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UFO Reports - Beam

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Suddenly, the largest UFO shot a beam of light at the city's walls.

See also: Disc , Formation , Maneuver , Speed , War

Two fiery beams, also about 130 feet in length projected from the front of the object.

See also: Fireball , Heat , Injury

It emitted fixed flashes of light, lightning, which lasted about 30 seconds.

See also: Flashes , Hover , Join , Maneuver

A large star with many rays appeared and in the night she ascended higher and flew in the direction of the Russians; afterwards she returned and went to the west, where the beams were extinguished. It was during the war between the Russians, French and Germans.

See also: War

Phantom airship scare began in Russian Poland. The craft often appeared at night and were usually equipped with powerful searchlights.

When a group of streetcar passengers in Oakland, California, saw a winged, Cigar shaped UFO emitting a stream of brilliant light.

See also: Cigar


UFOlogists suggest that UFOs during The Airship Wave were spacecraft inaccurately described as emerging technology familiar to people of that time.

Craft's huge spotlight.

See also: Cattle Mutilation

Phatom airships, often equipped with powerful searchlights.

Equipped with large searchlight.

See also: Cigar

The object shoots a beam of light.

See also: Disc , Rotation , Ring

A section underneath of the object opened and projected a beam of light.

See also: Disc

Numerous reports of unidentified aircraft that were seen flying in dangerous weather conditions (in which ordinary aircraft dared not go aloft) and shining bright searchlights onto the ground. In some cases, engine noises were reported, but in other incidents the mysterious craft flew in total silence. Ghost aircraft.

A domed UFO emitted a white light.

See also: Dome

A lot of holes around edge of disc like those of a turbine, and jet beams darted from the holes which burned the grass when the object departed.

See also: Disc , Dome , Landing Mark

Craft hit soldier with light beam after fired upon by M-1 rifle.

-Some form of ray.

-Emitted in pulses, waves.

-Could visually see only when aimed directly at.

See also: War

Discoid UFO some 60 feet in diameter hovering for 10 minutes over river. The UFO directed a greenish "ray" at the fisherman, who felt an electric shock as the ray hit him. A mysterious stranger with foreign accent tried to intimidate witness several days later.

See also: Disc , Beam , Hover , MIB

UFOs emitting beams of light toward ground.

Jose of the little beings pointed a device at him that emitted a beam of violet light, and he found himself paralyzed....

See also: Disc , ET , Hover , Rocks

Beams projected down.

See also: Injury

Antonio Villas-Boas. A brilliant beam of light shining down from the sky.

See also: Ellipse , Abduction , Glow , Rotation

The object was sweeping the ground and sky with a beam of red light.

See also: Ellipse , Glow , Interference

UFO hovering emitting beam.

See also: Hover

Large sphere hovering over the treetops. From the sphere descended, on a pair of beams of light, a humanoid some 10 feet tall, wearing a transparent helmet.

See also: Sphere , Hover

Yoli, Yolanda and Dori Martina. The beams were perfectly cylindrical, about 10 feet (3 meters) wide. Yolie thrust her arm into one of the beams; what she felt was a powerful sensation of heat - but there was no effect on her skin. The closest to the house swung its tubular beam of light in the direction Trancas; then, amazingly, it switched the tube in a U-turn back toward the house.

See also: Disc , Dome , Animal , Hover , Hum , Rotation , Sulfur

As they approached the saucer, a beam of light came out and struck both [Air Force radar] technicians. They were repairing the height finder radar antenna, located north-east of the 648th Radar Squadron site.

See also: Discoid , Abduction , Injury , Radiation , Washington

James Flynn, the UFO emitted a beam like a welder's torch and Flynn blacked out...

See also: Cone , Injury , Landing Mark

Robert Howard, The thing appeared to be beaming a very narrow stream of brilliant light into a nearby woods.

See also: Disc , Injury

Ron Sullivan bent headlight beam experience, Burkes Flat, Victoria, Australia (striking UFO encounter, physical traces, bent light beams, possible related fatalities).

