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UFO - Antenna, Turret

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The object was very bright, almost silvery. A disk-shaped object with a lower and upper structure and a small turret like protrusion on top.

(Upper) the Rouen flying disk and (lower) two views of the McMinnville flying disk.

Paul Trent photo.

Flying to intercept a mysterious radar reflection, an unknown French Air Force pilot photographed this craft in March 1954 (1957?) over Rouen with his gun-sight camera. The UFO paced the plane for several minutes before speeding off past the maximum velocity of the French airplane. This UFO appears to be of the same type that appeared in McMinnville, Oregon over the farm of Mr. Paul Trent.

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The Willow Grove UFO based on witness sketch in RAAF files. (credit: Chalker)

Charles Brew, Trevor Brew. It was about eight metres in diameter and three metres high. The top section appeared to be a transparent dome of a glass-like material, from which protruded a two metre high mast or aerial. The 'aerial' appeared to be as thick as a broom and resembled bright chrome.

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Sketch by Schirmer of the craft.

Patrolman Herbert Schirmer.

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Mrs. Gayle Rodriguez . Atop the dome were three lights on the ends of which appeared to be antenna: two small white lights, and one larger red light.

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Terry had gotten off work at a bank in New York City and was on her way home on the Parkway. It was dark and the sky was clear when she saw a small airplane go overhead from west to east toward the Westchester County airport and, following close behind, an enormous object. She pulled to the side of the road to watch for approximately two minutes or so it seemed. She said that the object had numerous antennae and was approximately 1/2 mile long. Intriguingly, she mentioned when she arrived home her mother asked her why she was late; she didn't think she was late. Under hypnotic regression Terry recalled that she was driving north on the Sawmill Parkway, which if four lanes wide with a median, when she noticed the small twin engine aircraft going left to right toward the airport. Immediately following the plane was the huge object. She pulled off to the side of the road and looked out her window to get a better look. A green car pulled off in front of her. A male driver was in the car alone. Other cars drove by, apparently not seeing what was occurring above them. The object was very bright, mostly a silvery-white color. It was moving slow and not far above the trees. The object filled her field of view from the trees on the left side of the road to the trees on the right, and to the overpass ahead of her back to the Pleasantville Road overpass behind her. She said she was not frightened. The white underside of the object had "craters" on the surface, as well as what appeared to be steel beams, girders and lots of antennae. She remembered hearing a low hum. She became startled when she realized that her car had stopped running and her radio, which had been playing, was silent. She remembers starting her car and continuing the drive home after the object passed over. The object was at least 150 ft wide and 450 to 600 ft long. It had somewhat of a boomerang shape. Terry admitted having a lifelong fear of looking out of windows at night. Recently one of her flashback memories had included seeing alien-like entities at a window. One was tall with hands that had long fingers. She observed, " He was much too skinny to be one of us. He had big, black eyes and a pear shaped head. Both had skin that was not quite white; they're a grayish white. The tall one was over seven feet. I asked them when they were going to let others know. They said they weren't ready." Terry never heard them speak, but knew what they were saying in her mind.

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Within seconds, an object (saucer with top & bottom domes) proceeded to pass him. (Exhibit 4J). UFO was size of standard car and tilted left to avoid hitting barn. It passed him, moved in front, then tilted right to avoid hitting house. Powerlines, trees were also adjacent to house. UFO went straight ahead and then shot straight up, paused and then accelerated out of sight. When the UFO passed (the car) there was a slight stall to his automobile engine, headlights, dashboard (lights) dimmed and radio went out for a few seconds. He saw windows in top and bottom domes. Object glowed a greenish- yellow. Multicolored lights seen around rim (primarily red, orange, but some blue and green). Object had bright blue light in center of bottom dome and antenna-like thing on both top and bottom domes. He described them as "weather vanes".

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As the officer neared the hovering craft, it turned on its side 90 degrees in what appeared to be a vertical position and started moving away from him.

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