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UFO Reconnaissance - Aeronautics

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A UK pilot near Rochford reported a row of lights, like lighted windows on a railway carriage, that rose and disappeared.

A pilot reported six "flying manhole covers" between Wichita, Kansas and Colorado Springs, Colorado.

See also: Disc

An airmail pilot over Nevada was forced to land by a huge, wingless cylindrical object.

See also: Cylinder

RAAF pilot flying aircraft off the coast of Tasman Peninsula in 1942 spotted an unusual airfoil bronze colored craft 50 feet wide 150 feet long surounded by a reflective dome. It kep pace with the RAAF pilot's aircraft before departing rapidly.

See also: Dome , Speed

Gerry Casey flying a Vultee Valiant BT-13 trainer with student. Encountered an elliptical-shape object.

See also: Ellipse , Speed , Wobble

Boris Surikov and his commander, Major Bajenov during a mission to Romania to bomb oil refineries used by the Germans encountered a large elliptical-shaped object that flew towards them.

See also: Ellipse , Glow , Interference , War

Foo fighters were also reported by allied bomber pilots flying over Japan.

See also: Fireball , War

Pilot and crew of C-47 aircraft saw a cigar-shaped object with luminous portholes.

See also: Cigar

F-47 pilot and three pilots in his formation who saw a 'silver flying wing.'

See also: Triangle

John H. Janssen, editor of the Daily Record (an American aviation journal) was flying his own plane from Morristown Airport in New Jersey. He spotted six, luminous spherical craft with hazy rings around them flying in a trail high in the sky above him. He grabbed his camera and shot a picture. He was only able to get four of the six objects in the image frame. Two weeks later, on July 23rd, he had another encounter of what looked to him like the same or very similar aircraft. He was again flying his airplane out of Morristown and was at 6,000ft.

See also: Ring , Sphere

Two commercial pilots, Clarence Chiles and John Whitted encounter a cigar shaped object while flying over Alabama.

See also: Cigar

Lieutenant George F. Gorman. On the evening of October 1st, 1948, Lieutenant Gorman was returning from a cross-country flight with his squadron of North Dakota Air National Guard, when he saw an unidentified light source. He closed to within about l,000 yards to take a good look, later saying, “It was about six to eight inches in diameter, clear white, and completely round without fuzz at the edges." For 27 hair-raising minutes, Gorman pursued the light through a series of intricate maneuvers.

See also: Nocturnal , Blinking , Maneuver

Lieutenant Colonel Phillip Kuhl was flying a C-45 aircraft northeast of Rome, New York when he spotted a "silvery cylindrical-shaped" object descend slowly into a cloud layer at about 7,000 feet.

See also: Cylinder

According to information supplied by a navigator who formely flew many secret strategic reconnaissance missions for the US Navy when the areas of the Soviet Union were clouded over. The source was frequently assigned to fly to various locations around the world to help indigenous [military] personnel (who did not have access to their own aircraft) conduct UFO investigations. Many of these missions were to South America.

The final reports were flown back with them to Turkey [Adana] and then sent back to the Pentagon (apparently not to Project Blue Book) in Washington, DC, through Olso, Norway. When asked why they were sent via this [unusual] route, he replied, 'For diplomatic purposes.' They were classified 'Secret' before being forwarded.

'Back in those days' the source told researchers William Jones and Dr Irena Scott, 'UFOs were considered to be a very important matter.


Teams of officers assigned to the Washington, D.C., area would fly into Wright-Patterson Air Force Base on commercial flights and then deploy on military aircraft. Their missions, according to Exon, were to investigate UFO sightings.

"Well, the way this happened to me was that I would get a call and say that the crew or team was leaving and they knew...There was such and such a time and they wanted an airplane and pilots to take X number of people to wherever...They might be gone two or three days or might be gone a week."

Testimony of Brigadier General Arthur Exon base commander at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base during the mid-1960s. (2)

"The photographs go to Washington. In addition one copy of each print will be forwarded to ATIC, and one to us here at headquarters." --Captain Cybulski. June 1954 commanders' conference briefing for the 4602d AISS. (2)

See also: 4602d

Astronaut Gordon L. Cooper one of several witnesses to a series of high-altitude flying saucer flights over a two day period.

See also: Disc

Capt. Jack Adams and First Officer G.W. Anderson. "This object remained in full view for about 30 seconds and we got a good look. It had no navigation lights, but as it passed ahead of us in an arc we could plainly see other lights -- as though from eight or 10 lighted windows or ports -- on the lower side...."