Two policemen, Dale Spaur and Wilbur Neff chased a luminous UFO. Spaur also described a beam of light emanating from the underside of the UFO. Spaur described the UFO as approximately 50 feet wide, with a dome or some other superstructure barely visible on top. Airport radar contact with the UFO was reported but later denied. Neff-Spaur incident.

See also: Dome , Radar

Beam shot form ship.

See also: Abduction

Next the craft moved overhead and a brilliant beam of light cam on underneath, bathing the two in its glow.

See also: Cigar , Disc , Dome , Abduction , ET , Glow


A large group of people saw a UFO approach. The UFO beamed down lights which reflected off Greenbriar Lake. (Exhibit 5B)

Denis McMahon. It was shining down a beam of light.

See also: Oval-shape , ET , Hover , Time Lapse

A beam of bright light was emitted from a short tube underneath the object. The appearance of a three-foot tall thin limbed creature from beam/circle of light.

See also: Dome , Buzz , ET , Glow

A man named Ed Foley was driving between Phoenix and Tucson when he encountered a circular UFO and a robot like "figure or object" that emerged from it and hit him with a beam of light.

See also: Cattle Mutilation , ET-Robot

Bright light from center of the bottom.
The object was round and the bright light was coming from the center of the bottom of the UFO. Around the perimeter of the craft was hundreds of penlight size light beams that alternated in all colors of the spectrum.

See also: Disc

Blue circle of light, about eight inches in diameter, inside the car. Moved about slowly, passed in front of the dashboard. Could see the engine through the circle of light. Beam of blue light shining on him from the top of the hill he was ascending. A tube stretched out of the UFO's base toward ground. Rod of blue light from UFO moving over his car. The light seemed to make the car transparent.

See also: Disc , Buzz , Heat , Interference

James Richard. Some 50 feet away and five feet apart, two brilliant silvery white beams of nocturnal light shone.

See also: Ellipse , Animal Reaction , Hea , Interference , Landing Mark


"But the thing that really intrigued me was the cone beneath it, the super dark cone, which wasn't solid, it was a beam or ray. I hate to say ray because it sounds like something out of Buck Rogers, a beam of some sort.
"Light or nothing passed through it, but the edges of it were fuzzy. So it was a beam of some sort, like the reverse of a flashlight beam.

See also: Disc , Cupola , Hover

Eddie Webb, driving in Southwest Missouri, evening Temporary blindness and eyeglass frames melted in a light beam from an object pacing truck.

See also: Injury

Carlos Argue Balvidares. On the far side of the pond rested a rectangular object approx. 35 ft in diameter and 7-10 ft high, which was luminous, and emitted a beam of light 15" in diameter which struck Balvidares; it dazzled him and he could feel heat from it.

See also: Rectangular , Animal , ET , Force-Field , Heat , Sulfur , Landing Mark

M. Severin, 1:30 PM Witness lost partial eyesight and experienced headaches after being struck by ray from object.

See also: Injury

An aerial craft projecting beams of light, photographed by an anonymous doctor during a wave of sightings in France.

See also: Disc , Dome


Story of this photo: UFO researcher Jean Bedet found this picture pinned with a note to his car windshield. The note explained that the photo was taken near Albiosc in the Vosges mountains in France at 11:30pm on 23-Mar-1974, by a witness who insisted on remaining anonymous. He was a medical doctor, who had seen the UFO as he was driving home late at night along a deserted country road, after visiting a patient. bigger photo

See also: Disc

John Avis, 29, his wife Elaine, 25, and 3 children. In a second hypnotic session, John remembered that when the car entered the mist, a white beam cut through it, and lifted the car. The next thing he knew was that they were in a very large room.

See also: ET , Interference , Missing Time , Propulsion

Artist conception by Brian James.

During the next few minutes, the object turned on a "monstrous light" which was directed down toward the lake. It was half the diameter of the UFO itself; the shaft of it was well defined, and it came from one side of the bottom of the UFO. The light was very intense, and it was painful to the eyes to look at. Smith compared its brilliance to that of a welding torch.

