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ET Timeline

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Ancient Times


Middle Ages



Early 1900s

1947. Early Encounters

Indeed, less than a month after Arnold's sighting came the first report of human-like creatures actually landing. A survey worker in the wilds of Brazil described 7-foot beings wearing transparent, inflated suits.

The earliest report in Europe of an unconventional aircraft on the ground accompanied by extraordinary beings took place on August 14, 1947, nearly two months after a sighting by one Kenneth Arnold of nine UFOs over Mount Rainier.

1949. USA

1950. Italy

1951. USA

1952. USA

1953. USA

1953. The Humanoids in South America

Early 1953 saw the emergence of a new kind of report out of South America. Prior to that time, many incidents had been documented which concerned the presence of strange aircraft hovering or maneuvering in various areas. The new activity, however, concerned landed objects and humanoids of varying sizes apparently gathering plants and soil or rock specimens.

See: Soil samples

1954. USA

1954 Wave. France, Italy, Venezuela.

1955. USA

1957. Brazil

1961. USA

1964 Wave

1965. France

1967 Wave

1970. Finland

1968. France

1971. Finland

1968. Bolivia

1973 Wave


1975. USA

1976. USA

1977. USA

-August 20, 1976. Allagash Wilderness Waterway, Maine. Chuck Rak, Jack Weiner, Jesse Long, Jr.,

1977. Brazil

1978. Italy, Spain

1980. UK

1983. UK, USA

1985. USA

1987. UK, US

1993. Australia, Italy

1994. Africa

1996. Brazil

2003. Poland