The night was so dark that neither Adams nor Anderson could detect any dark or solid outline to the object. They assume that it was circular only because the lighted "portholes" were arranged in a circle.

See also: Disc , Nocturnal , Flashing , Speed , Portholes

R5D four-engine transport Navy aircraft Pilot and crew observe a translucent or metallic, saucer shaped craft, purple-red fiery ring around the perimeter and a frosted white glow around the entire object.

See also: Disc , Glow

UFO observed hovering above Mt. Kilimanjaro by East African Airways pilot. (credit: NICAP / Hall)

Capt. Jack Bicknell. The sighting was detailed in the Nairobi Sunday Post, February 25, 1951, by Capt. Jack Bicknell, pilot of the East African Airways plane. Extracts from Capt. Bicknell's report: "The Lodestar plane left Nairobi West at 7:00 a.m. At 7:20 a.m., the radio officer (D. W. Merrifield) drew my attention to a bright object like a white star hanging motionless about 10,000 feet above Kilimanjaro. My first reaction was to say nothing. We watched it for three minutes. Then we told the passengers about it. One of them had a very powerful pair of binoculars with him and he began to study it. In the meantime, we put a radio message through to Eastleigh describing it. Eastleigh asked us to check whether it was a meteorological balloon. I then examined it for several minutes through the binoculars. . . [At this point the plane had approached to within about 50 miles of the mountain]...

See also: Bullet-shaped

An eminent British scientist, R. V. Jones, headed a standing committee created in June 1951 on flying saucers. Jones' and his committee's conclusions on UFOs were similar to those of Agency officials: the sightings were not enemy aircraft but misrepresentations of natural phenomena. The British noted, however, that during a recent air show RAF pilots and senior military officials had observed a "perfect flying saucer." Given the press response, according to the officer, Jones was having a most difficult time trying to correct public opinion regarding UFOs. The public was convinced they were real.

See also: Disc

Four Florida pilots reported a flying saucer hovering above the Hanford atomic works, a sensitive scientific installation at Richlands, Washington. Captain John Baldwin, Captain George Robertson and pilots D. Shanbel and Steven Summers stated that the UFO was round and flat.

See also: Disc , Atomic , Fireball , Hover , Speed

American Airways DC-4 flying at 8,000 feet.

Captain William Nash and William Fortenberry, pilot and co-pilot of a Pan American DC-4 aircraft flying between New York and Miami at an altitude of 8,000 feet, reportedly spotted a red, luminous UFO in the vicinity of Norfolk, Viginia. Nash-Fortenberry incident. (7)

See also: Disc , Aeronautics , Blink , Formation , Glow , Maneuver , Tilt

Multiple sightings and attempted intercepts [F-94s]. Radar sites in three different locations [Air Routing and Traffic Control Center (ARTC), Andrews Air Force Base, Washington National Airport] spotted the objects.

See also: Fireball , Base , Radar , Scramble , Speed

Captain Casey Pierman on Capital Airlines flight 807. He and the rest of his crew saw seven objects flash across the sky. "like falling stars without trails." Travelling at tremendous speed. National Airport radar picked up the object.

See also: Flash , Radar , Speed

Pilot and wingman paced by UFO for a short period of time. Turned toward UFO and it disappeared in a burst of speed.

See also: Speed

A pilot was flying a Navy AD-4D Skyraider at 7,500 feet when, without warning he was confronted by what appeared to be a row of fifteen to twenty dull-yellow triangular windows heading directly for him. There was no time for evasive maneuvers, and the unknown object passed only few feet from his right wing.


USAF Pilot Capt. Bill McDonalld. One white light descended at a 45 degree angle from great altitude, passed under his aircraft, made two 360' turns and went out after 30 seconds.

See also: Blinking , Maneuver

Robert B. Willingham. B-47 heading west-southwest, four F-86 Sabre wingtip watch, flying cover stationed at Carswell Air Force Base.
A radio message warned Willingham and others of a fast moving UFO that was approaching Texas from northwest US.
The object was first picked up by the DEW, Distant Early Warning radar in Canada.
Willingham estimated the object was traveling at 2000 miles per hour, and he saw it make a sudden 90-degree turn. As the UFO skewed toward the Texas-Mexico border.

See also: Disc , Nocturnal , Crash , Debris , Harassment , Heat , Radar , ET

Captain Raymond Ryan and First Officer William Neff. American Airlines Flight 755 at an altitude of 6,000 feet almost colide with glowing UFO that zoom past them at an estimated "800 to 1,000 miles per hour...much faster than a jet." Giffis Air Force Base "ordered" Flight 755 to deviate from their flight plan and to pursue the UFO while the base scambled two jet fighters to intercept the object.

