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ET - Chirping Sound

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John Avis, 29, his wife Elaine, 25, and 3 children. Elaine could remember...gray one-piece suits. John...found himself in a big room where tall "peaceful" beings, in one-piece colorless suits, told him not to worry about the children. They had pink eyes and communicated by telepathy. A small being was present; it had fur like covering and made chirping sounds; it served the tall beings. In a second hypnotic session, John "examiner," "smaller than us," with big eyes and a mouth "not like ours", examined him.

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(left to right) Prof. John Mack, Peter Khoury, Bill Chalker & Dominique Callimanopulos (Photo: P. Khoury)

In 1996, Peter was hypnotically regressed by Pulitzer prize-winning, Harvard psychiatrist John Mack to try to clarify the 1988 experience. Under Mack's regression Peter described being taken into an illuminated room. He was on a table with one entity above him, speaking to him but with a sound like birds chirping. It was one person - a shadowy tall figure - but the sound seemed like 50 of them. Peter thought at the time, how was he going to remember what the entity told him. The recollection faded and everything went dark again. That was all that came out in the session. Peter has had a couple of regression sessions. He is not really satisfied with any of the hypnotic recollections and feels more comfortable with the consciously recollected details, such as those of 1988 and 1992.

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