illuminated by an unknown shaft of orange light coming from the sky while walking back from the movies, the main witness remembered waking up at night finding his bedroom filled with a subdued light and four or five little figures with big heads and eyes looking at him. The figures appeared to be light blue or green gray in color. The figures then would move around and touched him. One night he recalled seeing the little men and a white light would appear at the door accompanied by a tall man (he could not see his features) that appeared to be in charge of the little humanoids. He never felt any fear during the encounters.

See also: Gray , Large Eyes , Large Head , Short

Sarah Shaw & Jan Whitley were staying in a remote cabin when they awakened to find all sounds outside had ceased and a blue-white light moving outside casting shadows across the walls. Jan got out of bed then felt a headache and a sense of coldness. A sensation of giddiness and confusion overcame both women whose conscious memory then lapsed until 0420A. Under hypnosis Sarah recalled that several beings approached the cabin and passed through a closed window and the kitchen door. Eight shadowy beings entered the cabin and placed their hands on the two women and apparently took control over them. The beings were humanoids of slender build, with narrow shoulders and long arms. Their skin felt dry and cold. Their faces were oval and hairless, featureless except for the eyes, which were narrow and long and appeared covered with a membrane. A ski mask seemed to cover their faces, leaving holes for the eyes. They also wore black skintight coveralls, mittens, and boots. Most of the beings were 5-feet tall and most of these had oval heads. Some had heads wider at the bottom that at the top and were apparently female. Two taller beings appeared to be the leaders. The beings took both women into a hovering Saturn-shaped craft, with a rim or platform around it. It glowed with various colors and made a whining sound. Sarah felt herself floating into the craft on a beam of light. She felt tranquil, unafraid and even enjoyed the experience. But Jan resisted the beings and she was rendered unconscious by an injection and was carried inside. In a large domed room both women were then extensively examined and scanned. Throughout the examination a tall being directed the work from a balcony-like extension on a wall. He wore a light colored suit with black stripes and his hands were bare, showing gray flesh.

See also: Saturn , Abduction , Beam. ET: Gray , Short , Tall , Coveralls-Black

Marcilio Godoi. Marcilio Godoi, a taxi driver, saw a round craft sitting in a field near his house. In the bright blue lights coming from an open door, he could see some beings standing inside. After several minutes the machine took off. Several days later, he saw the object in the same place. Venturing close to it, he felt a hypnotic force that made him enter the UFO. Inside it, looking at a map, were several tall men wearing snug one-piece suits, who ignored him. The walls looked like opaque glass; the beings could pass through them. After some minutes, he was given a small cup of some unknown liquid to drink; its effect was to remove the hypnotic spell. The door closed and the craft silently took off, “for a period of about 2 hours, the taxi driver was transported all over Latin America.” Then it returned to the same spot and Godoi was allowed to depart. During the whole experience the saucer crew spoke no word to him or to one another.

See also: Alien Abduction ET: Suit

Antonio Villas-Boas. Early abduction, sexual encounter with alien-human hybrid.

See also: Helmet , Short , Suit

Betty Hill.

Betty and Barney Hill. Skin samples, hair samples, ovum were taken from Betty Hill. Sperm from Barney Hill.

See also: Abduction , Beeping Sound. ET: Short

Two short humanoid beings, wearing silvery white coveralls. Attemped abduction.

See also: Dome , Abduction. ET: Short , Suit

Two Air Force radar technicians encounter with small saucer-shaped object, struck by beam. Possible abduction.

See also: Abduction , Beam , Injury , Radiation , Washington


Bob Mathews. Chest examination.

See also: Missing Time

Betty (Andreasson) Luca. She was on board an estimated 2 hr. During this time she was led through several rooms, was given a physical exam in which they "tested her for light," inserted a needle in her nostril and navel and scanned her with an eye-like device. (She was then placed in an enclosed seat, which was filled with a soothing liquid, in which she presumably "prepared" for an unusual journey.

See also: Eyes - Almond , Short , Suit-blue

Sales executive "John Gilbert" reported being abducted and subjected to "several startling medical, biological and sexual experiments" by aliens.

