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Alien Abduction

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Process of abduction - Acquisition

Abduction Procedures On-Board Craft

After effects

Alien Motive

Cultural Reaction

Government Monitoring/ Involvement

Related activity

Process of abduction - Acquisition

In 20 cases, the person was lifted out of bed and through a closed window (or screen), door, wall or ceiling — generally without sensing a surrounding light.

Source: MUFON UFO Journal, Number 310, February, 1994. Entities: Initial Findings, Part I [PDF] by Dan Wright.

Abductee testimony:

"Your body begins to vibrate, and in some remarkable way you begin to pass through the solid."


Nanotechnology will give humans greater control of matter at tiny scales.


Sarah Shaw & Jan Whitley. Under hypnosis Sarah recalled that several beings approached the cabin and passed through a closed window and the kitchen door.


Marcilio Godoi. The walls looked like opaque glass; the beings could pass through them.

Everett Clark saw beings apparently enter a craft through its side without benefit of a door.


Betty (Andreasson) Luca. Betty floated through the solid-wood kitchen door in line with four of the entities.

Francois Delpeuch (13) and his sister Anne-Marie (9). The little beings seemed to pass through the wall of the sphere.

|Sphere|Animal|ET|Landing Legs|Soil|Sulfur Smell|Whistling Noise|

Peter Khoury. As they came closer Peter experienced paralysis and felt he was being floated horizontally feet first towards the mirror. Touching the surface of the mirror with his feet felt like he was going into water, like a change of density, not something solid. Khoury felt a sense of electrical static buzzing right through his body. He watched as the reflection of his head approached his face. As soon as they touched, he blacked out. He did not remember anything else other than waking up in the bed again.

|Abduction|Passing Through Glass|

In the majority of cases, abductions are made via a beam of light used for levitation, as a way to get the subject into the ship, whether from the home or by being led outside to walk into a beam. Beams are often white or bluish white.

Mufon Launches Study Of UFO Abduction Experience by Marcia Jedd.

See: UFO Beam Reports

An away team of short white, gray or blue beings abduct the subject from the home or auto, but usually have no other observed function. -- Dan Wright, MUFON member and board member, launched the project in 1992 with the goal to uncover commonalities in alien abductions.

Halfway across they split off into two groups, some headed off down there [makes motion with hands], the rest came directly towards us. -- Kelly Cahill. August 1993 Australian abduction.


The Allagash Abduction

"Their face is in front of my face..they're saying things, they are explaining things with their my head..they're saying don't be afraid, we won't harm you, do what we say" -- Jack Weiner - Unsolved Mysteries: Allagash Abductions

Intent observation of the subject aboard the craft is a very common factor in abductions. David Jacobs char- acterized the element of "staring" at the subject from very close range as a "mindscan" procedure. (1)
From a fair reading of the 317 transcripts, it is often difficult to ascertain whether the observation related was "staring" or rather a sentry's watchful gaze from a reasonable distance. Nevertheless, the attempt is made to divide this factor into "watching" and the more intrusive "staring."
Half (47) of all subjects in the study indicated that one or more beings were "watching" him/her intently at some point. This might also have occurred in many more cases wherein the subject was unaware of same.
In 39 cases, the subject felt a close-up "staring" by a particular entity, who was always "the one in charge." In some of these — but only a relative few — the subject conveyed that the purpose was to probe the mind. Regardless of intent, it can be said with assurance that most subjects did not especially enjoy the experience.
Conversely, in seven cases the subject was left alone in a room longer than momentarily. None attempted to escape.

Eye movements reveal processing of hidden memories:

"You can tell a lot about a person from their eyes, and now that seems to extend to memories hidden deep in the brain. By relating subtle eye movements to activity in the brain, researchers in California have shown that a structure called the hippocampus can retrieve memories of past events or experiences – even when people have no conscious recollection of them. The hippocampus is a structure near the base of the brain in a region called the medial temporal lobe. It has long been known to be involved in conscious recollection, but its role in encoding latent memories."

Scientists extract images directly from brain

"The research also hints that scientists might one day be able to access dreams, memories and imagery, says Haynes, providing the brain processes dreams in a way that is analogous to visual stimuli."

In 1973, the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research discovered that by pulsing microwaves to produce "audiograms" (analogs for spoken words) and directing these microwaves on people, they could make a person hear voices inside his/her head.

Pulsed Microwave Audiograms

Human auditory system response to Modulated Electromagnetic Energy

Directed sound device focuses sound in one place.

