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Entities: Initial Findings, Part 1 [PDF] & Part 2 [PDF] by Dan Wright.
Source: MUFON UFO Journal, Number 310, February, 1994.
Source: MUFON UFO Journal, Number 311, March, 1994.

Abduction Site: Home, automobile, cabin, campsite.
Unseen Presence: Electrical tingling, a buzzing or beeping in the person's mind, or rappings and other "poltergeist" activity.
Familiarity: Many subjects recognized their abductors — or one in particular. David Jacobs has called the "familiar being."
Vehicle Sighted: Discoid (47%), Spherical (17%), Cylindrical (13%), Rectangular (6%), Triangular (6%), Oblong (6%), Asymetrical (2%), Conical (2%).
Subject Transit: Levitation, beam of light, lifted through solid, small capsule.
Dizziness/Nausea: This was most often associated with transit via levitation.
Hallway/Tunnel: Very often, the first area viewed onboard the ship was a hallway or tunnel. This was sometimes quite lengthy and usually curved.
Examining Room: Likened to the office of a doctor or dentist, round(ed) or Domed in appearance.
Especially large room: Numerous examining tables or amphitheater-type seating.
Room Furnishings: Table(s), Screen(s), Computers, Chairs, Counter (shelf, ledge), Cabinet, Bench(s), Dividers...
Odor: Other than clean smell, burning of hair or tissue, "Musty" odor from beings.
Other Subjects: One or more other persons were seen in the vehicle to be fellow abductees.
Entity Skin Tone & Quality: Blue, Dark, Glow, Green, Gray, Plastic, "Shadow-like," White, Wrinkled.
Entity Height & Build: Short, Taller, "Tall One," Skinny-frail, Stocky.
Facial Features: Black oversized eyes, Eyes with Pupil, Iris and/or Sclera, "Cat's Eyes" (i.e, vertical-slit pupils), Nose - indistinct rise above two small
nostrils, Nose - pointed, Mouth - "slit," , Mouth - "hole" (or the letter "O"), Mouth - none, Ears - none, Ears - cavity, Ears - ear lobe or protrusion.
Entity Garments: "Robe," "Cloak" or "Cape" (worn by leaders), "Jumpsuit" or (form-fitting) "Wetsuit," Naked, Belt, Sash, Emblem, Metallic Pin (on robe), Necklace.
Garment Color: Basic Black, White, Silver, Blue, Brown.
Entity Motion: Walk, "Gliding," Shuffle, "Jerk."
Subject Restraints: Physically strapped, "Paralyzed," "Numbing" (or "heavy") effect.
Altered Consciousness: Out-of-body, Induced Sleep, Drugged-like state.
Watching & Staring: Close-up "Staring," "Mindscan" procedure.
The Leader: In charge of "away team," "Doctor," "Old One."
Communication: Telepathy, Procedural (or instructional), Nonprocedural (reassurance), Post-event-related communications.
Audible Voice: Conversing (audible), Whispering, Chattering (language without vowels), Grunts or Mumbles (low-pitched).
Non Verbal: Gestures, Images, Showings, and Symbols.
Emotions: Anger or arguing, fear of the subject, frustration, sadness, threatening demeanor, caring, compassion or love, friendliness, humor (including laughter or joking); and pleasure in reaction to the subject's behavior. The "leader" maintains a stark detachment.
Devices: For scanning (eye-like), apparatus placed over genitals.
Long pointer tool (rod), needle, syringe, laparoscope.
Samples: Tissue, Hair, Sperm, Ovum.
Pain: Cranium, Nose/Sinus, Ear, Back/Kidney, Vagina/Uterus, Leg/Knee.
Sexual/Reprodcutive Element: Sperm extraction from males. Ova from females, also fetus abortion, gynecological or obstetric procedure. Orgasm or lesser sexual pleasure, by either men or women.
Post Event Effects: Nose Bleeds, Scars, "Reconstructive Surgery (cure medical problem)."

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