See also: Abduction. ET: Guttural tones , Large Head , Pupil_None , Short , Suit-Blue , Telepathy

Patrolman Herbert Schirmer. The entities had slightly slanted “catlike” eyes (that didn’t blink), gray-white skin, long and thin heads, with flat noses and slitlike mouths.

See also: Disc , Hover , Missing Time. ET: Antenna , Emblem , Gray , Silver uniform

They had large heads, big oval eyes, and a small mouth. "Missing Time."

See also: Cigar , Disc , Dome , Beam , Abduction , Glow , Hum. ET: Large Head , Oval Eyes , Short , Suit

Denis McMahon. The other two wore grayish-green form-fitting coveralls and were only about four and a half feet in height. Remembered details after hearing Bud Hopkins on a radio show.

See also: Oval-shape , Beam , Hover , Time Lapse. ET: Short , Suit

Raymond Shearer, a Madison lawyer, drove beneath a hovering light that produced static on the car radio and a sensation of heat. When he was nearly home, he had an impulse to turn onto a dead-end gravel road leading into a marshland. On the road was an aluminum like UFO 100-125 ft in diameter, sitting on 3 legs, with a row of blinking lights around it. The witness got to within 15 ft of it and was starting to back up when his car engine stopped, the headlights went out, and the radio stopped playing. Then he remembered nothing more until he reached home, at dawn. On the back of his neck was a painful welt. In the weeks that followed, he neglected his practice and got into politics. Under hypnotic regression, later, it was revealed that he had been taken onboard the UFO and had had an extensive conversation with the occupants, who were human-like and wore white coverall type uniforms with black belts, and who were "collecting specimens." Inside the UFO it was cold. He was told they came from another galaxy, used antigravity motors, and traveled faster than light. Following these hypnotic revelations, his life returned to normal.

See also: Abduction , ET , Landing Legs , Specimens

Simon Parkes. I did come face to face with something inside the object and I know that I made an 'agreement' with this being - this I have drawn. I later learnt that such beings are called a Mantid - or in the USA, Mantis

See also: Teardrop-shape. ET: Gray , Praying Mantis

A man named Ed Foley was driving between Phoenix and Tucson when he encountered a circular UFO and a robot like "figure or object" that emerged from it and hit him with a beam of light. At that point Foley experienced "an alteration of consciousness" as though he had left his physical body; he "mentally" entered the object, and was able to communicate telepathically with the beings on board. (Beings not described). The thrust of the information gleaned from these occupants was that they had needed to resort of "artificial replenishment" of an "essence of life" for their survival. These "juices" they obtained from the simpler forms of life as well as from living animals, excluding man. "They take blood and vital fluids from some glands of various animals…They are not concerned about the flesh and leave it intact," avoiding humans as much as possible in their "harvesting" of fluid substances."

See also: Beam , Cattle Mutilation ET: Robot

Missing time.

See also: Boomerang , Missing Time , Power Plant

Driving home from her grandmother's at Bodega Bay, to Zamora, with her two younger sisters, Judy Kendall, 28, expected to be home at approximately 2000. She in fact got home about midnight, finding her parents alarmed over her lateness. She recalled having crossed over Cache Creek Bridge about 2000, and then crossing over it a second time, feeling very tired and barely able to keep her eyes open. Under hypnotic regression, she described feeling an extreme coldness, and of a void around the car; she believed she was floated out of the car and awakened in a round room encircled with windows through which she saw stars. She was on a hard cold surface, and her head seemed to be restrained at times, prohibiting movement. She was able to observe, with restraints removed, two-bucket seats facing a console type instrument panel with a gear like shift; and on her left a table with instruments and a black box. The feeling of cold was intense. Present were five entities of frightening appearance; with insect like eyes and a pale, or white translucent skin through which was visible a number of red veins. They wore an outfit with a turtleneck top that apparently concealed the lower portion of their faces. She is told that no harm will come to her but the voice does not appear to be spoken normally, sounding more like it came through a megaphone. Three other entities are dressed in similar outfits but apparently lack the bug like eyes of the first. The fifth is an entirely human appearing woman with blue eyes and long black hair, who speaks to her normally, and calms her. She was given an examination, which, she believes, included catheterization; she felt "shaky" experienced pain in her head, and a pain in her side. At times she experienced some difficulty in breathing. She expressed concern about her sisters, one of whom she believed she heard calling out to her in distress. She was not certain that both sisters were brought on board with her. Her feet were examined closely and at one point during the examination, one hand, or arm, was restrained so that she could not move it. The sensation of cold was relieved briefly several times, but severe headaches persisted throughout. Finally a large "scanning" device was placed over her face, and she was unable to see; it gave off a motor sound and when removed, she was again able to see. She was then carried out of the room and next thing she recalled was being "thrown" into the driver's seat of the car, and her sister was suddenly in the seat next to her. She felt very tired and recalled crossing the bridge for the second time, after which she and her sisters proceeded straight home, arriving four hours later than expected.