BBC News: Brain waves control video game

1. Dark slanted cat-like, almond-shaped eyes.

1987. Whitley Strieber's book Communion (Abduction)


G. Filiputti. One 1-meter-tall humanoid, silver tight-fitting coveralls, almond eyes, emerged from disc with dome, appeared to be making repairs on rim.

See also: Disc , Dome , ET

The beings were described by the witnesses as about five feet tall, of light skin with big, almond shaped eyes and small lower jaw. They were reported as being very strong.

See also: ET-Eyes

2. Dark slanted eyes tapering at end.


"Funny big black eyes, kind of pointed up in the corners." (9)

3. Slanted oval or circular-shaped eyes.

Computer composite. Kelly Cahill.

He was unable to move, but could see the figures, which he described as typical grays, excepting having very round eyes.

See also: ET-Eyes

Dark eyes that have a fluid or liquid look when reflecting light. (9) (Abduction)

The eyes are often described as very, very black. -- Bud Hopkins.

Nissan Robot BR23C

"By duplicating a bee's compound eyes, which allow a bee to fly uninterrupted inside its personal space, the BR23C is capable of seeing more than 300-degrees.

Abduction Procedures On-Board Craft

"When they brought me into the craft they would take me down a long hallway." -- Jesse Long, Jr.


"To my left I could see my bother Jim, Chuck Rack and Charlie Foltz sitting on some type of bench and they were all naked" -- Jack Weiner

"They would place me on a flat table." -- Jesse Long, Jr.


The aliens took samples of the mens skin and body fluids, their blood, urine and semen. -- The Allagash Abduction.

"The experiments on the table included a sperm extraction." -- Jesse Long, Jr.

Betty was subjected to a barrage of test. The aliens examined her eyes, ears, nose, throat, and hair. Skin samples were taken, finally Betty claimed ovum were taken from her. Sperm samples were taken from Barney as well. -- Paranormal TV. Betty and Barney Hill Abduction.

Unsolved Mysteries: Allagash Abductions

Laparoscope-type implement:

Laparoscope-type implement probing inside the adomen area of a female. "blowing up the abdomen like a balloon" to lift the vital organs away from the probing implement. (9)

Conical object on genitals:

Clear plastic covering over males genitals with vibration for sperm sample. (9)
Clear conical object on genitals to extract sperm. (9)

Alien eye implant operation:


The instrument looks like a large cylindrical object with a needle and syringe at the end. (19/P.155)

This being inserted some type of rod-like instrument into their eyes.

See also: Missing Time. ET: Gray , Wrinkle

Dr. Roger Leir implant analysis.

Lab Analysis (biological and metallurgical):

Clinton P. Anderson meson physics facility - Los Alamos National Laboratory (metallurgic testing).
New Mexico Tech Laboratory (metallurgic test).
The University of Texas at San Antonio (x-ray defraction test).

Biological findings:

1. There is no portal of entry.
2. Then when we look at the soft tissues that surround the object there is no inflammatory response.
3. The area was sourrounded by a large number of nerve cells, very specialized nerve cells called proprioceptors and these were certainly not anatomically correct for that area of the anatomy.
4. Results show the implants had been connected to the patients nerve ending.

Outer membrane:


"This object was housed in yet another grey membrane. Remarkably, this inner membrane could not be cut even with a surgical scalpel." -- Dr. Roger Leir.

"The other unusual thing we found was that in the living state we could not cut these entities open with a surgical blade, and surgical blades are very sharp." -- Dr. Roger Leir.

"At first we were only able to afford to do the biological testing and we found some very unusual results. First of all the original objects that we removed were metallic rods, that were covered with a very strange dark gray biological membrane and this membrane surrounded the metal within in such a tight form and it was so very dark and gray and smooth and well organized, that it was impossible to believe that this was just something that was just put there by the body." -- Dr. Roger Leir.

Metallurgical Findings:

Magnetic field

The objects were highly magnetic, amorphous iron that thad no crystalline form. -- Dr. Roger Leir.

Gaussmeter, and radio frequency analyzer (RF) tests were done on the object, The object also generated a magnetic field of > 10 mGauss.
The sample was found to be strongly attracted to a neodymium-iron-boron (NIB) magnet.

[PDF] Analysis of Object Taken from Patient John Smith Report Author: Steve Colbern. 25 January, 2009


Results show the elements in the implants were composed of meteorites so rare only a few have ever been found. -- Dr. Roger Leir.