The beam was swung back in forth at an arc. "It seemed like a careful search of the Robinson's Swamp area, and I have no doubt that the beam of light was intelligently controlled," Simth said.

See also: Disc , Interference , Speed

Antoine Severin. Four 1- to 1.2-meter-tall beings, metallic white garb, helmets, from domed disc with portholes, directed light beam at witness, who felt a force pulling him, later had headaches and impaired vision; beings poked in ground as if gathering samples.

See also: Disc , Dome , ET , Injury

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Richardson, when a brilliant "spotlight" came on and illuminated the interior of their car.

See also: Disc , Dome , Power Plant

Farmer Emiliano Velasco Baez encounter with a UFO.
Felt and saw a beam of light that apparently struck him and his tractor drilling a perfectly round hole on the rearview mirror of the tractor.

See also: Ellipse , Injury

Danie van Graan. Four 1- to 1.5-meter-tall beings, thin, slanted eyes, light coveralls, hoods, visible inside silver oval with legs; light beam struck witness in face, physiological effects.

See also: Ellipse , ET , Injury , Landing Legs

Travis Walton. Blue beam of light emitted from UFO.

See also: Disc , Abduction , ET

A beam of blue-white light immersed the cars interior.
A farmer who owned the property also verified the sighting and saw a low-flying object shoot down a beam to the ground near the automobile.

See also: Abduction , Injury

The main rectangular object appeared to be projecting a beam of light that was coming down and forming a moving bright rectangle on the ground. "And, I could see clouds going between the object and the (round) thing that was down here on the ground, which I (at first) presumed was (from) a beam of light."

See also: Rectangle , Sphere , Beam

Luis Fernandes Barroso was struck by a beam of light from a hovering aerial object.

See also: Hover , Injury

Unseen object, high over the water, releasing multiple beams of white light in all directions.

One of them then pulled out a long thin object from a sack on his side and pointed it at the wall, a long thin beam of light came out of the object and hit the wall several times, at one point the beam turned white. Moments later both figures walked back to their craft. The witnesses ran to tell their families and did not see the object depart.

See also: ET

Large bright object emits a beam of blue light across and then disappears leaving a smoking trail.

See also: Smoke

The MUFON Symposium proceedings. On page 65 of the proceedings it states: A method of utilizing beams of microwave radiation to effect a reduction in the local gravitational field has been pursued by Niels T. Sorensen. Dual lobe radiation elements were arranged in circular symmetry so that each beam was oriented toward the APEX of a 90 degree CONE (emphasis ours). A null region then occurs at the APEX of the CONE, which represents a region of apparent gravitational attraction."

See also: Propulsion

Large round light emits a beam to the ground.

See also: Sphere


The beam was about 7 or 8 centimeters in diameter and white in color.

These objects were often projecting thin rays, seemingly of light, directed at the people.

See also: Heat , Injury , Radiation

RECONSTITUTION OF CHUPA-CHUPA - Above are the reconstitution of the cylindrical object
commonly called Chupa-chupa. We described the presence of two figures similar to
sighted humans through a window. In detail: the same photo, 1978, without mount.

Weird, cylindrical-shaped objects, called camburoes by local people, typically emitting powerful beams of light that swept across terrains, were encountered frequently by farmers and fisherman during the chupa-chupa 'epidemic' in Brazil.

The flying thing was shaped like a cylinder, and he [Joao de Brito] could hear voices coming from it, in an unknown language.

See also: Cylinder , ET , Injury

Weird, cylindrical-shaped objects, called camburoes by local people, typically emitting powerful beams of light that swept across terrains, were encountered frequently by farmers and fisherman during the chupa-chupa 'epidemic' in Brazil. Joao de Brito hit by a beam that left him powerless ending up in the hospital.

See also: Cylinder , Injury

V-shaped thing 15 to 20 meters long, with a beam of orange light going down to the ground.

