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UFO Recon - Military Base

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Note: Peenemunde was 130 miles west of Gdynia, where the Germans developed the V-1 flying bomb, the V-2 rocket and other weapons under the direction of Wernher von Braun. Daniel Leger assumed it was a German experimental craft.

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A series of disc sightings, beginning at 9:30 A.M. and ending at 4 P.M., erupted over the base. The sightings made a particular impression on the Air Force, according to Edward. J. Ruppelt, who would head one of its subsequent UFO projects.

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Chased by pilot Thomas Mantell over Godman Army Air Field-Fort Knox, Kentucky.

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Ellipsoid object moving fast over White Sands Proving Ground, Holloman Air Force Base, and Los Alamos.

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The CIA Study Group met with Air Force officials at Wright-Patterson and reviewed their data and findings. The Air Force claimed that 90 percent of the reported sightings were easily accounted for. The other 10 percent were characterized as "a number of incredible reports from credible observers."

An unamed piloted was scrambled to pursue a "dome-shaped object" that was hovering over the area.

*Blue Book investigator Major Donald Rupplet admited that he was unable to explain away the case, though Blue Book personnel declined to classify it a genuine unknown.

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Air Routing and Traffic Control Center (ARTC) picked up eight unidentified targets near Andrews Air Force Base.

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Flight Lieutenant J. Kilburn of 269 Squadron was standing with six RAF colleagues at the airbase at Topcliffe, between Ripon and Thirsk in Yorkshire, watching a Meteor jet fighter going through its paces.

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An instrument technician, while driving from a large city toward an Air Force base on December 22, 1952, saw an object from his car at 1930 hours. He stopped his car to watch it. It suddenly moved up toward the zenith in spurts from right to left at an angle of about 45°. It then moved off in level flight at a high rate of speed, during which maneuver it appeared white most of the time, but apparently rolled three times showing a red side. About halfway through its roll it showed no light at all. It finally assumed a position to the south of the planet Jupiter at a high altitude, at which position it darted back and forth, left and right alternately. Total time of the observation was 15 minutes. Apparently, the observer just stopped watching the object.

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Army helicopter pilot states that a crashed “saucer” ovoid in shape about 18 ft by 30 ft and bodies about 4-feet tall were retrieved from a crash site and later stored at Langley AFB Virginia.

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Fritz A. Werner. The bodies were moved to Wright Patterson AFB by DC-7 aircraft.

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Army personnel reported seeing an ovoid or egg-shaped object about 9-10 meters in diameter, with a kind of collared structure on top crash land into soft, sandy soil near the base. The craft also had a revolving horizontal fin-like protrusion on the equator that was still rotating. Some were ordered to guard the object until ambulances arrived. A door that opened formed a ramp; the ground around the crashed craft burnt into a powdery substance and became extremely hot. Three aliens reportedly walked away from the crash. One was apparently carried out on a stretcher. The beings were described as four-foot tall with large helmeted heads, legs stiff when they walked and wearing tight fitting dull metallic greenish suits, they also wore some kind of mittens. They also spoke in an unknown language.

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In this suburb of Syracuse on a Sunday, an information specialist and his wife saw a 20-foot wide disc-shaped object being examined on the ground by several men who were taking pictures. The craft had flashing and rotating multi-colored lights on top. The next day an officer told them the event was a military secret. Later police denied the whole incident ever took place. The disk had been loaded into a flatbed trailer, covered by tarpaulin and moved exclusively at night by a military team to nearby Griffis AFB in Rome NY, where it was hidden in a surface hangar. Another source confirmed that he accidentally saw and filmed this object inside the hangar at Griffis. Around 1956 the disk was taken to Nellis testing site in Nevada, or the Papoose range. On its way there the disk was studied at Wright Patterson. Because of its small size and weight it was transported cross country on a flatbed truck. Nothing is known of its alien occupants. The aliens possibly abandoned the disk after it soft landed (crashed) on the outskirts of Syracuse. Apparently the alien crew left the damaged or deactivated disk and it was probably found by the military with its entry hatch opened. There is also the possibility that the disk was a non-piloted alien reconnaissance probe that lost control and plummeted to earth. In the early 1990’s it was removed from the S4 site either to White Sands or to the Fort Huachuca underground facility.