The iron/nickel metal matrix which made up the majority of the sample which was analyzed bore a strong resemblance to an iron-nickel meteorite.
This is seen by the similarity of the light microscope images of the sample to those of an iron meteorite sample, by the traces of iridium and tungsten seen in the EDX analysis, and by the similarity of the Raman spectrum of the sample to that of a sample of the Campo del Cielo iron-nickel meteorite.
The resemblance of the sample to a meteorite was confirmed by the pattern of trace elements detected in the ICP-MS analysis. The analysis confirmed the presence of traces of iridium, which is very rare on earth, but is universally present in meteoric iron.

[PDF] Analysis of Object Taken from Patient John Smith Report Author: Steve Colbern. 25 January, 2009

Scanning electron microscope analysis:

Scanning electron microscope to observe its surface.

X-ray defraction test:

The University of Texas at San Antonio. Robert K. Smith. Ph. D. Professor Of Geology.


X-ray defraction test could not match it to any of the 65,000 known substances in their computer file.
According to the lab's official report: If the material analyzed is indeed iron, it lacks any internal ordered arrangement of atoms or ions.

Radio waves

Gaussmeter, and radio frequency analyzer (RF) tests were done on the object, on August 21, 2008, by Dr. Leir, at his Thousand Oaks office, while it was still in Mr. Smith’s body. These tests indicated that the object was emitting radio waves in the Gigahertz (1.2GHz), Megahertz (110MHz and 17 MHz), and Extremely Low Frequency (ELF, 8Hz) bands. The object also generated a magnetic field of > 10 mGauss.

[PDF] Analysis of Object Taken from Patient John Smith Report Author: Steve Colbern. 25 January, 2009

Isotopic Analysis

The isotopic distributions of the elements in the sample differed by as much as 4% from the terrestrial distributions of the same elements, indicating that the sample probably did not originate on Earth.

[PDF] Analysis of Object Taken from Patient John Smith Report Author: Steve Colbern. 25 January, 2009

Carbon nanotubes (CNTs)/ electronic components

The Raman data, showing what appears to be carbon nanotube D-Band and G-Band signals, along with a possible radial breathing mode signal, strongly indicates the presence of carbon nanotubes (CNTs). This is confirmed by the SEM images, which show bundles of nanotubes, with high carbon content (EDX data), which appear nearly identical to SEM images of commercial arc-process, single-walled, CNTs.

The carbon nanotubes inside the above structures would be excellent carriers of electric current, and could also act as electronic components, depending on whether the CNT type were metallic, or semiconducting. The shell-like coating on the material would then provide good electrical insulation for these nano-components.

The relatively large amounts of silicon and germanium in the sample may also be indicative of the presence of silicon-based, and/or germanium-based electronic components in the sample.

[PDF] Analysis of Object Taken from Patient John Smith Report Author: Steve Colbern. 25 January, 2009

Implant Shape:

Cantaloupe Seed:

Surgically removed implants have the appearence of "little cantaloupe seeds" surrounded by a membrane. (8)

BB Shot:

According to many reports, the implant is a small metal object about the size of a BB shot, placed in the nasal passages, but implants in other parts of the body also have been reported. Implants. (7)

Abductees report having round, BB sized implants being placed and removed inside ear, nasal passages, and eye sockets experiencing great pain and irritation. Traces of residual blood are sometims found after abduction experience. The ETs use a a long pointer tool (a rod used for pointing) with the implant on end to insert and remove implants. (9)

Alien Implant Skepticism:

Article: Analysis of Alleged Alien "Implants"

The New "Hard Evidence" by Joe Nickell

Scientific Analysis of an "Alien Implant"

Implant, Chip Technology:


Joseph A. Meyers - Transponders

This instrument has no batteries, is activated by radio, and can be used for life, so that the brain can be stimulated indefinitely.

Three-channel transdermal stimulator

FDA Approves Human Chip Implants

FDA OKs Implantable Chip With Patient Info

Just Another Chip in the (Privacy) Wall

See: Reverse Engineering

After effects

Amnesia/Screen Memory: The implication is that UFOnauts themselves use posthypnotic suggestions to erase such encounters from the conscious minds of the human beings with whom the make contact. (1)

"The causes of amnesia are organic or functional. Organic causes include damage to the brain, through trauma or disease, or use of certain (generally sedative) drugs. Functional causes are psychological factors, such as defense mechanisms. Hysterical post-traumatic amnesia is an example of this. Amnesia may also be spontaneous, in the case of transient global amnesia.[1] This global type of amnesia is more common in middle-aged to elderly people, particularly males, and usually lasts less than 24 hours."

