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UFO Shape - Boomerang/ V-Shape/ Chevron

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Close-up of graphic by the witness depicting the UFO over Ft. Stockton Junior High School. Image of UFO has been added to a photograph of the scene. Graphic is created by the witness, who is an artist and photographer.

Silver object about the size of a football field. Shaped like a boomerang.
It was thick at the front and then tapered toward the back, and the bottom was more rounded not flat.
From my position I figured that it was about 10 to 15 feet thick.

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A woman reported seeing a large boomerang shaped craft hovering over a heavily wooded area. Upon investigating, her husband encountered a large hairy biped type creature with a wolf like face. He shot at it with no apparent effect. No other information.

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Mrs Kay Peterson and Mrs Vi Camp were leaving Mrs Peterson’s house when they spotted an object with 2 bright lights hovering over the woods about 300 yards away. It was boomerang shaped, with 2 small wings. They called Mr. & Mrs Wayne Tomlin to see it. About 2 minutes later the object took off, passing over their heads with a low whirring sound. They could see a semicircle of red lights on the underside, and Mrs. Camp saw a small window in which a figure was visible from the waist upward.

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Terry had gotten off work at a bank in New York City and was on her way home on the Parkway. It was dark and the sky was clear when she saw a small airplane go overhead from west to east toward the Westchester County airport and, following close behind, an enormous object. She pulled to the side of the road to watch for approximately two minutes or so it seemed. She said that the object had numerous antennae and was approximately 1/2 mile long. Intriguingly, she mentioned when she arrived home her mother asked her why she was late; she didn't think she was late. Under hypnotic regression Terry recalled that she was driving north on the Sawmill Parkway, which if four lanes wide with a median, when she noticed the small twin engine aircraft going left to right toward the airport. Immediately following the plane was the huge object. She pulled off to the side of the road and looked out her window to get a better look. A green car pulled off in front of her. A male driver was in the car alone. Other cars drove by, apparently not seeing what was occurring above them. The object was very bright, mostly a silvery-white color. It was moving slow and not far above the trees. The object filled her field of view from the trees on the left side of the road to the trees on the right, and to the overpass ahead of her back to the Pleasantville Road overpass behind her. She said she was not frightened. The white underside of the object had "craters" on the surface, as well as what appeared to be steel beams, girders and lots of antennae. She remembered hearing a low hum. She became startled when she realized that her car had stopped running and her radio, which had been playing, was silent. She remembers starting her car and continuing the drive home after the object passed over. The object was at least 150 ft wide and 450 to 600 ft long. It had somewhat of a boomerang shape. Terry admitted having a lifelong fear of looking out of windows at night. Recently one of her flashback memories had included seeing alien-like entities at a window. One was tall with hands that had long fingers. She observed, " He was much too skinny to be one of us. He had big, black eyes and a pear shaped head. Both had skin that was not quite white; they're a grayish white. The tall one was over seven feet. I asked them when they were going to let others know. They said they weren't ready." Terry never heard them speak, but knew what they were saying in her mind.

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Source: Fred Merritt, International UFO Reporter, September 1982, p. 4

An 80-foot wide boomerang shaped object, with a convex curved rear end, paced a car being driven by two teenagers west of Escanaba, Michigan at 11:45 p.m. The UFO followed as close as 30 feet altitude, and the two girls feared capture.

Sometimes called the "Westchester Boomerang" because the earliest reports came from westchester County in New York State, it was huge and often flew close to the ground, so low that gray superstructure could be seen often linking numerous multi-colored lights.

John Wright was driving with two teenage friends when they saw a huge boomerang-shaped craft hovering over a utility pole in Stormville. The interior of thr craft was filled with numerous computer-like panels with brigh colored flashing lights.

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Statistical Analysis On Recorded Observations of the Hudson Valley UFO "Boomerang"

UFO shape or Light Pattern -> Boomerang:

March 17, 1983 = 43%

March 24, 1983 = 42%

April 10, 1983 = 43%

July 12, 1984 = 12%

UFO shape or Light Pattern -> V-shape:

March 17, 1983 = 57%

March 24, 1983 = 52%

April 10, 1983 = 57%

July 12, 1984 = 8%

UFO shape or Light Pattern -> Circular:

July 12, 1984 = 70%

Arthur Matiello. "I saw this big V shaped thing come right over."

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Joseph Marks. "It didn't have any tail section. It was just a big V shape, a wedge-shaped thing."

A huge boomerang-shaped object with lights running along its leading edge was seen flying over Pound Ridge.

Twelve security guardes watched as a boomerang-shaped object hovered for more than ten minutes directly above one of the reactors of the Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant.

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A very large boomerang-shaped UFO hovered only 300 feet over an active vent of the Indian Point Nuclear Plant cooling tower for 15 minutes on the Hudson River in Westchester County, New York. Several guards came forward to report the incident, reporting there were a total of eleven witnesses to the UFO at the plant that night, and that the security guards broke out shotguns. A big cover-up by government officials was claimed.

|Boomerang|Hover|Atomic|Power Plant|

Greg Boone. The Poughkeepsie Journal.

The group of journalists ran to the windows and observed a large boomerang-shaped object with red and amber lights approach at an altitude of one hundred feet.

"This thing got huge and believe it or not flew right over top of us by about 40 feet. It had to be about 200 feet wide and was jet black."

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Deputy Sheriff Steve Hamm. "It's shaped like a boomerang and it's huge". After his first look at it, the object disappeared, but he saw it again about two minutes later.


Etting, State Police officer [who wishes to remain anonymous] sent to investigate photographed the object.
The UFO displayed a semi-circular pattern of very bright multicolored lights.