See also: V-Shape , Abduction

The glow was coning through one of the two windows in the bedroom. She cautiously peeked through the curtain and watched in bewilderment as the green light retreated, "just like a liquid being drawn up through a straw." In a matter of seconds the light was "siphoned" up into a low hovering object that was shaped like an inverted saucer a couple of hundred feet away. She guessed it was about 30' in diameter and was metallic. The moon's glow reflected on it and she could determine that its visible surface was clearly divided into equal-sized squares. The bottom was in darkness, appearing flat, and it was into this section that the recoiling beam of light was drawn.


It was observed for a total of four hours, for fifteen minutes of which it appeared to rain down beams of light, before moving in the direction of Finland.

See also: Glow , Interference

William J Herman. The object suddenly rushed towards him, he started to fall when a tubular beam of blue light enclosed him. The beam of light led to the craft, now hovering nearby. He became disoriented and numb, then lost consciousness.

See also: Disc , Abduction , ET

Deanne Kearns. Two 5- to 6-ft.-tall beings descended in light beam from hovering UFO shaped like one plate inverted on top of another, loud buzzing sound; beings collected earth and plant samples.

See also: Disc , Buzz , ET , Hover

Charles HALT, Col. USAF Ret.
He also saw a UFO shooting beams into sensitive weapons storage areas at the base. He wrote an official memorandum for the Ministry of Defense (MOD)...released through the US Freedom of Information Act.

Object beamed down a stream of light from time to time.

See also: Ellipse , Nocturnal , Sphere , Base , Flash , Glow , Maneuver , Separate

Three humanoid beings seen moving around inside hovering silvery disc, light beam to ground; UFO rose and moved over car with buzzing sound.

See also: Disc , Buzz , ET , Hover\

Jim Falkworth. Suddenly, a red beam of light came out beneath the object and played across the surface of the lake. The object then moved to the center of the resevoir and emitted a white beam of light that struck Falworth, knocking him back, and rendering him unconscious.

See also: Chevron , Hover

The beam engulfed her entire body and felt like it was actually penetrating her. Says Jane, "I felt it and was shocked, as my entire body from head to toe was paralyzed. I lay there about ten minutes, and all the time I felt as if my insides were being probed, like a doctor was probing my insides. I was terrified, but there was nothing I could do."

See also: Abduction , ET

Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Ruppe of Gaffney. The UFO, described as "about the size of a Winnebago travel-trailer" had two "beams of lights" on the bottom of the object.

See also: Ellipse , Animal , Atomic , Power Lines

3:00 AM. EST. In the witness's bedroom a short humanoid pointed a beam at the witness in bed. When the being had left a three-foot long by 18" cylinder shot straight up into the sky outside.

See also: Cylinder , ET

He said he remembers taking a picture as the object projected a beam of light.

The object hovered over the car, sending down a bright beam of light.

See also: Triangular-shaped , Abduction , ET

The object then sent a bright beam of light into the water.

See also: Buzz , Heat

Two humanoids visible inside hovering round object that moved over children, beamed light onto them.

See also: ET , Hover

The drawing suggests a lighted object, lights in diamond pattern, with a spotlight projecting down to the ground.

See also: Diamond , Nocturnal , Animal Reaction


"The UFO returned in less than half an hour. I pulled up the bedroom window shade to see this small, shielded being standing just on the other side of the glass, looking in my eyes." (Credit: "The Gulf Breeze Sightings" by Ed and Frances Walters)

See also: Robot , Shield

As dozens of motorists watched a huge dark object with six to eight very bright amber lights moving silently above the highway, a same or similar object was seen by several airport workers, that described it as a large boomerang shaped craft that descended and hovered above an unused tarmac area of the airfield. As the witnesses watched, a blue beam of light shone from the bottom of the object towards the ground, five humanoid figures then apparently glided down within the beam of light, the witnesses chased one of the creatures but it was taken up the blue beam of light into the craft.
See also: Boomerang , ET , Highway , Hover


I got out of my truck end looked at the UFO, for approximately 15-20 seconds as it shined its three lights on me.

