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Disc Sightings - 1990s

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Klaas Rutanga. It shows a silver-metallic disc with a top.

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Two young boys were retrieving groceries from the car when they noticed a bright light approaching at great speed emitting a jet-like sound. It also emitted fuzzy balls of blue light over a field, which then dissipated before hitting the ground. The light was now a domed metallic disc shaped object that now hovered above the witnesses. A bright white beam of light shone on one of the witnesses while the other ran and hid under the car. Multiple beams of light now circled the car. The domed disc now slid back a panel revealing two short humanoids, described as having gray wrinkled sink and claw-like hands. A third humanoid now appeared and moved with a mechanical like motion as he joined the other two. The dome then closed and the disc departed with the same jet-like roar. An unconfirmed account indicated that the nearby NASA facility at Wallops Island had lost its radar about the same time.

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Two boys living nearby, claim to have seen a saucer shaped object appear over the garage and land nearby, at the same time.

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A mother and her two young sons were resting in their home when they noticed a strange object hovering over a house across the street. The object was described as a domed gray disc with bright white windows around its circumference. The windows were wider at the bottom than at the top. A dark line seemed to rotate inside the windows. The object emitted a fuzzy white glow from its flat bottom. It then drifted slowly away. That same night the younger boy had a strange dream-like experience. He found himself at the nearby schoolyard where he saw several landed gray domed discs. A short gray skinned being befriended the boy then accompanied him back to the house. The boy remembers being told several "things" that he could not remember.

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Illustration by witness Tim Todd.

Tim Todd. A football field-size UFO moved to the tree top level over the small town of Almont, MI, north of Detroit, in the fall of 1990, and changed one man's life forever. "I made out a row of windows around the craft," Tim said. "The windows looked very large."

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Couple while driving saw a huge, circular plate over the top of a group of trees. Around the edge were bright white lights. There was also four spoke-like lines that were a glowing brass color.

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Two separate groups of witnesses saw a low-flying circular plate. The first group reported they saw a cupola on the top. There were many lights on the object.

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Ocotlán is to 60 km of Guadalajara, patch to the shore of the Lake of Chapala.

Captain Daniel Monraz (Yahoo! Babel Fish translation): Later I realized that the shades of the trees of down did not correspond with “the reflection”, and when I moved the parasol one I could see clearly that it was a very brilloso plate that was above of the airplane, was a disc silverplated with a black wheel down, that came swinging as if it went away to fall.Thus it is, was the classic flying, similar subject of gossip to two stuck plates, as two copper dippers of which they are used to stew carnitas. Between 15 and 20 meters of diameter.

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A white domed disk-shaped craft that crossed the road in front of her at a distance of about 1,500 feet.

See also: Dome


Guillermo Arreguin. Daylight disc filmed during Mexico solar eclipse.

See also: Dome , Metallic

He had heard a deep rumbling sound, ahead of him and above, and saw a huge black craft moving towards him, its body saucer-shaped, but with two bat-like wings, one on each side. It hovered about five minutes, close enough for the witness to see that the main fuselage had two decks and a dome on top. He could even make out a small figure, wearing some kind of helmet, through the windows on one of the decks.

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A large disc-shaped craft was observed coming out of the lake and flying erratically south towards Lockport. The UFO was 100 feet in diameter and 25 feet high.

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See also: Dome


This picture was originally taken in 1993 outside Meridian, Idaho. Moving at incredible speed, around as fast as military fighter jet; it slowed once to a hover (during which moment I snapped the photo) then jumped back into high speed and flew upward and into the distance.

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Eric Thomason. A craft was photographed rising out of the water in Australia. Before it flew away it docked with a smaller UFO.


This image of a metallic object exiting the East River was taken by an un-named landscaper April 12, 1993 (UFO Photo Archives)

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Raul Dominguez. It was a machine that I believe was about 25 meters in diameter. The lower half revolved. I didn't notice any noise until it was very close to me. I heard it when it was 10 to 12 meters above my head and I heard a sound like bees buzzing. I felt my hair brisling and my close moved as well as my hair.