See also: Base , Glow , Scramble , Speed

The Air Force later investigated the incident and determined that the UFO would move away whenever any other aircraft approached to within a range of four miles.

The RB-47 possessing the most sophisticated electronic intelligence (ELINT) gear available to the U.S. Air Force.

The pilot then observed a "huge" light, attached, he suspected, to an even bigger something that the darkness obscured. When the electronics gear noted the presence of another UFO in the same general location as the first, the pilot turned the plane and accelerated toward it. The UFO shot away.

See also: Nocturnal , Radar

Felt strong heat, aerial encounter with top shaped UFO.

See also: Cone , Heat

U.S. Air Force 1705th Air Transport Wing C-118 cargo plane with a four-man crew crashed after alleged encounter with UFOs/ three shiny discs. Multiple witness account.

See also: Disc , Base , Radar

Private pilot 6,000+ feet. Eight witnesses at airport on the ground viewing through binoculars...

See also: Disc , Hover , Wobble

One reddish, blinking light approached the runway, stopped and made several reverses during 2 minutes.

See also: Blink , Maneuver

Captain Yoshiharu Inaba flying a TOA Ailines Convair 240 from Osaka to Hiroshima, Japan, at an altitude of 2,000 meters. 'Mysterious, elliptical, luminous object' followed along left wing across the Inland Sea for a distance of about 90 kilometers...then disappeared. The object affected the automatic direction finder (ADF) as well as the radio.

Frantic calls from Tokyo Airlines Piper Apache pilot, Joji Negish said he was being chased by a mysterious luminous object while flying along the northern part of Matsuyama City.

See also: Ellipse , Interference , Washington

Aerial phenomena photographed at a Swiss airport in the Summer of 1966.

See also: Fireballs


A disk / shallow cone "conical hat" was auto-photographed in 1971 by a Costa Rican government mapping plane during an aerial mapping mission.

The photo came to light in the 1980s, thanks to one of the crewmen who contacted local Ufologist Ricardo Vilchez. In 1985, a 2nd generation negative got in the hands of Dr. Jacque Vallee, who along with Dr. Richard Haines conducted an analysis which was published in JSE ("Photo Analysis of an Aerial Disc Over Costa Rica" (.PDF) and New Evidence (.PDF).

See also: Disc

...illuminate the helicopter.

See also: Cigar , Dome


An Army Reserve helicopter with a crew of four men encountered a gray, metallic looking, cigar shaped object with unusual lights and maneuvers as they flying between Columbus and Cleveland, Ohio.

See also: Cigar

Discoid craft red-orange in color, approximately 30 feet in diameter. Pilot Lieutenant Colonel Toshio Nakaruma flying a F-4 Phantom was killed in the encounter after arming the plane's cannon and approaching the UFO.

See also: Disc

A sighting from an aircraft occurred at 11:43 AM over Shabonna, Illinois. A pilot with three and one half years of experience was flying an Aeronca Champ, aircraft number N82198, from DeKalb to Mendota, Illinois.

After pacing the aircraft for eight to ten seconds, the object tipped slightly and the pilot saw that it was actually round and not an ellipse. As it tipped up at an angle it accelerated toward the east at a fantastic speed and was gone.

See also: Interference , Speed , Tilt At Angle

Object alleged to have downed a helicopter.

See also: Power Plant

Carlos de los Santos Montiel Flying a Piper PA-24 Comanche encountered three Disc shaped opbjects.

See also: Disc , Aeronautics , MIBs , Radar , Speed

Airlines pilot described the appearance of the object of that of two plates placed together...

See also: Disc , Hover

Pilot Frank Auman, Jr. and UFO investigator Arlan Keith Andrews were flying in a private plane near the Savannah, Georgia Nuclear Plant. They saw a bright white UFO maneuvering in the area for four or five minutes. It made a "slight wobble" and then a hard turn, before it flew away. Jacksonville Control Center personnel at Jacksonville, Florida confirmed three UFO sightings(either radar or visuals) by pilots at the site.

See also: Atomic , Radar , Wobble

Private pilot reports three arrow-shaped objects...

See also: Arrow , Formation , Speed

Police HU3H Helicopter on routine flight encounters a luminous, egg-shaped object...