Radio-Hypnotic Intercerebral Control (RHIC)

The Electronic Dissolution of Memory (EDOM) alters time senses by emitting radio waves and ultra-sonic signal tones which act upon memory storage chemicals in the brain.

Twenty subjects reported feeling either dizzy or nauseous at some point in an episode. This was most often associated with transit via levitation.
Source: MUFON UFO Journal, Number 310, February, 1994. Entities: Initial Findings, Part I [PDF] by Dan Wright.

Richaed McNally's test subject undergoes galvanic response/feedback testing in his Harvard alien abduction study.
Center for Psychology and Social Change.

They display real stress symptoms similar to those of traumatised battlefield veterans. The latest research on the "taken" phenomenon was unveiled at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science in Denver.

BBC: Alien 'abductees' show real symptoms


Tree small red dots along inner thigh. -- Jane and Glinda. 1993 Australian abduction.


Triangular mark under naval. -- Kelly Cahill. 1993 Australian abduction.

Scoop mark:

Bud Hopkins and Abductions. Miles Obrien CNN News, New York

Scoop marks left on Kevin's hands after the incident. Photo taken in July 9, 2000, almost 13 years later.

I think most dramatic are the physical marks on people's bodies after these experiences. They fall into various types, but one very common one is what we call a scoop mark, which is a little round depression about the size of my thumb nail or a little smaller. As if a little -- some sort of object or some sort of tool has just removed a layer of cells.

Straight like surgical cut:

Another type is just a straight like surgical cut that can be anywhere from oh, a small inch or so, but down to maybe three and a half, four inches long.

Large bruises:

Ligature mark around ankle with severe bruising. - Glenda. 1993 Australian abduction.

And, another set of these marks can be simply large bruises, especially on the insides of the thighs, as if some kind of gynecological stirrups had been used or something of that sort.

NOVA: Interview With Bud Hopkins

Alien Motive

"The sperm extraction proceedure is the most traumatic. It has cost me the most problems, in that they actually force me to cross-breed with what seems to be a female being" -- Jesse Long, Jr.

"Now when we were taken inside [the craft], the leader, or we called him this, becuase he appeared to be the only who spoke english began to question us. He said he only wanted to do some simple test, to find out how we were like them or different then them." -- Betty Hill. Paranormal TV - Betty and Barney Hill Abduction.


In this study, they transferred rat, pig, sheep, and monkey nuclei into gutted cow eggs. These rat, pig, sheep, and monkey embryos reached a key stage in their early development — the formation of blastocyst-like structures — within periods of time that were appropriate for their respective species, though not for cattle. This gives us a preliminary indication that the residual bovine dna had no effect on the young embryos and that animals cloned in this way would not exhibit any hybrid characteristics.

Cloning Red Herrings By David Longtin and Duane C. Kraemer.

"There seems to be some sort of reciprocal type of arrangement. Where by they are coming to earth and creating a new race of beings or creating some sort of hybrid race of beings." -- Elizabeth Robinson - Perth, Western Australia.

"Eventually those hybrids as we call them are going to populate the planet." -- Abductee 'Mark' - Miles Obrien CNN News, New York

Implant Removal:

Abductees report alien agitation after getting an implant surgically removed. (9)


Male abductees report anger by aliens after getting a vasectomy. (9)

They spoke to her by using telepathy and were apparently upset that she had tied her fallopian tubes.

See also: Disc , Hover , ET

On the negative side, an entity's anger or arguing — with the subject or other entities — was displayed in 12 cases. Fear of the subject was deduced in seven; frustration, sadness, or threatening demeanor in two cases each; and violent behavior in one.

Hybrid illustration. Bud Hopkins. Miles Obrien CNN News, New York

The abductee is placed into a very large room similar to an auditorium. The abductee is placed in the center of the room with many alien observers surrounding him/her. One by one children are brought into the room and presented to the abductee. The children are frail and anemic looking, with fine white hair and overly large, very human eyes. They are smaller than human children. with a distinct look of the alien crossbreeding, and yet they retain many of their human features. The aliens seem to want interatcion between the human subject and the alien offspring. (11)

"I was taken aboard the craft, placed on a table, I was presented with a baby, I was told this is your child. There were nine other children standing along the wall, they all looked at me and I could see yes, they were mine, each of the children who was standing along the wall, walked up to me lying on the table and they each touched my hand as they walked by and looked me straight in the eyes and they walked on out of the room and the message I was getting from them was, we're okay, thank you" -- Jesse Long, Jr.