See also: Triangle , Highway , Hover

At one point, lights shot off from the object. It is unclear as to when and where. Older witness who was very calm previously, now said, "Let's get out of here!" Both witnesses were terrified. Driver (younger girl) doesn't remember turning around or driving. Car seemed to have been "towed" or that was the sensation. There have been other "tractor-beam cases".

See also: Ellipse , Injury , Missing Time , Radiation

M.N. Polyakov. The object emitted a beam of light that moved across the ground toward the automobile. Polyakov said he felt frightened as the beam approached. When the beam touched the car, Polyakov said something alien and invisible occupied the driver's seat. Polyakov imagined he could reach over and touch the unseen being, but he found himself unable to move his arm. As the ray moved away from the car, the automobile's electrical system resumed functioning, and the driver was able to restart the engine. He was subjected to two strong electrical shocks following the encounter.

See also: Interference


They reported to Chicago Center that the object was passing over them, heading southwest to northeast, with a beam of light shining down as if out of a wheel well.

See also: Boomerang , Aeronautics , Speed

Belgian army lieutenant colonel, Andre Amond, while driving with his wife spotted a strangely lighted object moving slowly at low altitude. Amond stopped the car so that he could see the object better. It flashed a beam of light at him and began to approach.

See also: Speed

It began to drift toward a meadow, shining searchlight-like beams under it.

See also: Ellipse , Landing_Mark

A bright white beam of light shone on one of the witnesses while the other ran and hid under the car. Multiple beams of light now circled the car.

See also: Disc , Dome , ET , Hover , Jet-like roar , Radar , Speed

Witness: Timothy Brandenburg

It was a nice summer evening in 1991 on the south edge of little Centerville about 10 miles northeast of me here. Tim Brandenburg's wife was off to church. His dogs were raising a racket so he wondered if maybe a farmer could be in trouble on his tractor. As he stood in the darkness of his yard he was amazed to see a big aerial object just off the ground and too close to him for comfort.

Now I should mention that he too was an unknowing abductee from an early age. Tim began to back up. When the light beam struck him, all he noticed was a mild pain in his chest. In fear he turned to run. As he did he looked at the ground. The next thing he knew he was looking at the floor in a room in the craft.

Across the room from him stood two tall alien Grays. They were slim and about 7 feet tall. They seemed to be discussing Tim and in his mind came a soothing voice saying, "All is good. We are not going to hurt you."

Tim kept getting this message as they came across the room. One Gray held out his arms toward Tim. Tim thought well they want something so maybe if I give them something they will let me go.

In his pocket his hand landed on a $20 bill there. He handed this to the alien, who looked at it turning it over, and then handed it to the next alien. That was the last time Tim saw the $20 bill. Suddenly the alien Gray reached out with its long fingered hand and grabbed Tim by his arm.

While holding Tim's arm, the alien produced a pen-like device and moved it laterally over Tim's arm at the joint. Next Tim knew he was to go sit on a box-like seat. It was here that the Gray quickly held a cigarette sized device next to Tim's temple.

Tim's wife, who was not his friend or mine, later destroyed some of our valuable correspondence after he went to work.

Tim awoke in bed feeling like he had been on an all night bender drinking. Feeling rotten, he went to the bathroom and saw his urine was very dark. At first Tim thought it was just a bad dream, but then he looked at his arm and there were about three 7 inch long purple stripes under his skin.

I tried to photograph these marks but to no avail. So then Tim knew he had lost a whole night and it had not all been a dream. In Tim's back yard were two 12 inch circular browned spots about 6 feet each side of where he stood.

I didn't pick up any radiation or magnetic deviation at these places. Tim went right to the Richmond sheriff's office and reported he had been kidnapped aboard a UFO.

It was worth a line or two in the police report published in the Richmond Item. I learned about it when a lady from there told my wife Jeanie who worked in the local hospital about it.