See also: Ellipse , Interference , Maneuver

Pilot of a Piper Cherokee 235 flying over La Veta Pass, encounters a large (approx size of DC3), metallic stainless steel colored, elongated spherical object.

See also: Sphere , Maneuver

Police officer observes a large, cigar-shaped object, flying over two private aircraft near the Pacific Gas & Electric plant.

|Cigar|Power Plant|

At 43,000 Feet - Pilot and co-pilot of a Lear 35 jet encounter a huge object that paced their aircraft for 10-15 minutes.

See also: Maneuver

Between Tokyo and Hawaii at 60,000 Feet - Naval Intelligence pilot flying reconnaissance for CIA, encounters a large triangular craft that paces his F4-11 Phantom for approximately a half-hour.

See also: Triangle , Radar , Speed

Pilot Frederick Valentich flying a Cessna 182 in contact with Melbourne Flight Service Unit disapeared while encountering a UFO. Described as a shiny metallic object, it had a green light, a long shape. "He's flying over me two or three times at speeds I could not identify...It's hovering (on top of me), and it's not an aircraft."

See also: Hover , Maneuver , Speed

A three member Melbourne TV crew was airborne in an Argosy cargo plane, captures UFO on film and tracked by the plane's radar.

See also: Bell , Nocturnal , Radar

A large disc-shaped UFO followed a Piper airplane from Cordoba to Resistensia, Argentina. It reportedly maneuvered at great speed, and changed color from silver to orange. The plane's compass oscillated between 0.5 and 270 degrees, and there were several other variations noted in other onboard instruments.

See also: Disc , Aeronautics , Interference , Maneuver , Speed

Japan Airlines, 17 November 1986. Whilst flying a cargo plane from Iceland to Anchorage, Alaska, the crew observed three walnut-shaped UFOs. One of the objects was enormous, many times the size of their Boeing 747 aircraft. The pilot, Kenju Terauchi, described the UFO as being twice the size of an aircraft carrier. The objects performed extraordinary maneuvers and stayed with the plane for 400 miles (640km). The incident was also confirmed on ground radar.

UFO encountered by Japan Airlines JAL1628 on 17-Nov-1986. See pilot's drawing (taken from his official report). The Japanese pilot lost his job for reporting the incident to the public, but 15 years later the story was corroborated by Callahan, former FAA Head of Investigations in 2001.

See also: Saturn , Maneuver , Radar


An aircraft was heading from Chicago to Indianapolis at Flight Level 350 and reported a UFO to Chicago Center. Connair 440, "November 455GA", had first sighted the object 50 nautical miles south of Ord in northwest Indiana. The object was observed by the pilot and co-pilot.

See also: Boomerang , Beam , Speed


Several persons reported a white boomerang-shaped object, which appeared to be about 3" at arm's length, being pursued by black helicopters (Exhibit 6L). Four Hughey-type copters were flying from the northwest turning south with a brightly-lit object in front being followed or escorted. The object had also been seen on October 11th.

See also: Boomerang

Ocotlán is to 60 km of Guadalajara, patch to the shore of the Lake of Chapala.

Captain Daniel Monraz (Yahoo! Babel Fish translation):

The interest arose from my first sighting ufo, when I flew a Cessna-152 for the first time, with a Guadalajara-Ocotlán-Guadalajara route (been of Jalisco). During that flight it only went, era of practice of the school, and memory that came from return by the hill area of Ocotlán, when I notice suddenly that there was a reflection in the part superior of the airplane. At the moment I did not do case to him because I thought that it was a reflection of the sun, but later noticed that it took much and until I said: “how it gives broad reflected east”. Later I realized that the shades of the trees of down did not correspond with “the reflection”, and when I moved the parasol one I could see clearly that it was a very brilloso plate that was above of the airplane, was a disc silverplated with a black wheel down, that came swinging as if it went away to fall.

See also: Disc , |Maneuver , Radar

Cesar Escobar. Cessna Model 210. "I began to be concerned when my two passengers asked me what that object was and why was it flying so close to us. I didn't know what to tell them. At that moment, I received a radio communication from Radar Control at the airport asking me if I had traffic on my right and I answered affirmatively. Then he asked me to describe it, but I didn't answer." The fact that Escobar received that call from the radar controller clearly indi- cates that the object was seen on the radar scopes getting close to the Cessna aircraft. In subsequentinvestigations, this was confirmed by Jose Chavez, who was one of the men in charge of the radar that night.

