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Disc Sightings - 1970s

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Witness sketch

Corsica, France, 1971. At 4:00pm on February 12, a family who had recently purchased a new home in the northern part of the French island of Corsica, were preparing their camera to take a picture of the new house when one of the party noticed a glint in the sky and looked up. They all looked up to see a shiny, metallic object glinting brilliantly where it caught the sun's rays in the clear blue sky. The object was disc-shaped and had a low-profile curved dome on the top, with some kind of oval-shaped or rounded-rectangular black marks or openings around its sides.


Two young men, P. Aliranta and E J Sneck, were working in the woods when Aliranta noticed a 15 foot metallic object, shaped like two saucers put together, and with four thin legs, descending in a clearing 50 feet away. As it landed, a little entity just under 3-foot tall glided to the ground from an opening in the underside; dressed in green one-piece "diver's suit," it wore a helmet with a circular faceplate. It approached the young men, walking on top of the deep snow, and Aliranta moved toward it with his motor saw in hand. Through 3 windows on the upper part of the object, 3 more entities could be seen. The humanoid retreated before Aliranta and was rising into the air under the object when the young man grabbed it by the heel of its boot with its bare hand; he found it burned like a hot iron, and he had to let go at once. As soon as the being was back in the object, it ascended with a slight buzzing sound or hum. Both men felt stiff all over and had difficulty in moving. Four landing leg marks and small footprints were left in the snow.

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D. Donaldson. Two silhouetted human-like figures visible in windows of hovering disc.

See also: Hover , ET


Rudi Nagora shot an entire roll of film as this spectacular UFO descended in a 'falling leaf' motion over Deutschlandsberg, Austria on 23 May 1971.

See also: Maneuver - Falling Leaf

Hearing a high pitched hissing noise.
Bright light from center of the bottom.
The object was round and the bright light was coming from the center of the bottom of the UFO. Around the perimeter of the craft was hundreds of penlight size light beams that alternated in all colors of the spectrum.

See also: Beam , High Pitched Hissing


A disk / shallow cone "conical hat" was auto-photographed in 1971 by a Costa Rican government mapping plane during an aerial mapping mission.

The photo came to light in the 1980s, thanks to one of the crewmen who contacted local Ufologist Ricardo Vilchez. In 1985, a 2nd generation negative got in the hands of Dr. Jacque Vallee, who along with Dr. Richard Haines conducted an analysis which was published in JSE ("Photo Analyses of an Aerial Disc Over Costa Rica" (.PDF) and New Evidence (.PDF)).

See also: Aeronautics

Robert P. Sartin. The UFO, appeared to be about the size of a basketball court and had a thickness, one-half its width. The object looked like "one saucer inverted on top of another and had a row of flashing windows through its middle." It had red, white and yellow lighted windows and hovered in the area overhead for about 10 minutes, before it flew sideways, then moved up and away at an unbelievable speed as it disappeared in the sky.

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Line drawing of the Lebanon object by artist Brian James. (credit: APRO)

Mr. Walter Hamady. Hamady described the object seen through, the binoculars as two saucers placed on top of each other with a perpendicular plane of windows that went all the way around the craft. There was a light inside that was not strange, simply looking like house lights at night, warm and yellow in appearance. On top of the craft, he said, was a dome also lit up in the same way as the windows. In back of it or in the lee of the direction it was moving were two lights. Hamady can no longer recall what color these lights were but his wife recalls that one was red and the other was green. There was no exhaust, noise or visible means of propulsion, and the movement was steady. The object proceeded steadily into the southeast, at about the speed of a propelior-driven aircraft, and disappeared from view. See line drawing of the Lebanon object by artist Brian James.

See also: Dome


A farmer in Las Lunas, Mexico, returning to town, spotted several small objects "fluttering" along a few dozen feet above the desert scrub.
They were small, about three feet in diameter, silver in color and made a buzzing sound. Similar domed disc-shaped objects were seen and photographed in the same area about five years later.
This picture has long been thought to be a hoax, because of its clarity, and proximity to the witness.


