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Angels' Hair Reports

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On two occasions, a substance resembling angels' hair floated earthward.

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Domingo Troncoso, customs officer in Puerto Maldonado, in the border of Peru and Bolivia, noticed a big airship shaped object flying low and horizontally in the afternoon, going from right to left. The object left a dense smoke trail, vapor or some similar thick and white substance. It was expelled from the rear end of the object while it flew. That the object was a real and structured machine can be seen by its reflection on the waters of the Madre de Dios river down below. Mr. Troncoso managed to get a camera and could take one good shot of the cigar-shaped object. Photograph published in a newspaper on July 6, 1952.

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The objects left a trail of angels' hair behind them, which drifted down in large quantities.

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Large quantities of angels' hair fell earthward.

See also: Cigar , Cylinder , Sphere , Hover , Maneuver , Smoke , Tilt

As reported in the Jamestown Post-Journal in February of 1955:

"A gray cob-webby substance that fell out of the sky and covered a half-square mile of a residential area in Horsehead, NY two days ago was still a mystery substance today. Scientist who examined the substance reported that it was slightly radioactive but not dangerously so. The substance, which one person described as 'gray, ragged, and nylon-like' covered homes, shrubs, trees, and lay over snow-covered lawns and fields. Area residents said that nothing like it had never happened before."

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Richard Holsapple. As Holsapple and his father watched, the objects ejected several long strings of "flimsy material" that drifted slowly down to the south, too far away to attempt to locate. Holsapple called the New Yorker in Poughkeepsie, which printed a short account of his sighting.

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A few minutes later, the objects returned in various formations, though this time they were not over the Vatican. A shiny, flamentous material later dubbed "angel hair" reportedly fell from the sky on this occasion, but evaporated within a few hours. Similar events, including another fall of "angel hair," allegedly occured the following day.

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12 objects in clusters of three, emitting a white substance like spider webs. This is known in Ufology as Angel Hair.

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In almost half of the cases, it has been seen descnding from cigar-shaped UFOs which have cloudlike formations under or around them. They dissolve upon contact with the ground. Examination of several samples indicate it is similar in composition to borosilicate glass. (1)

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