See also: Missing Time

Richard Kilburn was returning home along a remote road when he suddenly experienced a memory lapse. He only had fragmentary memories of an event. Under hypnosis he recalled seeing two lights descend from the sky and land nearby, his vehicle suddenly veered off the road and stopped. He got out of the vehicle and heard a sound, he then saw four or five humanoids coming over a nearby fence and approach him. The beings were very short and thin, hairless with large heads shaped like inverted teardrops, large black walnut shaped eyes, small noses, slit mouths, no ears and white putty like skin. They had long tube like fingers and wore black tight fitting suits and gloves and were clumsy when they moved. One that seemed to be the leader gave directions by gestures while another being began digging a hole. The witness was seized by a clamp like device and taken to a luminous white egg shaped craft sitting on a platform of girders and making a humming sound. He was escorted up a tube like ramp into the object and entered a luminous white domed room and next found himself on a table wearing only a diaper like cloth. A device came down from the ceiling and a needle like device ran along his back. He was then given an extensive physical examination by several of the beings, with different devices. He later lost consciousness and found himself driving home in his vehicle.

See also: Egg-shaped , Hum , Missing Time. ET: Large Eyes , Large Head , Putty Skin , Short , Suit/Black

Mike Shea. Eventually he was taken inside one of the crafts, put on a table, and examined. Various organic samples were collected from his body.

See also: Missing Time , Beam , Hover , Whirring sound. ET: Dark , Insect , Short , Tall

Charles Hickson, Calvin Parker. Examination.

See also: Ellipse, Buzz , Glow , Hover. ET: Robot , Long Arms

The witness was alone traveling by car when she noticed a bright light over the next approaching hill. She dimmed her lights and when she crested the hill she noticed a landed disc shaped object on a nearby cornfield. She slowed the vehicle and saw that the object had a slight dome on top and was glowing with a blue light. She called her husband on the CB radio and described the object but soon static rendered the radio useless. She stopped the vehicle and the next thing she remembered was watching the object taking off at high speed. Later under hypnosis the witness remembered seeing five figures standing around her car looking at her. They were about five-foot tall with pasty white faces and huge elongated eyes, two holes for a nose and slit like mouths. Moments later she found herself inside the object where she sees walls and lots of machinery and also a very bright light. She finds herself in a room with several monitor like screens and two humanoids standing near her, these seemed to have claw like hands. One of the beings is described as a more human looking female with long hair, a skirt, and a band around her head. The male beings wore silver metallic jump suits, one piece, with gloves and boots and belts across the chest area. The witness remembers lying on a table and is forced to remove her clothing. After an examination she is led outside by two of the beings and floated to her vehicle.

See also: Disc , Dome , Glow. ET: Belt , Claw , Large Eyes , Hybrid , Slit , Short , Skin , Suit

Three 5-ft tall beings, high foreheads, slanted eyes, gray coveralls, from yellow saucer-shaped craft; abduction case (see section XIII).

See also: Disc , Dome , ET: Nordic

The beings were described by the witnesses as about five feet tall, of light skin with big, almond shaped eyes and small lower jaw. They were reported as being very strong.

See also: Abduction , Heat , Hover. ET: Large Eyes , Short

Mike Fox. Hair samples, nasal implant, anal probe.