Car engine, radio began to malfunction. Blue circle of light, about eight inches in diameter, inside the car. Moved about slowly, passed in front of the dashboard. Could see the engine through the. Beam of blue light shining on him from the top of the hill he was ascending. As UFO came closer, pulled off road and overcome by heat and stuffiness. Heard a buzzing sound. Looking up at UFO, could distinguish a gray structure about twenty-five feet thick and thirty-six feet wide, resembling two soup plates attached rim to rim. A transparent curtain moving around object completely encircled it. Sensation of heat and airlessness ceased. A tube stretched out of the UFO's base toward ground. Rod of blue light from UFO moving over his car. The light seemed to make the car transparent.

See also: Beam , Buzz , Heat , Interference


The light was dotted around the cupola. It looked archaic, something out of Jules Verne, like a pickled metal, you know what I seen? When a piece of metal is heat treated, pickled, a burnished silver color? It looked like this, well you'd almost say you saw the rivets on the damned thing. Of course, I didn't seen any rivets. It was old-fashioned looking, not streamlined, (but) straight up and down, the cupola, with a little rolled edge on it.

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A large, domed disc then came out of the north, heading south. It was described as "at least thirty feet across, round, and looked like two dinner plates; one sitting normal, the other face down on it, and a dome on top." It was metallic gray with colored lights on it but the main witness was not sure where the lights were located on the object. She reported something that looked like "large windows where the dome was on the round saucer part." (Exhibit 2C)

See also: Dome

Hugo Vega. Enlargement of a Polarid photo showing an Adamski-type saucer, taken by architect Hugo Vega 31 miles from Lima, Peru, October 19, 1973.

'I never thought I would see a flying saucer, much less photograph one,' said Lima architect Hugo Luyo Vega, following the sighting of an unknown flying machine, identical to George Adamski's 'scoutcraft', which Vega photographed on 19 October 1973. On the day in question, Vega had taken a client into the Lima countryside in search of a home site. They had driven about 54 miles inland along the Rimac River when they took a break near a valley surrounded by tall hills. Suddenly, Vega told reporters, 'my client, obviously exicted, told me he saw a shining object in the bottom of the valley that was advancing towards us extremely slowly.'

"The car was not far away. I ran back for my camera, because in that fraction of a second I thought I, too, had seen something interesting. When I pointed my [Polaroid] camera and took the picture, the object was less than 50 yards away from us and about 20 yards off the ground. Suddenly, the object changed direction, headed toward the east and increased its speed. It rose off the ground as if trying to avoid some high-tension wires that came down from the top of one of the hills and crossed the valley, and disappeared from view. It was of the colour of burnished silver [and] shaped like an overturned soup plate with a cupola on top. At the very top of the cupola, there was a round object giving off a fixed, sky-blue light. Lower on the cupola, we could see a row of small windows like port-holes in a ship."

On the bottom of the craft was what appeared to be 'the propulsive force of the object. . . a dark red throbbing light that was aimed toward the ground from a sort of turbine in the middle of the upside-down plate. Near the turbine-like part, we could see protuberances like half-eggs.' The architect said that only about 30 seconds from the time they spotted the object until it disappeared. 'For a moment I didn't actually think the picture would come out all right, for I don't consider myself all that good a photographer, and I was greatly surprised when I saw that it had come out,' Vega continued. 'All the photo showed was the thing's shape, but at any rate this little piece of evidence is enough to prove that it was a real "UFO" and not an invention of the mind.' It took the witnesses some 20 minutes to recover from their astonishment. Vega was reluctant to disclose the identity of his client. 'He is a wealthy man who prefers no publicity,' he explained.

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Two or three 6-ft tall human-like beings moved around a domed disc resting on tripod legs, entered via ladder, took off with humming sound.

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Dionisio Yanca. Two men and a woman abducted Dionisio Yanca, a truck driver, all about 5-foot tall with tight fitting gray coveralls and long yellow gloves and boots. They had high foreheads and slanted eyes. They spoke among themselves in a buzzing sound, but to the witness when he was aboard with a radio. The UFO was shaped like a yellow plate and had a yellow light inside. Reportedly he observed a line from the UFO touching power lines and a lake. The witness suffered from amnesia, nightmares, and extreme anxiety for weeks afterwards. He claims to have a message from the beings, which he can't divulge. He was onboard 40-50 minutes.