See also: ET , Abduction , Devices , Gray , Tall

Cesar Escobar, Anibal Gavigan. I noted that Anibal Gavigan told his story confi- dently and was absolutely coherent as he tried to clarify all details. We went up the ladder to the roof of the tower where he showed me how he was positioned to observe the object. It was obvious that the object could be seen clearly without binoculars, since it was at the front of the field nearest to the tower. While I was taking his photograph, he pointed out to me the place where the object was "parked." Gavigan said: "That strong reddish light was stationary, absolutely still until something spectacular happened. From the place where the object was hovering, a luminous ray shot to the western hori- zon. The ray lasted only a fraction of a second just as if you were drawing a line with a marker—a perfect yel- low line going as far as you could see to the west."

See also: Nocturnal , Aeronautics , Interference , Radar , Speed

Long Island UFO Network. John Ford. J.B. Michaels. Alleged downing of a UFO. Beams of light rose from the ground striking UFO according to witnesses.

See also: Cylinder , Sphere , Triangle , Crash , Radiation , Star Wars Weapon

Two observers watched a luminous greenish sphere land nearby them. Two humanoid figures appeared next to the object. They were described as 1.20 meters tall, with very pale skin and four-fingered hands, large staring eyes, and two small holes for a nose. One of the witnesses directed a flashlight at the figures, and a beam of light from the object immediately disabled it. The beings and the object then left. Crushed grass was found at the scene.

See also: Sphere , ET , Landing Trace

Two more drawings by the craft. On the left, the witness' airplane is drawn to scale alongside the UFO. On the right, brilliant beams of red light shoot from the top of the object, just before it shot up vertically. (credit: Ricardo Varela Correa)

Haraldo Westendorf. To get more altitude, he flew his plane several hundred meters away from the object, turned around and began a steep climb. He noticed that the object was now rotating much faster. Then he saw brilliant beams of red light shoot from the top of the object toward the sky. He quickly abandoned his plan to fly over the top.

See also: Cone , Disc , Pyramid , Colassol , Aeronautics , Rotation , Speed

There was a wedge shaped beam of light emanating from the object that would sweep horizontally from the North and South, sometimes quickly and sometimes slowly.

The tubular beam of light has some unusual properties in that it does not diffuse light outward in a normal way and may have a slight wave in it.

At 9:21 p.m. in Red Rock Canyon, Nevada a luminous oval or disc-shaped object shone a bright white light beam down toward the ground. It radiated a fog from around its periphery. Its light snapped off, and the UFO vanished, and the canyon filled with a greenish-blue fog that lasted for ten minutes. A helicopter flew over the area later that same night. There was also another report of a white object shining through a green haze in Las Vegas, Nevada at 9:30 p.m., and at 10:10 p.m a witness in Winnemucca, Nevada reported that a beam of light came from a bright circular object, which left a green residue in the sky.

See also: Disc , Green Haze

Fresia Berlina Vega. uddenly a thunder clap-like noise was heard and a bright beam of light emerged from the object illuminating both witnesses. Fresia felt a cold wave envelope her body. The beam of light then retreated back into the object and another thunderclap was heard. The object then remained above the witnesses for a few more moments in which Fresia again felt a definite change of temperature, she felt as if her head seemed to swell up. In a moment she was looking directly at the object in a state of total relaxation. She felt a prickling sensation invade her entire body. Meanwhile Valentina felt the same presence and complained of a headache and discomfort in her nose, later she was to suffer from insomnia. While under the beam of light Fresia had the distinct impression that a photograph had been taken of her.

See also: Thunderclap

Thin beam of very bright blue-white light emitted from bottom of object.
This light was a tight, bright beam from top to bottom, unlike a searchlight.

Beam of light shot out from a 5 x 15cm rectangular chamber, covered with a non-reflective surface, on the top of the "leader's" helmet. Drawing: © Lech Chacinski.

Lech Chacinski. The beings landed close to the craft and then walked beneath it, at which point a beam of "very bright blue-white light" shot out from a round hole which opened up on the underside of the ship.

See also: Disc , ET , Landing Legs , Landing Mark

Spotlight beam.

See also: Cone

UFO Beam Resources:

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More than three months after a green beam from a UFO struck Denise Bishop in, the burn on her hand could still be seen.

See also: Injury

See also: Abduction