The category "showings," occurring in a third of all cases, denotes one or more tangible things intentionally shown to the subject or, in a few instances, a tour of the ship. The most dramatic of these involved"hybrid" infants — or incubators containing fetuses in gestation — as viewed by 17 subjects. In 12 cases, the subject witnessed hybrid (post-infant) children or adults.



UFO abductions are often thought to have begun in the early 1960s, following the Betty and Barney Hill case in 1961 in New Hampshire. However, many cases have now been uncovered that predate even the Kenneth Arnold sighting in 1947. (P.125/19)

What might have been the first recorded claim of attempted alien abduction came during the Great Airship sightings in the late nineteenth century, early on the evening of November 25, 1896. Colonel H. G. Shaw said he, with a companion, Camille Spooner, had left Lodi, California, "when the horse stopped suddenly and gave a snort of terror."

See also: Animal Reaction

Shaw claimed that he saw three tall and thin humanoid figures, "They were without any sort of clothing, but were covered with a natural growth as soft as silk to the touch and their skin was like velvet. Their faces and heads were without hair, the ears were very small, and the nose had the appearance pf polished ivory, while the eyes were large and lustrous. The mouth, however, was small and it seemed...they were without teeth." (11)

See also: ET-Suit

To what extent do earlier descriptions of UFO occupants match abductee descriptions of their reported captors? In some of the 1954 cases the witnesses saw very large or especially noteworthy eyes through the headgear, and in one case, on October 18, a human-appearing being was seen cooperating with two small humanoids. -- UFO Occupant Sightings by Richard H. Hall.

See also: Helmet , Large Eyes , Short

Early UFO, abduction encounter investigated by New York artist Budd Hopkins.

"These people - I call them people, I don't know what they were - looked like a diving suit with a head shape at the top and very distorted, short-looking body. It was weird."

See also: |Large Head , Short , Suit


Antonio Villas-Boas. Early abduction, sexual encounter with alien-human hybrid.

See also: Helmet , Short , Suit

Betty Hill.

The Betty and Barney Hill abduction.

See also: Beeping Sound

Alien Abductors:

"The descriptions were are getting from the UFO occupants about 85% are extremely similar" -- Bud Hopkins.

Intuders by Bud Hopkins.

August 8, 1993 Australia abduction. Kelly Cahill plus others.

Size: Between 3 1/2 and 5 feet tall.

Make: Extremely slinder

Skin: Greyish-white

Head: Very large crainium

Eyes: Often very, very black

Mouth: Slit, no movemnet

Ears: No ears

August 1976. Allagash Wilderness Waterway, Maine
TV Program - Sightings

October 12,1973 Pascagoula, Mississippi.


Dan Wright, MUFON member and board member, launched the project in 1992 with the goal to uncover commonalities in alien abductions.

Most entity groups use short grays for performing the actual abduction. The media and abduction stories tend to focus on the short grays.

An away team of short white, gray or blue beings abduct the subject from the home or auto, but usually have no other observed function.

Additional entities aboard the ship likewise seem to have more narrowly defined duties.

Taller beings are often contained within the ship and nearly always appear to hold the most authority. One taller being usually doesn't leave the ship. He is often referred to as a doctor; but he's clearly in charge. Less appears to be known about the taller beings who stay on the ship.

Assistants to the doctor may be short or tall, but usually tend to be taller.

Entities: Initial Findings, Part 1 [PDF] & Part 2 [PDF] by Dan Wright from MUFON/Journals/1994.

Cultural Reaction

Martin S. Kottmeyer, writing in Magonia, presents a good argument for the introduction of elements from pop culture in the Betty and Barney Hill abduction case.