See also: Abduction , ET

First saw the blue-green, metallic object. It was shaped like two disks "pressed inward toward each other." The rotating rim had what appeared to be windows illuminated by blue, green and fluorescent gray lights. The object was about 500 feet in diameter and made no sound, The UFO caver about the sky. Sometimes it hovered, wobbling as it did so. The object shot up into the sky, then sped off at an abrupt ninety-degree angle.

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Discoid red-orange in color UFO, approximately 30 feet in diameter. Pilot Lieutenant Colonel Toshio Nakaruma killed in encounter after arming the plane's cannon and approaching the UFO.

See also: Aeronautics

Two humanoids, headgear, approached car from helmet-shaped disc.

See also: ET

Two to four beings with disc like craft seen on road, E-M effects on car; beings gestured and moved toward witness, who fled.

See also: ET , Highway , Interference


Story of this photo: UFO researcher Jean Bedet found this picture pinned with a note to his car windshield. The note explained that the photo was taken near Albiosc in the Vosges mountains in France at 11:30pm on 23-Mar-1974, by a witness who insisted on remaining anonymous. He was a medical doctor, who had seen the UFO as he was driving home late at night along a deserted country road, after visiting a patient. bigger photo

See also: Beam

A disk-shaped craft over the Kemmon Bridge photographed by a high school sophomore.

Three beings with globe-shaped headgear visible within upper portion of disc with central ring and rotating lights

See also: ET

Three small beings, gray skin, clawed hands descended from disc-shaped craft with four legs atop hospital, made squeaky vocal sounds, saw witness, reentered craft and took off.

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Photo of a hat-shaped UFO, similar to the Rex Heflin photos taken in Santa Monica, California.


Domed disc with body lights.

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David Bates, 8, and Steven and Henry Stillie, aged 10 and 7. David Bates, either more courageous or foolhardy, remained long enough to establish that it looked like, "two plates joined together, and had an outline in the side like a door." This fact was confirmed by the Stillie boys when interviewed. All agree that it had apparently no windows, "was square on the top, and had "something like a chain" in the centre of the machine.

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It had the shape of a giant Oreo cookie, a metal top, middle section partitioned off into what looked like darkened windows and the bottom was just like the top.

See also: Beeping , Windows

Witness reports observing an 80' domed disc over pine trees.
Object hovers and emits a whistling sound.

See also: Dome , Hover , Whistling Sound

George O'Barski. Eight to ten 3'/i-ft.-tall beings with dark garb, helmets, emerged from underside of low hovering disc with lighted windows, took samples from ground.

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Antoine Severin. Four 1- to 1.2-meter-tall beings, metallic white garb, helmets, from domed disc with portholes, directed light beam at witness, who felt a force pulling him, later had headaches and impaired vision; beings poked in ground as if gathering samples.

See also: Dome , Beam , ET , Injury

Japanese youngster indicates area near vineyard where a UFO touched down on February 23, 1975; and a sketch by one of the boys shows the craft and occupant. (credit: Leonard Stringfield / Dennis Hauck, director, International UFO Registry)

Masato Kawano (7 years old) and Katsuhiro Yamahata (7 years old). They approached over toward the object, which was about 5 meters in diameter and 2.5 meters high. Very scared they were about to return home, when the side hatch of the saucer opened up and an occupant came out of it.

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Underneath each of the craft was a red, pulsing light in the center and other red-to-orange lights running around the circumference.

See also: Beam , Interference , Speed

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Richardson. They noticed the UFO looked "like two pie pans" put together and had a dome on top. It flew about 40 to 50 feet above their car and it had red and blue lights on its ends and its dome was "brilliant white." The bottom of the UFO was octagonal in shape or like a stop sign.

See also: Dome , Beam , Power Plant


Jane Baker, Philip N. Baker family. She described it as a silvery disc-shaped object with a domed top which gave off a yellowish-white glow. Around its midsection were located red and green lights which were flashing on and off (see accompanying drawing).