See also: Large Head , Suit

Carl Higdon. Examination. Rejected afterwards.

See also: Antenna , Suit

John Avis, 29, his wife Elaine, 25, and 3 children. Elaine could remember...gray one-piece suits. John...found himself in a big room where tall "peaceful" beings, in one-piece colorless suits, told him not to worry about the children. They had pink eyes and communicated by telepathy. A small being was present; it had fur like covering and made chirping sounds; it served the tall beings. In a second hypnotic session, John "examiner," "smaller than us," with big eyes and a mouth "not like ours", examined him.

See also: ET , Beam , Interference , Missing Time , Propulsion

Beings with large bulging black eyes.

See also: Bell , Abduction. ET: Large Eyes

Abduction by 7-foot reptilian entities considered to be a hoax. - Alvin H. Lawson

Charles L. Moody. They were dressed in plain coveralls without cuffs or collars.

See also: Disc , Abduction , Interference , Injury. ET: Large Eyes , Large Head , Short , Suit

Travis Walton. Examination onboard craft.

See also: Disc , Abduction , Beam. ET: Large Eyes , Large Head , Short , Skin , Suit

Four beings with dark eyes, diagonal marks on side of head, surrounded campers, reacted to light, faintly luminous structured craft seen; possible abduction.

See also: Large Eyes

Louise Smith, Mona Stafford, and Elaine Thomas were abducted.

See also: Beam , Injury

The witness was driving with her 4-year old son and a friend when she noticed some multicolored lights in the sky. They soon found themselves on a back road approaching an apparent wreck with a “police officer” nearby. He seemed to be well dressed and had an icy touch. They finally reached a truck stop and realized they had experienced a time lapse. Later under hypnosis she recalled that the police officer had helped her out and led her to a nearby craft shaped like a coolie hat. She climbed inside and sat on a chair, watching a screen with lines and stars while the police officer operated some controls. She was then taken to a room with two surgical tables. There she saw her daughter being watched by three hairless beings with large heads, large dark almond shaped eyes, and small noses. They had thin bodies and white skin. She was laid on a table and examined with various devices. She was also scraped and a skin sample was taken and fluid was apparently removed from her eyes.

See also: Coolie hat. ET: Cranium , Eyes -Almond , Large , Skin - White , Thin

Four-inch black eyes.

See also: Eyes - Large

A domed disk plunging toward them. The massive object stopped short and paced the car, which soon became filled with blue light and suffocating heat. Reported abduction. Strange red marks on skin burned with water. Small areas of bubbled up paint on car.

See also: Disc , Dome , Heat , Injury , Maneuver

Jim, Chuck Rack, Charlie Foltz, Jack Weiner. Skin, sperm samples.

See also: Large Eyes , Large Head , Short , Suit

V-shaped thing 15 to 20 meters long, with a beam of orange light going down to the ground.

See also: V-shape , Beam

Witness: Pamara Johnson. UFO sighting while driving. Missing time and missing fetus.

See also: Gray , Short

William J Herman. He woke up lying on a table in a hospital-like room that glowed with a red light. His shirt was open and a cold metallic box sat on his chest. Three beings were in the room and were looking at a row of flashing lights and a TV screen.

See also: Disc , Beam. ET: Pale Skin , Short , Suit

A light suddenly engulfed her car and she remembers nothing until she found herself about five miles further down the road than she had been when the light appeared.

See also: Ellipse , Highway , Missing Time

Defecated in pants. Under hypnosis, he recalled instrument pierced stomach, semen extraction.

See also: Nocturnal , Injury , Radiation. ET: Gray Skin , Short

Fortunato Zanfretta.

See also: Interference , Whistle noise. ET: Wrinkle , Eyes - Tapering

Filiberto Cardenas. Examination.