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Alleged meeting between President Eisenhower and aliens that relusted in an agreement/treaty. Iffy sources.

The CIA had entered into the world of high technology with its U-2 overhead reconnaissance project. Working with Lockheed's Advanced Development facility in Burbank, California, known as the Skunk Works, and Kelly Johnson, an eminent aeronautical engineer, the Agency by August 1955 was testing a high-altitude experimental aircraft--the U-2. It could fly at 60,000 feet; in the mid-1950s, most commercial airliners flew between 10,000 feet and 20,000 feet. Consequently, once the U-2 started test flights, commercial pilots and air traffic controllers began reporting a large increase in UFO sightings.

The southwestern portion of the United States is noted as a focal point for such alleged close encounters with UFOs. Reports of such encounters were especially numerous and well-publicized during the 1950s. (7)

"UFOs were seen more frequently around areas vital to the defense of the United States. The Los Alamos-Albuquerque area, Oak Ridge, and White Sands Proving Ground rated high. Port areas, Strategic Air Command bases, and industrial areas ranked next." - Edward J. Ruppelt, Head of Project Blue Book (1956)

Captain Raymond Ryan and First Officer William Neff. Giffis Air Force Base "ordered" Flight 755 to deviate from their flight plan and to pursue the UFO while the base scambled two jet fighters to intercept the object.

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A domed disc-shaped craft is reported to have landed within the White Sands Proving Ground, 12 miles west of Holloman AFB, Alamogordo, New Mexico, and 50 yards from highway 70.

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Acoording to UFO researcher A.G. Dittmar, witnesses in the area watched the base scramble jets after the UFO. Instead of evading the jets, however, the UFOs appeared to tease their pursuers by waiting until the jets approached, then outrunning them with a burst of speed, only to wait again.

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U.S. Air Force 1705th Air Transport Wing C-118 cargo plane with a four-man crew crashed after alleged encounter with multiple UFOs/ three shiny discs. Multiple witness account.

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Teams of officers assigned to the Washington, D.C., area would fly into Wright-Patterson Air Force Base on commercial flights and then deploy on military aircraft. Their missions, according to Exon, were to investigate UFO sightings. Testimony of Brigadier General Arthur Exon base commander at Wright-Patterson.

Sen. Barry Goldwater, a brigadier-general in the Air Force reserve, tried to check out the rumor that at Wright-Patterson there was a secret "Blue Room" where UFO remains were kept. When he asked his friend Gen. Curtis LeMay about the story, LeMay gave him "holy hell," Golwater would tell the New Yorker (April 25, 1988), informed him that he did not have the necessary clearence, and warned him never to bring up the subject again.

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For example, one informant was a woman who worked at Wright-Patterson for a number of years. Possessing a high security clearence, she was given access to much classified material. In due course she retired and subsequently learned that she was dying of cancer. Before her death she confided to a ufologist (remarking, "Uncle Sam can't do anything to me once I'm in my grave") that her work had included the cataloging of all incoming UFO material. She processed about 1000 items, she claimed, seeing to it that they were photographed and tagged. Some of the items were from the interior of a crashed UFO which had been brought to the base. She also saw two bodies carried on a cart from one room to the next. The bodies, preserved in chemicals, were of generally human appearence, although they were only four or five feet tall and had lager-than-normal heads and slanted eyes.

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UFO at both Echo and November launch sites.

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At least 16 ground witnesses and the in-air crew of a B-52 spot a glowing object hovering near Minot AFB, N.D.

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According to ufologist Timothy Good (in his books Alien Liaison and Alien Contact), after Jackie Gleason's death his wife reported that one day in 1973 Gleason had come home extremely shaken. He confided to her that because of Gleason's interest in UFOs, U.S. President Richard Nixon, who was a friend of his, had arranged for him to view bodies of extraterrestrials at Homestead Air Force Base, Florida under conditions of extreme secrecy. Gleason had found the experience very troubling.