"Strange high-toned noises" , "metal-on-metal banging sound" , "loud boom."

See also: Dome , Flashing , Glow , High-Toned Noise , Landing Mark


Jane Baker. The next morning, Jane went outside to see if she could find any traces from the previous night. She looked over toward the swamp near her home and saw the same or a similar object again — only this time there were no flashing lights or glow — but the shape and color were the same. It was hovering over some evergreen trees. Jane went back into the house to put on heavier clothing, then went back out, taking the family dog with her. She was proceeding toward the evergreens when the dog gave a big yelp and started to whine and paw at her ears. Then the dog became completely still. Jane says she didn't hear anything, but carried the dog into the house. When she came back out again, the object was gone.

See also: Dome , Animal , Hover


Bobby Doane. The witness said that the object resembled "two Frizbees together edge to edge about 27 feet across. It didn't rotate as it moved and it was at an angle showing a circle off center on the top. It's color was a dark grayish-green like camouflage and it had a smooth surface as far as I could tell."

See also: Tilt On Angle

Silver disk shaped object with a soft white dome on top of it.
Several red lights moving about its perimeter counterclockwise.

See also: Dome , Beeping , Rotation , Whirling

Described as two plates joined together with a small cupola on top.

See also: Aeronautics , MIBs , Radar , Speed

Ryutaro Umehara. At 9:00am on May 11, 1975, young Ryutaro Umehara, snapped 4 color pictures, of a featureless dark lens-shaped object flying in the sky as it descended in a falling-leaf fashion.

Charles L. Moody. Sketch of disk-shaped craft (according to Moody's description).

See also: Abduction , ET , Interference , Injury

A glowing, metallic, disk-shaped object falling towards the ground about 300 feet away. As it descended to an altitude of fifteen-to-twenty feet, it wobbled on its own axis.

See also: Glow , Wobble

Bright golden disk, with white lights, shinning from its interior, as it hovered at about five thousand feet Masarus Saito, a Toa Domestic Airlines pilot described the appearance of the object of that of two plates placed together, the top one inverted. The UFO flew off in the direction of the sea.

See also: Aeronautics , Hover|

Domed disc with light, door and two windows, circle over two girls.

See also: Disc1970s , Dome , Beeping , Windows


At 2:00pm, Hirohito Tanaka saw a small dark circular-shaped UFO with a raised dome in the center. The object made a low pass over his neighbor's house. He grabbed his Instamatic 126, and took seven photographs.

See also: Dome

Disc-shaped craft reflecting sunlight, splits in two and disappears.

See also: Separate

Metallic disc-like object appears to lift off of ground and comes within a few feet of colliding with a car.

See also: Disc , Metallic


A domed disk plunging toward them. The massive object stopped short and paced the car, which soon became filled with blue light and suffocating heat. Reported abduction. Strange red marks on skin burned with water. Small areas of bubbled up paint on car.

See also: Dome , Abduction , Heat , Injury , Maneuver


At 9:30 p.m. several children at a youth camp in Tasmania, Australia at Seven-Mile Beach observed a stationary, dome-shaped object hovering near the beach. The object then moved behind some trees, partially obscuring it. On the dome was a row of windows through which at least two of the children reported seeing a thin humanoid figure with a round head. It seemed to be moving back and forth behind the window. One child described the object as similar to two plates placed edge to edge, with flashing yellow white lights along the edge and a red light on top of the dome. The object disappeared from view behind the trees.

See also: Dome , ET , Flash , Windows

Mrs. Florida Malboeuf, about 50 years of age, was sitting at her window on the Rue Casgrain in the city of Montreal, Quebec when she saw an oyster shaped, flat bottomed metallic object with a row of white lights around its base. It came flying in from the north and landed on the rooftop of a three-storey apartment building across the street from her, only 60 feet away.

See also: ET , Landing Trace , Metallic

Report of two discs with domes on top and bottom, flashing red, green and gold lights while playing tag, are observed for over 4 hours.

See also: Dome , Flash

Metallic disc with stationary lights, descends rapidly to tree top level and maneuvers around, before departing at a high rate of speed.