See also: Telepathic

The witness had been out camping in a wooded area by a lake with her husband and twin sons when she decided to take a walk out into the woods. As she walked down a path she noticed a shiny disc-shaped object hovering above a clump of pine trees. She sat on a rock and watched the object until it disappeared. She then went back to the tent and realized that she had lost 2 hours of time. Later under hypnosis the witness recalled staring at the object and hearing her name called. Then a group of humanoids, described as thin and five foot six inches tall, wearing one-piece jumpsuits with a belt, took her inside the object. She noticed that on the belt buckle they had a symbol resembling a winged snake. They spoke to her by using telepathy and were apparently upset that she had tied her fallopian tubes.

See also: Disc , Hover. ET: Suit

Alan Godfrey, with a drawing of the craft. (credit: Evans and Stacy)

Police officer Alan Godfrey. Only when back at the police station did he realise that it was a little later than he had expected - although any missing time was probably no greater than 15 minutes from estimates later taken on site.

See also: Disc , Dome , ET , Landing Trace , Missing Time , Rotation

Carlos Diaz. UFO/ Close encounter with humanoid entity. Missing time.

See also: Disc , Augmented , Glow

Abduction Case.

See also: Disc , Hover , Landing Legs , Whistling sound. ET: Nordic

Source: Thomas E Bullard, UFO Abductions The Measure of the Mystery

A mother and her two children were driving on a busy highway when they spotted a rectangular glowing object with a cross in the center hovering over the area. As the car drew closer the mother heard a low humming sound and felt dizzy and had difficulty driving. One of the children felt weak and they younger one fell asleep. The object suddenly vanished and with witnesses felt better. Their trip was longer than usual. The children remembered seeing figures or faces within the object and experienced unusual sleepiness the following days.

See also: Rectangle , Glow , Hover , Humming , Missing Time

John Wright. Examination.

See also: Boomerang. ET: Suit

Source: Bill Hamilton

Time: night. Nancy and her daughter were in a camping tent in Fey Canyon, her baby granddaughter was also with her. That night she saw a lighted disk and a small entity entered the tent and grabbed her arm. All three were abducted. She recalled that the entity spoke "inside her head" and that they were rearranging her molecular structure for the purpose of facilitating communication and travel. She does not recall what happened between the time she left the tent and returned. She has been involved in previous encounters.

See also: Disc. ET: Short

Insides being probed by beam.

See also: Beam. ET: Large Head , Short , Suit

Debbie Jordan-Kauble a.k.a. Cathy Davis who was the subject of the book and the TV movie, “Intruders” was abducted at 10:50 near Indianapolis, Indiana.

Alfred Burtoo. "They were about four foot high, dressed in pale green coveralls from head to foot," Burtoo told reporters. "And they had helmets of the same colour with a visor that was blacked out."

See also: Disc , Speed , Whining Noise. ET: Short , Suit

The object was described as five to eight feet thick, thirty to fifty feet wide, dark gray or black in color, and shiny like a mirror finish. Described as “big as a house.” The sketch of the object supplied by the primary witness suggests that it was larger.

See also: Disc , Buzzing Noise , Cloak , Injury , Missing Time

Whitley Strieber's abduction.

"Neither of us have very clear recall of the time period between the time when we placed the car in gear to leave, until we were about a mile down the road."

See also: Nocturnal , Hover , Injury , Missing Time , Wobble

Debbie Jordan-Kauble a.k.a. "Cathy Davis" of "Intruder's" fame had a sighting of a rectangular object near Indianapolis and later found that she had been abducted again.

See also: Rectangle

The others thought it was a joke until they saw a row of figures with large bald heads and claylike skin dressed in tight fitting jumpsuits approach the car.

See also: Triangular-shaped , Beam. ET: Large Head , Suit

I came face to face (about 20 yards) with 2 grey creatures in blue jump suits, about 5 ft. tall with big insect looking heads, pointy faces, big eyes, thin arms, body and legs. I immediately thought "they're not little green men*, they're grasshopper people".

See also: Cigar , Cloak. ET: Short , Suit

In March of 1999, FATE Magazine published this article about a creature photographed by a former policeman anonymous alleged abductee. The photo is dated early morning December 1, 1987. Notice the length of the arms on the creature. The photographer said the aliens had hands larger than his although their height only reached his stomach.