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Earthfiles report about the apparent star field camouflage on the huge V-shaped aircraft near Cape Canaveral, Florida, in August 1987.

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He was on a hill and thought that the object was a helicopter, since it hovered above some trees south of the road. As he pulled up closer to it, he noticed that it was what he described as a "huge black boomerang-shaped craft with blue lights around the bottom".

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Many witnesses reported a huge boomerang-shaped object hovering over the base, seeming to cause an electrical power blackout. A military officer told Jorge Martin that it looked as if it was of a whitish plastic or porcelain texture, and that it emitted a blinding light. In its central apex, or the V's point, a sort of cabin or windows with lightbulbs could be seen. After 15 or 20 seconds, it shot away sideways, and got lost at a tremendous speed..It was totally silent.

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As dozens of motorists watched a huge dark object with six to eight very bright amber lights moving silently above the highway, a same or similar object was seen by several airport workers, that described it as a large boomerang shaped craft that descended and hovered above an unused tarmac area of the airfield. As the witnesses watched, a blue beam of light shone from the bottom of the object towards the ground, five humanoid figures then apparently glided down within the beam of light, the witnesses chased one of the creatures but it was taken up the blue beam of light into the craft.
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John Fitzgerald and three sons observed a large dark colored boomerang shaped object approach them.


The outline of the object (Exhibit 5L) looked like a B-2, which is boomerang-shaped. It was traveling at a high rate of speed.

Note: "The B-2 is a subsonic a/c which is not capable of the high speed reported. There is only one prototype of this a/c at this time and the AF says it is undergoing flight tests only in California."

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Several persons reported a white boomerang-shaped object, which appeared to be about 3" at arm's length, being pursued by black helicopters (Exhibit 6L). Four Hughey-type copters were flying from the northwest turning south with a brightly-lit object in front being followed or escorted. The object had also been seen on October 11th.

Primary witness: "I was called by my son because of (the) helicopters. When we went out to see (then), there was the UFO, followed by four helicopters. I at first thought it was a huge (air)plane, then realized it wasn't (no fuselage). I was excited and upset because I couldn't get neighbors to see it. Object floated more than flew. It went south behind the woods."

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As the description of the UFOs continued to shift from the traditional "saucer" to "strange aircraft", "deltoids", "boomerangs", etc., the problems became more complex (Exhibit 1M) It was easier for the skeptics to "throw out" many cases and harder for the media to become interested.

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Phillip Imbrogno. "From 1982 through 1990, there were over 3,000 sightings of triangular and boomerang shaped UFOs."

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Dark gray-black and triangular or boomerang. Three dim red lights on it, one near each point of the triangle. The lights were not, according to one witness, points of light like a star, but circles of light.


Lightning had hit this V-shaped craft and did something to the craft's invisibility device. It teetered as it righted itself and floated upward to hide in the cloud cover. Each leg of the V was the size of a runway. The construction was similar to modern buildings - huge panes of reflective panels - and all right angles. No sound. No visible propulsion. The exterior was comprised of two rows of panels per side.

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About 10 p.m. on March 13, 1997, under a clear sky with no breeze, a string of lights appeared to the southwest. The orbs seemed to form a flattened V shape, like a boomerang.
Jim Dilletoso, the Phoenix computer specialist who has analyzed film and video of dozens of alleged UFO sightings says Lynne Kitei's video, the best taken that night, is not of military flares.

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Witness saw a boomerang shaped object hovering over the park.

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It was a giant silver or dark gray boomerang with no lights drifting.

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Rusty red bulbous-shape boomerang object. Estimated size of a large 747 jet aircraft.

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A rare photo of a triangle. [V-shape/Boomerang]

Looked like a boomerang flying overhead at about 300 feet in the air. It spined at about 20 mph.

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It was elongated and somewhat boomerang shaped. I could clearly make out the cross bars that formed the body. There was a red square box with a yellow flashing light, almost a beacon. It seemed not to fly forward or backward, but instead length-wise and always to the left.

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As it came closer its shape became more apparent, more boomerang shaped but very smooth. The top side was made of what appeared to be a highly reflective gold colored metal. The bottom of the object was the color of dull bronze and didn't really seem to reflect the light.

It made absolutely no sound and it initially moved very slowly. Too slow for an airplane to fly. As it approached us the object banked to the north and after about 30 seconds reversed it's direction revealing it's side to us.

We watched if for some time as it banked back and forth, then all of a sudden it tipped it's nose to about a 45 degree angle and quickly ascended out of sight. It was completely out of sight after about three seconds. I wasn't afraid when I saw the object, just fascinated by its erratic movements and it's beauty. It truly was a beautiful thing to behold.

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V shaped craft with lights underneath over a mile wide. This craft is so much like the witness drawings of the Phoenix lights as opposed to the film clips because it had solid wings with lights. The solidity of the wings seemed to be invisible in the last few seconds and only the lights were clearly visible.

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Taken by Marcelo Leonardo. He lives in Campinas, Brazil. Photograph taken in Santa Catarina, Brazil in Urubici Hills. The object has a boomerang shape when you blow up the picture. The photographer stated: "I was on vacation in Urubici Hills in Santa Catarina State in Brazil. This picture was taken near CINDACTA base. In this picture there appeared a strange object that I could not identify.

Three boomerang shaped objects were seen with five lights on each. They said that each object had one light at its center, one in the middle of each side, and one at each end.

The female witness described the craft’s main body as ‘silvery but when it banked and turned it appeared to be transparent and she could see the stars through the hull of the craft. She described the crafts as being shaped almost like a horseshoe, having two rear ends with red glowing elements.’

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