See also: Metallic , Maneuver , Speed


On Tuesday, February 8, Mrs. Gayle Rodriguez and her son, Brian, watched a similar UFO show by a rather differently shaped object. Driving east on St. Bernard highway they saw a brightly lit silvery colored craft which flew across the highway in front of them and began a course parallel to the road.

Its movement was in uneven spurts, shooting forward and then stopping. On one stop it tilted toward the car. It was shaped like an upside down saucer with a flat bottom and a dome on top in the middle. Near the bottom edge could be seen a row of individual lights which merged into a single blur when rotating. The lights changed color, alternating between blue, green and bright white. Atop the dome were three lights on the ends of which appeared to be antenna: two small white lights, and one larger red light.

See also: Dome , Antenna , Highway , Rotation , Tilt

Disc with dome and 3 lights (red, green and white) revolving around it is observed shooting off sparks.

See also: Dome , Rotation

An adult couple driving westbound at 2:00 PM watched a silver "straw hat" the size of the moon, rush eastbound over 1-80. The object made no discernible noise (possibly masked by car) and was flying against the wind.

See also: Disc , Metallic


At 2:00pm on a witness who declines identification snapped a color photograph of a shiny circular disc-shaped metallic flying object that had a high raised cupola on its top side. It was flying high above the trees, and above the lower scattered puffy white cloud level, but well below a higher cirrus layer of thin clouds. The brushed-silver disc had a smooth unbroken lower surface and a three-tiered dome. The lower part of the dome had a red-orange color, with a light yellow colored part above that which was topped by a reddish-gold knob at the uppermost level. No seams, joints, ports or projections of any kind marred the unbroken finish of the shiny craft.

See also: Dome , Metallic , No Seams


by David Roeck

I was staying in a motel in Anderson, Indiana, in the month of July of 1977, when my travelling companion burst in through the door to summon me outside. Once in the parking lot, I gazed up above the rooftop to witness a great disc gliding gently across our field of view, moving slowly and tilted at an angle. It was slowly rotating clockwise and at so low an altitude (my guess is less than 1000 feet) as to make identification easy (for me, being familiar with conventional aircraft design). I knew right away that this aircraft was not a conventional earthly machine, and instantly felt the rush of recognition of once again beholding a magnificent craft from a more advanced world, or whatever. The last such time was ten years before. It appeared simply as a great frisbee-like disc with "gold-ball" white spherical lights arranged around the rim and all touching each other, and one spherical red light of about the same size on the top center of the craft. Within five minutes it had gradually moved out of view, having travelled in an arc, not in a straight line. It was as simple as that-- I only wished I'd been able to see it longer, and through binoculars. There were no sound, odors, or emissions. The time was 9:30 p.m., and the temperature was between 70° and 80°.

See also: Rotation , Tilt On Angle


See also: Dome

In a matter of seconds the light was "siphoned" up into a low hovering object that was shaped like an inverted saucer a couple of hundred feet away. She guessed it was about 30' in diameter and was metallic. The moon's glow reflected on it and she could determine that its visible surface was clearly divided into equal-sized squares. The bottom was in darkness, appearing flat, and it was into this section that the recoiling beam of light was drawn.

See also: Beam , Hover , Metallic

Witnesses observe a USAF jet fighter enter a cloud bank. Seconds later a metallic disc came out of the cloud bank, followed by two USAF jet fighters.

See also: Metallic , Scramble

The object was "birthday cake" or disc shaped, about 90' in diameter, and 45' high. It was brightly lit, with banks of nine vertical "tubes" separated by a dark void space that reflected no light. Short horizontal tubes ran over the top and bottom of these voids. The bottom of the disc was like ceramic and gray in color, with a trace of lavender.