ET: Long Arms , Short

They should have made the trip in 15 minutes, but got home at 12:35 AM, 1-hour and 10-minutes longer than it should have taken. Both drew pictures which were identical. Witnesses would not file a report.

See also: Ellipse , Beam , Injury , Missing Time , Radiation

He was unable to move, but could see the figures, which he described as typical grays, excepting having very round eyes.

See also: Triangle , Missing Time. ET: Gray , Large Eyes

Khoury had lay on a bed and was overwhelmed by paralysis. A number of beings became apparent around him. One of them, a tall thin golden yellow coloured being, with large black eyes, inserted a long needle like object into the side of his head. Khoury blackout. He regained consciousness with a start and rushed into the adjoining room where he found other family members in a "switched-off" state. Rousing them, Khoury found that while they thought only some 10 minutes had passed, in reality it seemed between 1 to 2 hours had passed. An injury to his head was verified.

See also: Missing Time. ET: Hood , Large Eyes

Ms. Somerby. The witness experienced an episode of missing time. No other information.

See also: Rectangle , Missing Time

Two women and a man in a car encountered a craft hovering over the road. They were abducted and had an hour time loss. They reportedly encountered large lizard-like beings. One of the women had a brown area on one leg after the incident. The craft left marks on the ground. No other information.
See also: Hover , Injury , Landing Mark , Missing Time. ET: Reptilian

A man saw a strange being standing at the foot of his bed staring at him. He described the being as thin with a very prominent chin, slit-like mouth, two small holes for a nose and huge black oval shaped slanted eyes that were partly covered by triangular shaped sunglasses. The being was wearing a dark suit with a large broad-brimmed hat,

ET: Gray

Linda Cortile Napolitano.

ET: Gray , Short

Goat herder, Flores de Mamani. One of the little men then approached the witness grabbed her arm and tied a rubber hose around it, and then he proceeded to extract blood from the witness arm using a syringe like instrument. She felt no pain.

See also: Sphere , Animal , Landing Trace , Speed. ET: Short , Suit

Tim Todd. Missing time reported.

See also: Disc , Dome , Hover , Humming , Power Lines , Missing Time , Speed

Witness: Timothy Brandenburg. Aliens took skin samples. Physical scars.

See also: Beam. ET: Devices , Gray , Tall

The witness was in bed sleeping when she suddenly began floating out of her bedroom towards a light and through the wall. She felt being pulled by a strong force with a quick movement. She then encountered a strange reptilian being described as five-foot nine inches tall with a green body that appeared scaly and rough. He had pea-green eyes with pupils slanted like a cat, black and yellow in color. The being lacked hair, had a small mouth, thin arms, duck-like hands with brown webbing in between four long fingers with sharp nails on the ends. The witness felt electricity going through her hands apparently after the being touched her. She was then told that they needed human beings to make their race stronger because it was dying out.

See also: Reptilian

Ken Rose.

(left to right) Prof. John Mack, Peter Khoury, Bill Chalker & Dominique Callimanopulos (Photo: P. Khoury)

Peter Khoury. A supposed sexual encounter with two hybrid females. A hair sample was retrieved for DNA analysis.

See also: Hybrid , Chin , Large Eyes , Nordic

Two investigators parked out in a remote desert site began watching mysterious lights maneuvering over the area. One of the lights suddenly began to approach; it was a large object with bright square light panels that glowed amber and blue light. As the object, now transformed into two or three bright orbs of light, passed over the vehicle, one of the men attempted to snap a photograph. At this point a state of confusion seemed to have overcome both of the witnesses, as both then became aware of a strange vehicle driving quickly away from the area. A period of missing time was noted. Later under hypnotic regression the main witness was able to recall that the object stopped and hovered over their vehicle. He was floated up through the bottom of the object and inside was met by a being that seemed to walk through a brightly lit interior wall in the craft. The being was gray in color and about 6-feet tall. His eyes were slanted and had what appeared to be black plastic shields on them, and his head was egg-shaped. He wore a two-tone gray suit, with a lighter V in the front and a black belt with a black tube on his right side. He also sported a triangular insignia enclosing a helical coil on the left breast of the suit. The being had long arms that ended in four long fingers. He then communicated with the witness then took him gently by the arm and escorted him inside a dome-like room that was brightly lit. The witness remembers seeing the other witness on the floor, as if frozen apparently being guarded by a short gray humanoid. The main witness was then placed on a metal table that tilted 30 degrees to face a curving wall filled with a row of computer like screens. The being said that this process was a mind-sharing procedure that would allow the witness to learn new things. After about 5 minutes the witness was returned to the exit and jump-floated to the ground about 20 feet below.