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Jean-Charles DUBOC, Captain, Air France, Ret. While piloting an Airbus A 320 over France in 1994, he observed a large lens-shaped UFO at about 25 NM to the left of the plane, also seen by the copilot and one steward. It didn't’t move and then disappeared after one minute almost instantaneously.

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Ian Macpherson. It was huge, several hundred feet in diameter, disc-shaped and metallic, with lights on its rim. Photograph taken as it sped off.

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Two women watched from a 2nd story window a hovering disc shaped object right outside their upstairs window. They could see a hairy type creature inside the object through a large observation window. The craft was about 50 ft away from the house. When they yelled for their father to come and take a look the saucer shot straight up and vanished.

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Alejandro Backle.

See also: Saturn-shape


Mr. Pepe Martinez. This equally wonderful photo was taken in the summer of 1994, from Mr. Pepe Martinez, during a trip in and around Montemorelos in Mexico.

At 11:30 p.m. an amateur astronomer who is also a pilot witnessed a disc-shaped object with a blue strobe light over Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. The UFO made 90-degree and 60 degree turns and other fast maneuvers, then shot away to the west.

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A large black disc, making a beeping sound, flew over a police radio tower. It flew away toward the west.

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African Schoolchildren See Landed UFO and Occupant (Ariel School Sighting in Ruwa, Zimbabwe). Most of the descriptions are similar but some of the craft are very obviously 'flying saucers', and I wonder how many of these children have had access to the media. Others are crude but more or less in this saucer shape. -- Cynthia Hind, UFO AFRINEWS 1994

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UFO over Tepoztlan, photo by Carlos Diaz, ca. 1985

Carlos Diaz photo of a glowing, yellowish, disc shaped object with a red hue toward the top and windows or portholes.

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A Mr. BPL saw a small metallic saucer crash in a lake. The saucer, being very light was put on a truck. Then a helicopter arrived and took the two humanoids. Another soldier confirmed the incident.

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There was a series of sightings over St. Petersburg in Russia. While some of the sightings were of disk-shaped craft, at least one of them was of a triangular-shaped object with a number of lights on it.

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Semyon Teglyov. Photograph of a flying disc.


Lajos Kosina. Disc photograph.


Haraldo Westendorf. After his third lap around the object, Westendorf noticed that the rounded top seemed to disappear, leaving what looked like an open hole at the top. Then he saw, emerging from inside the object, a classic flying saucer. It rose sideways, its long axis vertical until it cleared the top of the larger object, then tipped down to assume its normal orientation and departed at tremendous speed. Westendorf said that this saucer was about 10 meters in diameter, or nearly twice as wide as his own plane, and he thinks it flew away at more than Mach 10. The saucer showed no indication of noticing Westendorf's presence nearby.

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Photo taken on 23 January 1997, in the Nevada desert, by Christopher.

A witness encountered a humming silver disc-shaped object on the ground. Three short beings only 30 cm tall were seen next to the object. The beings wore silvery-white inflated suits, with round helmets and appeared to be collecting items from the ground around the object. Ground traces and electro-magnetic effects were reported. No other information.

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A silvery disc shaped craft with a dome on top descended on a cattle field besides the I-40 highway. Motorists in both directions stopped and got out of their vehicles to see the craft. To their amazement, three reptilian like humanoids emerged from the object and walked about nonchalantly, ignoring the crowd of onlookers. The creatures were about five ft tall and had light blue skin with dark hues and tones. The reptilians had three long, claw like fingers and toes and yellow eyes with a black, catlike split in the center. Supposedly some in the crowd photographed the events. A state trooper came along and ordered everyone back to their vehicles. The humanoids went back inside their craft and left the area northwest bound, at a slow rate of speed.

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Cem Arat and Mehmet Safak. UFO photograph.


A team of forestry workers allegedly had been witness to an incident on Thursday, February 25, 1999, during which time an elk was lifted off the ground and carried away by a very peculiar, disc-shaped object.

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