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ET Profile - Blue Skin

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A 15-year old boy noticed an orange glow at a nearby bush close to his home, he grabbed his dog and went to investigate, his dog became disturbed and ran into the brush. He then became confused and had a period of apparent missing time. He then saw an owl fly pas him, he lost interest in the light and left. Years later under hypnosis the witness recalled seeing a bright object hovering close to the ground, and the bush was moving as if a strong wind was hitting it, he became frightened and sensed something coming towards him. He felt something like claws grasping at him on both arms and was then taken onboard an object. He struggled, but then found himself lying on his back, he recalled seeing a face looking down on him and a slimy tube being stuck down his throat, he also recalled being submerged in a tub of pink fluid and being taken out by several squat bluish beings.

  Comments: Reports of short squat bluish beings are apparently frequent and many times connected with abduction reports. The witness reported being submerged in a pink fluid, this has also been reported before and appears to be some kind of transportation medium for humans or maybe some kind of decontamination procedure. -- Albert Rosales

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An away team of short white, gray or blue beings abduct the subject from the home or auto, but usually have no other observed function. -- Dan Wright, MUFON member and board member, launched the project in 1992 with the goal to uncover commonalities in alien abductions.

Neither greyish nor whitish aliens dominate the study's files, though. Dark-skinned entities were seen in 18 cases; blue or grey-blue in eight; and green or grey-green in seven.

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The creatures were about five ft tall and had light blue skin with dark hues and tones.

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8-year old Zeca Borba reported encountering and communicating with a short humanoid with a large head and eyes and bluish skin. The humanoid carried a cane-like object and wore a silvery helmet. After 30 minutes the humanoid boarded a triangular shaped object, which quickly disappeared.