See also: Nocturnal , Hover , Orbs. ET: Arms - Long , Eyes - Slanted , Hands - 4 Digits , Cranium , Gray , Insignia , Short , Suit - Gray , Tall


Jane and Glinda & Kelly Cahill. Kelly recalled through dreams the black aliens stooping over her helpless, nude body like he was kissing her navel. There was an almost 2 hour time lapsed reported.

See also: Injury , Landing Mark. ET: Large Eyes

Louis Boisvert. After the craft left Boisvert and his father, noticed that their electric water pump would not function. Troubled by recurring dreams, Boisvert underwent hypnotic regressing. He was then able to remember that he had hopped of the tractor and ran to the barn where his father was working. As he rushed into the barn, he saw his father standing there with a blank expression on his face. Besides him stood two reptilian looking creatures, with long faces, scaled leathery skin, black eyes, clawed hands, and gaunt arms and legs. Both Boisvert and his father were taken onboard the triangular object by the humanoids.

See also: Triangular , Hover. ET: Reptilian

Two adults reported seeing strange lights and then experienced a period of missing time. Under hypnosis an abduction scenario was revealed. They were apparently taken onboard an object. Inside, a medical examination ensued. Unusual after effects were noted. Later under hypnotic regression the witnesses recalled being paralyzed inside their vehicle and seeing two humanoids, described as tall, gray in color, with small ears, large black eyes, two dots for a nose, a small mouth, with no lips, that entered their vehicle and undid their seat belts then carried them outside the car. Two shorter humanoids arrived and carried the children from the back seat of the vehicle. One of the witnesses recalled a tall gray humanoid using something resembling a silver staple gun that was pressed against her neck. Another witness remembered flying inside an object and seeing tall buildings with domed ceilings that had strange patterns of top. The witnesses reported another type of humanoid described as tall with a wrinkled appearance. This being inserted some type of rod-like instrument into their eyes.

See also: Missing Time , ET: Gray , Wrinkle

Source: Abduction gone awry? Virginia case detailed

Entity’s Description: I have asked “Lee” to utilize the height of the bed’s railing as reference to determine the size of the entity and she later concluded that it was approximately 42 inches (106.7cm) tall. Although her initial report described its’ skin as “reptile like” but further into our interview, she did state that it did not have scales or have the texture of a crocodile but rather the look of rough skin. Its’ color was a dark, mossy green/gray and glossy and it was not wearing clothing or a uniform. The head had that classic [b]Gray-alien appearance with large black eyes[/b] and each hand had three digits (two fingers and a thumb). Wendi: “It had 3 fingers kinda on the long side and they were fatter at the tips of his fingers”.

See also: Gray , Green , 3 Digits , Short , Skin

Peter Khoury. During November, 1996, while lying in bed with Vivian beside him asleep, he felt an energy presence intruding into the room. He opened his eyes. He saw what seemed to be several hooded small figures (similar to his 1988 experience) appearing to come through the mirror. As they came closer Peter experienced paralysis and felt he was being floated horizontally feet first towards the mirror. Touching the surface of the mirror with his feet felt like he was going into water, like a change of density, not something solid. Khoury felt a sense of electrical static buzzing right through his body. He watched as the reflection of his head approached his face. As soon as they touched, he blacked out. He did not remember anything else other than waking up in the bed again.

See also: Passing Through Glass

The female witness described the craft’s main body as ‘silvery but when it banked and turned it appeared to be transparent and she could see the stars through the hull of the craft. She described the crafts as being shaped almost like a horseshoe, having two rear ends with red glowing elements.’

See also: Boomerang , Cloaking , Missing Time