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UFO Shape - Cross

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Two policemen in Devon chased an enormous, illuminated flying cross.

Two days later contrail observed in the sky by Angus Brooks, retired flight administrator, former RAF, revealing an object hurtling toward the ground. Stopped altitude 200-300 feet. Made up of a central disk, about 20 feet in diameter 12 feet thick, from which potruded four fuselages estimated 75 feet long 7 feet high 8 feet wide. Potruded fuselages lined up and pointed in direction accouding to UFO's deceleration, hovering, taking off again. Made of a translucent material, the craft assumed the color of the sky above it, changing as the clouds passed overhead. Nose cones and groove fins were visible under the fuselages. Brooks remained firm in his opinion that he had observed a controlled flying vehicle of unique design and performance. Moigne Downs, England p. 203

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Group Captain RAF (Rtd). As it came nearer we could see it was in the shape of a giant cross of Lorraine and flying in the direction of the top of the cross about 10,000 feet altitude. In size it was enormous and probably at least ten times bigger than any aircraft in service at that time. The fuselage appeared a grey-black color in the moonlight and there were no lights showing. It appeared to be constructed from a long thin fuselage and two cross members of similar width towards the forward end of the fuselage - hence the two-barred cross of Lorraine shape. The forward cross member was shorter than the rear cross member. The majority of the fuselage length was to the rear of the rear cross member.

The craft was generating no noise but from each end of the rear cross member a long plume of blue and yellow flame was emitted. The plumes were nearly as long as the rest of the fuselage. The plumes could imply the craft was in the atmosphere and burning some form of fuel.

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