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ET Type - Dark Skin

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Marie Louise Bourriot...Then she encountered a man in a darkish overcoat, and a hood who was standing on the road in company of 2 dwarfish black beings, “difficult to describe.”

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35-year old Carlos Belevan Mesinas reportedly came in contact with human-looking aliens from the Sirius star system. The alien's skin was tanned (like African American, but not entirely black) dark brown in color. They were of medium height (about 1.8 m) dressed in tight fitting overalls, with helmets, black belts and big black high boots. Their eyes were light green and transparent. Their hair was light chestnut in color. There were 4 aliens, and they told him their names and positions in the crew. Their leader was called "Arut". The aliens told Mesinas that they lived in 3 planets around the Sirius star system. The witness experienced additional contacts until June 1974.


Mike Shea was driving toward Olney to meet a friend when about 15 minutes outside of Baltimore he noticed a beam of light strike a barn 150 feet from his car. He then saw a huge hovering object with a ring of alternating red & yellow lights. The object was totally silent. When the beam of light shut off Shea became fearful. He felt something coming up behind him. Suddenly he saw the object overhead and felt an electric current running down his spine. The next thing he knew he was feeling quite relaxed and was approaching his destination. He had somehow lost two hours of time. Years later under hypnotic regression he remembered seeing four figures standing at the side of the road. He then realized the figures were creatures dressed in a black kind of plastic armor. They had black faces and appeared to be wearing helmets with a line down the middle that came to a point. The beings looked like huge grasshoppers with long arms and bowed legs. Three of the creatures were large. The fourth one was small and wore a black silky suit with a zipper up the front, somehow this being seemed "ancient" to the witness. He then saw a large shiny craft hovering nearby emitting a low whirring sound and a smaller craft on the ground. Eventually he was taken inside one of the crafts, put on a table, and examined. Various organic samples were collected from his body.

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Computer composite by Kelly Cahill.

Jane and Glinda & Kelly Cahill. Kelly recalled through dreams the black aliens stooping over her helpless, nude body like he was kissing her navel. There was an almost 2 hour time lapsed reported.

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Neither greyish nor whitish aliens dominate the study's files, though. Dark-skinned entities were seen in 18 cases; blue or grey-blue in eight; and green or grey-green in seven. Beings with an aura (or "glow") obscuring the actual exterior were present in 13 cases.

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