See also: Glow , Rotation , Sparks , Tilt


Sergeant Tony Dodd and Police Constable Alan Dale. On a January night in 1978 Sergeant Tony Dodd and Police Constable Alan Dale were driving in the vicinity of Cononley, near Skipton, Yorkshire, in their official line of duty, when a strange aerial machine came into view. 'We were going down a country lane,' Sergeant Dodd explained, 'and you know what it's like up there - it was dark - and the only light you've got is your headlights. Suddenly the road in front of us lit up. Of course, the immediate reaction is, where's the light coming from? But it was coming from above. We stopped the car, looked up, and there was this thing coming from our right to our left.' The object was about 100 feet away, moving at less than 40 mph.' It was glowing; like a bright white incandescent glow, and it came right over our heads,' the police sergeant recalled.' The whole unit was glowing. It was as if the metal of what this thing was made of was white hot. And there were these three great spheres underneath, like huge ball-bearings - three of them equally placed around it. There was a hollow area underneath and like a skirting around the bottom, but these things protruded below that.' It was absolutely awe-inspiring to see it. I don't know how to explain it to you - it was such a beautiful-looking thing. It seemed to have portholes round the dome - an elongated domed area. And what stood out more than anything else was the coloured lights dancing round on the outside of the skirt at the bottom. . . which gave the visual impression that it was rotating. Now whether the thing was going round, or whether it was just the lights that were going round and give that impression, I don't know.I would say it was the lights that were going round because, when you were looking at the portholes, they didn't seem to be going round in a circle as you would have expected.' The object was completely soundless. 'When the thing had passed over our heads it sort of went into the distance then suddenly appeared to come down: there's a big wood to our left, right on a distant hillside, and it appeared to go down in that wood,' said Sergeant Dodd, who added that a third police officer had seen the object. 'We carried on along this road and as we got towards the village we could see these lights coming towards us from the other direction - it was another police car. We stopped, and he said, "I've just been watching this damn great UFO, and it seems to have come right down somewhere over here!

See also: Glow , Metallic , Rotation , Tilt

Janine Home. One thin being with large rounded head, moving back and forth in window of disc with dome, flashing body lights, whining sound heard.

See also: Dome , ET , Flash , Whining Sound

Manuel Alvarez. One human-size being, helmet, luminous garb, descended on ladder from hovering disc, waved at fishermen, reentered craft, which took off at high speed.

See also: ET , Hover , Speed


See also: Dome

William J Herman. Previously William J Herman had seen strange objects over the area. On the above date he spotted a silvery disc shaped object, about 60 feet in diameter, performing triangular maneuvers overhead.

See also: Abduction , Beam , ET


Police officer Mark Coltrane took polaroid photographs of a metallic looking disc. His radio was emitting crackles at the time of sighting.

See also: Cupola , Interference

Riccardo Boscagli. Two small humanoids, green garb, helmets, floated from domed disc on road, circled car, E-M effects.

See also: Dome , ET , Highway , Interference

Rivo Faralli. Witness car stalled on road by red glowing domed disk; two occupants emerged from dome, floated around car, reentered object. Witness suffered eye irritation for two days.

See also: Dome , Glow , Injury

Giorgio Filiputti. The object had approximately the shape of a disc of 4 or 5 meters diameter, 3 or 4 meters in height, topped by a cupola, it was posed on three large dark gray landing feet of approximately 1.50 meters in height and a diameter from 80 to 90 cm, slightly narrower towards the ends. They seemed made up of two sliding tubes finished by a flat disc. The object was completely smooth without any window nor trap door, with only a kind of "projecting port-hole in the shape of half-moon right at the place where the bulge of the cupola started." The maximum thickness of the craft without counting the landing feet was approximately 1.50 meters. It seemed made of a "copper" metal, later reported as "golden-silvery" metal; which was shining in the sun.

See also: Disc , Cupola , ET , Landing Feet , Landing Trace , Metallic , Repair , Whistling , Whirling

Deanne Kearns. Two 5- to 6-ft.-tall beings descended in light beam from hovering UFO shaped like one plate inverted on top of another, loud buzzing sound; beings collected earth and plant samples.

See also: Beam , Buzz , ET , Hover

Angelo D'Ambros. Two 3-1/2 to 4-ft. tall grotesque beings, yellow skin, prominent veins, huge ears, fang like teeth, from disc with dome, moved jerkily, seized pruning knife from witness, who felt an electric shock during struggle.

See also: Dome , ET

Two humanoid beings, large heads, seen inside dome of luminous disc.

See also: Dome , ET