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ETV Types

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Entities: Initial Findings, Part 1 [PDF] & Part 2 [PDF] by Dan Wright.
Source: MUFON UFO Journal, Number 310, February, 1994.

A telling point concerning the study findings to date: Only a small majority (55%) of the subjects had ever sighted an anomalous object (i.e., excluding simple nocturnal lights) — whether during an abduction scenario or any other time.
Table 1 shows the basic vehicle shapes reported among the 31 cases in which an object of any specific shape was discerned.

The room's shape has been described in 29 cases. In 25 of those, it was said to be either round(ed) or domed. This, together with curving hallways, coincides with the preponderance of discoid vehicles in the study

|Alien Abduction|

ET Craft Table (Disc, Egg, Sphere, Cigar)

*Based on UFO + occupant reports.

Short |Beehive (1) ||Boomerang (1) |Cigar (5) |Cylinder (1) |Diamond (1) |Disc (37) |Dome (11) |Egg (18) |Sphere (6) |Saturn (2) |Spindle (1)|Top-shape (1) |Other (1) |
Suit/ Coveralls |Beehive (1) |Cigar (4) |Disc (13) |Dome (3) |Egg (8) |Saturn (2) |Sphere (1) |Other (3) |
Large Cranium |Boomerang (1) |Cigar (3) |Disc (8) |Dome (3) |Egg (5) |Sphere (1) |Top-shape (1) |Triangular (2) |Other (1) |
Human/ Nordic |Cigar (1) |Disc (4) |Saturn (1) |Sphere (1) |
Abduction |Bell (1) |Boomerang (3) |Cigar (2) |Disc (9) |Dome (2) |Egg (4) |Nocturnal (2) |Rectangle (2) |Sphere (1) |Triangular (2) |V-shape (1) |Other (2) |


By far the most common type is the small humanoid wearing "coveralls" and some kind of headgear, usually round or helmet-like. -- Richard Hall - UFO Occupant Sightings

"Small humanoids have been seen in a substantial number of cases meeting the high strangeness standards." -- Ted Phillips - UFO Trace Case Facts

"The descriptions were are getting from the UFO occupants about 85% are extremely similar" -- Bud Hopkins.

Similarities in victims' descriptions of their alien abductors include small stature, child-like appearance, large eyes, and slit-like mouth, as shown in two drawings made during incidents reported independently. -- Into the Unknown - Readers Digest (1981)

Landing Trace Evidence:

The objects fall into three general groups:

1. Small Hemispherical/Spherical Objects, from 4 feet to 12 feet in diameter, 4 ft to 5f ft thick, glowing brightly
at night & showing a metallic surface in daylight.
They rarely touch the ground but remain stationary 1 feet to 5 feet above ground surface.
External details, such as “vents” or “extensions” are often reported on the base of such objects.
They are reported as silent, whistling, humming, or rumbling.
These objects generally leave behind 4 feet to 12 feet circular areas which are depressed, burnt or dehydrated.
Considerable tree damage is usually found in the immediate area.
Animal & human reaction is often reported.

2. Egg-Shaped Objects, 16 to 20 feet in length with visible landing legs, generally four, on occasion six.
Generally silent, humming or whistling sounds.
These make ground contact, leaving burnt areas & imprints, some tree damage.
Small beings are often reported.

3. Typical Flying Saucer, 30 feet to 40 feet in diameter, three landing legs, touch the ground & leave burnt or
depressed areas with an irregular configuration.
Landing imprints are found, in some cases considerable external features are seen on the objects.
Small beings reported.

Source: Ted Phillips (CUFOS)