In 1973, Investigator Raymond Fowler shocked the UFO community with one of the first credible accounts of a UFO crash other than Roswell. He was able to obtain a signed affidavit from USAF aeronautics expert, *Fritz Werner (pseudonym), who claimed to have been involved in the retrieval of an actual crashed UFO outside of Kingman, Arizona. What's interesting here is that *Werner told Fowler that he recognized several other officers who were also on the scene of the crashed UFO, including a highly placed official from none other than Griffis AFB in Rome, New York. If true, this would explain Griffis extreme interest in pursuing any UFOs in their area.

*The engineer who brought this story to light was Arthur G. Stancil (previously known by the pseudonym "Fritz Werner"). Stancil graduated from Ohio University in 1949 and was first employed by Air Material Command at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio as a mechanical engineer on testing Air Force aircraft engines.

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Rumors perpetuated by a wave of television and radio reports claimed that craft and frozen alien corpses were being held at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.

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Interesting example for such independently reported case is recently revealed 1974 incident in the Air Force base near Rovaniemi in the Northern Finland. Main source of this incident came to top of the hill when he was guarding the area – there was large storage facility beneath of him, with second guard inside. Soon he noticed that a strange metallic device with blue glow around it was landed near the facility and finally he fired his machine gun towards the unidentified object when he was only about 30 meters away from it. Shooting caused that the UFO immediately started to glide away and it disappeared behind the ramparts. Afterwards he suffered severe burn marks in his skin and it was told that during the confrontation, a large electromagnetic disturbance was detected in the area.

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Marked a series of sightings at military bases and defense installations. Radar controllers located the target on their radar scopes and tracked it as it flew over and around the base.

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UFOs were observed flying in formation over a weapons storage area.

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A series of sightings occurred at Malmstrom Air Force Base and several Intercontinental Missle launch control sites in Montana, as well as Minot Air Force Base in North Dakota. On November 8, seven objects traveling at altitudes between 9,500 and 15,500 feet were pursued by F-106 interceptors. A confidential communique issued by the Combat Operations Center of the North American Air Defense Command (NORAD) on November 11, 1975, reported that " the interceptors approached the lights went out. After the interceptors had passed the came on again One hour after the F-106s returned to base, missle site peronnel reported the object increasesd to a high speed, raised in altitude, and could not be discerned from the stars."

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Multiple witnesses report UFO activity over the base.

Entire shift of Security Police observed two objects at the base. The objects were being tracked on base radar, Buckley Air National Guard radar and Stapleton airport. Aircraft sent up to investigate.

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According to information received by the source, a disabled craft had either crashed or landed southwest of town. A military detachment arrived on the scene and engaged in a gun battle with the humanoid occupants of the craft. It resulted in eleven American casualties and an unknown number of humanoid casualties. Another source indicated that the bodies were taken to Wright-Patterson AFB. No other information.

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UFOlogist Leonard Springfield announced that he had reports from twenty-four unimpeachable sources that spaceships and frozen alien corpses are being held at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.

Rumor of an "extraterrestrial" that was reportedly seen in an outlying section of the air force base, and was shot and killed. UFOs were sighted over Fort Dix, nearby.

Two USAF security police patrolmen saw unusual lights, triangular UFO outside the back gate at RAF Woodbridge base.

Halt said, "One object still hovering over Woodbridge base at about five or ten degrees off the horizon. Still moving erratic, and similar lights and beaming down..."

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Some, however, felt that the Cheney trip to Roswell might have been a signal. These people felt it was like Reagan making a speech in 1982 near hanger 84 at the Roswell Air Force Base, where tradition says the bodies of the dead aliens from the Roswell crash were held prior to being flown to Wright Field in 1982.

On the south coast, particularly in the vicinity of the grounds and airspace of the US Army Reserve Base and the Puerto Rican Army National Guard's Santiago Camp. Many witnesses reported a huge boomerang-shaped object hovering over the base, seeming to cause an electrical power blackout. On many occasions, huge flying triangles, as well as flying saucers, have also been seen over the base.

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