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UFO Recon - Dam

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Brightly luminous UFO, skin reddening, obtained medical attention. One large, flat egg-shaped object affected a car's electrical system and caused a burning sensation on one of its occupants.

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Almiro Martins De Freitas. At the spot where Almiro had encountered the object, concrete was fresh on the boulder precipice, and it had been raining heavily, but the concrete had suddenly hardened, and all around, there was a dry circle.

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Robert P. Sartin, who lives near the Lake Norman Airport and Duke Power Plant's 150 high Cowans Ford Dam spotted a UFO.

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Sketch of the object and location by the witness.

Raw (first-hand) report from witness (reported Jan. 15, 2008):

My son saw this on his way to work. He drives from Denton, by way of the back roads. Its a faster route to work. At approx. 6.50am he turned east on sr.455 from Running Bear road. He saw bright white lights coming over the hill, on the opposite side of the dam. His first thought was (air craft). He had been in the Navy, in the past. He is familiar with aircraft. He started looking for the red and green lights. Not only did he not see them, but it was flying very slow approx. 30 mph. 30-50 yards away. It seemed to be hugging the shore line, flying at eye level. He slowed down, opened the car window, observed the craft as it went past. It made no sound at all. Black and gray in color. Delta shape. No bigger than his 1978 thunderbird. Rectangular rear, with three large round openings in side. No apparent thrust, no fire, etc. The top of the craft looked as if it had an extended canopy. Running about three quarters of the way down the fuselage. It was matallic as well. The bottom looked like it had panel lines. As I said, it had three white lights under it. Non blinking! He stopped by the house for a refill on his coffee, told my wife about it, drew a picture of the craft, and wrote down all details, then went off to work. After telling a co-worker at the shop his story, the guy told him he had seen it as well. But thinking people would think he was nuts, didnt say anything. His friend had seen it in Sanger (the town on the other side of the dam). Later the news cast ran a story on a sighting in Stevenville Tx. Thay are approx. 60 mi. south of us. The object thay saw, was very large. I see no comparison to that craft, but wonder if thay are related in some way. All I have to say is, is it one of ours? (This tecnnology is out of this world.)

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