See also: Nocturnal , Beam , Interference , Radar , Speed

Jean-Charles DUBOC, Captain, Air France, Ret.
While piloting an Airbus A 320 over France in 1994, he observed a large lens-shaped UFO at about 25 NM to the left of the plane, also seen by the copilot and one steward. It didn’t move and then disappeared after one minute almost instantaneously.

See also: Disc , Radar

A British Airways Boeing 737 had a near midair collision with a triangular-shaped object. Captain, Roger Williams, and the first officer, Mark Stuart, reported seeing the craft. Flight recorders: "...we just had something go down the [right-hand side] just above us very fast."

See also: Triangle , Speed

Source of information – Brazilian airforce official, who cannot be named, interviewed in July 1996

Many commercial pilots have been giving accounts of strange lights in the sky that sometimes has been following their aircraft. Radar's also detected them, confirming the sightings. Major CINDACTA (Centro Integrado de Defesa Aeriea e Controle de Trafego Aireo/ Integrated Centre For Air Defence And Air Traffic Control) radar kept recording them when the U.S government contacted the Brazilian government in Brasilia. U.S. Satellites have been tracking UFO's from the stratosphere and down to South Minas Gerdis (a state situated on one of the biggest mineral sources from which it derives it’s name – General Mines) where plots disappeared, meaning where the UFO's have landed or crashed. CINDACTA contacted the Brazilian Airforce to find out the nearest military unit to the scene.

See also: Radar , Satellite

Two more drawings by the craft. On the left, the witness' airplane is drawn to scale alongside the UFO. On the right, brilliant beams of red light shoot from the top of the object, just before it shot up vertically. (credit: Ricardo Varela Correa)

Haraldo Westendorf. Brazilian pilot Haroldo Westendorf, 39, was flying over Pelotas when he encountered an enormous pyramid or cone shaped UFO, with 8-10 sides; it was 100 meters in diameter and 70 meters high. Westendorf was able to fly around the base of the object three times, at one point coming as close as 40 meters. Then, out of an opening at the top of the craft, a smaller classic disc-shaped UFO emerged and flew off at tremendous speed. Three air traffic controllers and others on the ground also witnessed the event.

See also: Cone , Disc , Pyramid , Beam , Collasol , |Rotation , Speed

UFO hovered near the Deer Valley Airport in northwest Phoenix...

See also: Triangle , Hover , Scramble

Pilot and passengers on a private plane bound from Teteroboro Airport, New Jersey to Martha's Vinyard observe a large boomerang-shaped UFO silhouetted against the bright blue sky.

See also: Boomerang

Air Traffic Controller receives a report from airline pilot of UFO's

I am an air traffic controller for Minneapolis Center. This evening at 1900 ((local/Central)) the pilot of an air carrier (heavy) that was under my control reported two flights of two aircraft. There were no other aircraft in the vicinity at the time. He said they were 15 miles in front of him at 35,000 feet traveling away from him in a westerly direction. The UFO's stayed out in front of his aircraft for approximately 15 minutes until the pilot said that the UFO's were so far out in front of him that he could hardly see them anymore. After being relieved of my duties I reported it to my supervisor who put me in contact of the Military Air Defense. The person at the other end of the phone said that they saw no objects in the area of this aircraft.

((NUFORC Note: We have communicated multiple times with this witness, and FAA Air Traffic Controller, as well as with the Supervisor, mentioned above. They both confirm that no radar returns were visible on the Controller's radar screen at the time of the incident.

The case has been forwarded to the National Aviation Reporting Center on Anomalous Phenomenon (<, Executive Director, Mr. Ted Roe, and Chief Scientist, Dr. Richard Haines, Ph.D., former Senior Research Scientist at NASA's Ames Research Center in San Jose, CA. The case is under active investigation, and audio and radar data will be requested from the FAA with a Freedom of Information Act request.

We express our sincere gratitude to the personnel in the FAA who saw to it that the information was forwarded to our Center!!

SPECIAL NOTE: NUFORC would very much like to speak with the crew members of the aircraft, and most of all, we would very much like to have them submit independent reports, using our Online Report Form, describing what they saw and what happened during their reported sighting. We guarantee that the anonymity of the witnesses will be protected. Thank you! PD))

See also: Radar

Pilots, mechanics and managers from United Airlines witnessed a metallic disc-shaped object hovering over the United Airlines Terminal at Chicago's O'Hare Airport.

See also: Disc , Hover , Maneuver

Aurigny Airlines captain Ray Bowyer, 50, described what he thought to be a UFO as 'a cigar-shaped brilliant white light.'
"It was 2,000ft up and stationary."

See also: Cigar