The "wraparound eyes" described by Barney Hill appeared in an episode of the TV series, 'The Outer Limits' entitled the 'The Bellero Shield' firsy broadcast 10 February 1964. (11)

The Twilight Zone aired an episode entitled "Hocus Pocus and Frisby" that delt with alien abduction and had gray-faced beings with black eyes that was first broadcast on April 13, 1962. (11)

Astounding Stories, published in June 1935 shows an alien abduction scene on the magazine cover that bears a striking similarity to modern day abduction accounts. Although, the alien beings have pupils in large whites for eyes. (11)

Classic science fiction movies that features some aspect of modern day alien abduction accounts are Not of this Earth (1956), The Night Caller (1965), This Island Earth, The 27th Day, Killers From Space, Earth vs. the Flying Saucers, Invasion of the Saucermen, Invader's from Mars (1953), It Conquered the World, Mars Needs Women. (11)

Is alien abduction real—or a creation of Hollywood

People who believe they've been abducted tend to be fantasy-prone and eccentric, for one. On the other hand, they don't tend to be crazy. Most abductees are regular Joes, with decent jobs; though they have varying levels of education, they are predominantly white and middle class. -- Karen Olsson

Why the Abduction Phenomenon Cannot Be Explained Psychiatrically

Clinical hypnotist William C. McCall, technical writer John DeHerrera and English professor Alvin Lawson have conducted experiments in which imaginary group of subjects with no significant knowledge about UFOs. Eight situational questions relating to the major components of a "real" abduction were asked of each subject. Their responses indicated a wide range of imaginative invention. Significantly, the imaginary experiences related under hypnosis by the test subjects showed no substantive differences from those related by "real" abductees. (1)

There is a natural human tendency to fit any new phenomenon into familiar patterns and structures, even when a procrustean bed must be stretched beyond recognition in order to do so, for we tolerate mystery and uncertainty poorly. -- John E. Mack, M.D. Proceedings of the Abduction Study Conference (North Cambridge Press, 1992).

Government Monitoring/ Involvement

Reports of unmarked helicopters and unidentified lights hovering over the mutilation sites, plus the reported absence of footprints around the remains, led investigators to connect the incidents with the UFO mystery. (1)

Let us summarize the helicopter topic in five points:

1. The helicopter mystery starts during the late sixties, early seventies in connection with animal mutilations.

2. During these times the agenda behind the helicopters showed a minor interest on UFO-abductees.

3. The helicopters began to increase their interest on UFO abductees during the eighties up to the present, but were also reported near animal mutilation sites and other areas in northern America.

[It never ceases to amaze me as to the number of MADAR (Early warning detection system for UFOs- magnetic variometer incorporated into a security alarm system panel) events occurring in the wee hours of the night. My theory is that certain important UFO activities occur at certain times and MADAR is a witness to those activities. The lack of correlation of the MADAR events to local sighting reports most likely means that reports are not being filed by witnesses. It appears that the types of activities that are occurring when MADAR is activated are the CE3 UFO and humanoid and the CE4 abduction incidents. The correlation is circumstantial but there is no correlation at all with Nocturnal Light, Daylight Disc, CE1, or CE2 incidents. Cathy Davis' abduction occurring on June 30, 1983 between two MADAR events one week apart seems to strengthen this theory. -- Francis L. Ridge
Source: ]

4. At present, many North American abduction researchers have some cases in their files.

5. There were reports of phantom helicopter activity in England during the seventies, but it seems that their interest in animal mutilations and abductees is limited to North America.

Preliminary findings of Project-MILAB: Evidence for military kidnappings of alleged UFO-abductees by Dr. Helmut Lammer Ph.D.

Telemetric Mind Control

Advocacy Committee for Human Experiment Survivors-Mind Control (ACHES-MC)

US Goverment Torture | History Of Abuse

Mufon Launches Study Of UFO Abduction Experience by Marcia Jedd

MILABS, Military Mind Control and Alien Abduction

Project-MILAB: Evidence for military kidnappings of alleged UFO-abductees by Dr. Helmut Lammer Ph.D.

MILABs may be the evidence that a secret military/intelligence task force operates since the early eighties in North America and is involved in monitoring and kidnapping of alleged UFO-abductees. In the beginning of the eighties a lot of money became available legal and over black budgets for top secret military projects like the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI). This task force meight be financed by a portion of this money. It seems to me that they are interested in well investigated UFO-abduction cases. They are monitoring the houses of their victims, kidnapping and possible implanting them with military devices sometimes shortly after an UFO-abduction experience. It appears to me that they are searching for possible alien implants too.

Government's involvement, the subject sees military or para-military personnel working alongside entities or is otherwise led to believe that the government is involved in working with alien entities.

Barry King: I have multiple different corroborating people who've worked in facilities where this stuff's going on, where we have engaged in really extraordinary genetic experiments and have come up with things that are called PLF's, and this a Programmed Life Form. Now, Programmed Life Form is a human created thing that looks alien, because it's really quite bizarre, but it's not extraterrestrial. (Steven Greer source)