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Disc Sightings - 2000s

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At an uncertain time at night, eastbound on I-64, just past US41 North, witnesses saw a large orange and red-domed disc with and eight-sided base. Duration was "a very short time" within 200 feet, seen through the windshield. After it passed the witness stopped and jumped out of the car but the object had disappeared. Investigation by James E. Delehanty, ASD (South)

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At 9:21 p.m. in Red Rock Canyon, Nevada a luminous oval or disc-shaped object shone a bright white light beam down toward the ground. It radiated a fog from around its periphery. Its light snapped off, and the UFO vanished, and the canyon filled with a greenish-blue fog that lasted for ten minutes. A helicopter flew over the area later that same night. There was also another report of a white object shining through a green haze in Las Vegas, Nevada at 9:30 p.m., and at 10:10 p.m a witness in Winnemucca, Nevada reported that a beam of light came from a bright circular object, which left a green residue in the sky.

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A man named Vasiliy was returning from a day of fishing accompanied by several friends and was passing by a local purification plant for the tinned-fish food factory when suddenly the fishermen saw a silvery disk at about 50 meters from them. The disk was resting on the ground on three metallic leg-like structures and had blinking red-pink lights spaced around its circumference.

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A farmer heard his dogs barking very loudly. He looked outside and noticed a very bright light in his field. He decided to walk over the field with his dogs. The dogs were apparently afraid and refused to go. As he neared the area where the lights were located, they suddenly blacked out. He decided to return home. His dogs acted very violently toward him, apparently not recognizing him. He ran up to the second floor and used his binoculars to search the field. He now could see a lighted disc shaped object. He was able to see what appeared to be lighted windows on the object. He then noticed movement in a thicket near the disc. Suddenly a figure moved quickly from the thicket to the object. Shortly after the object brightened and took off.

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After dinner, the witness, Mauro Diniz Brumana went to his backyard to pick up some fruit from his grove. While climbing on a mango tree he noticed a very strong red light. Thinking it was a car or a fire he descended the tree and walked over to investigate the source of the light. Climbing over the neighbor's backyard wall he noticed a huge disc shaped object, around 10 meters in diameter, with bright red lights around the edge and a cupola on top that appeared to have landed on the neighbor's field.

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Juan Achurra. They approached the area and saw an object about 40 meters in length, resembling two plates put together with circular lights around its edge.

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Adailton Rodrigues. This time he decided to approach the area and found an enormous silvery disc shaped object emitting luminous yellow, blue, white, and oranges lights around its edge.

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Jose Da Silva saw a large disc shaped object with several windows and a small door-like opening in which two 2-meter tall humanoids were seen to enter. Immediately the object began to spin very rapidly and rose slowly. It suddenly emitted a bright flash of light from the top section and disappeared in front of the witness.

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Five students camping in a deserted beach, including Luis Carlos Prima reported seeing a large disc shaped object about 10 meters in diameter land on the beach. The five geography students had been sleeping when a very strong wind suddenly woke them up. The wind was so strong that it began to unearth the tent from the sandy ground. Thinking it was a storm they ran out and confronted a huge disc shaped object with numerous bright lights on its top and windows on the center.

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One witness sighted "several discs" (no other description given). No direction of travel given. Sighted over the Ohio River towards Kentucky. 8:25 PM, No Duration given.


Severo Zavala.

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A disc-shaped UFO appeared on a digital photo of some scenery taken at 11:45 a.m. on Cabin Lake Road, northeast of Fort Nelson, British Columbia, Canada. The photo is evaluated as not a hoax.

"The object looked round like a disc, and was so bright that its light was beaming below the craft, making the object look kind of like a jellyfish, with its body hanging below it. The bright light lasted for about three seconds. About two minutes later, I saw a clearer craft. It was the same shape, and the lights were even brighter red. Both objects seemed far away, but very visible. The second craft kind of floated around wobbling like it didn't know where to go, and then it just disappeared very fast."

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UFO photograph by Illija using a Mustek GSmart Mini 3 camera.


Disc photo by an employee of Pentax cameras using a Pentax istDS camera.

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I made the picture full size and what it looks like is something with a dark bottom, a silver dome on top with the sunlight reflecting off of it the same angle that the sun was hitting us. Photo taken using a 3.5 mega pixel digital camera.

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On close examination there appears to be a silver or metallic disc shaped object in the middle of the photo. Now the reason I believe that this object is either silver or metallic as there appears to be an area on the object off which the sun appears to be reflecting. Photo taken from a Sony Cybershot digital camera.

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Pilots, mechanics and managers from United Airlines witnessed a metallic disc-shaped object hovering over the United Airlines Terminal at Chicago's O'Hare Airport. The clearly observed object shot straight up leaving a hole through the clouds.

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Diego Santiago Molina.

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UFO spotted outside birthday party in Tatui, Brazil.

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Photograph was taken on May 14, 2008. Photographer was taking snaps of storm clouds over Eastland County, Texas. She noticed nothing out of the ordinary in the skies as she took her photograph. However, when uploading the images to her computer, she noticed a photograph with some blurry objects, and as she continued, saw another photograph with a very clear capture of a disc-shaped object, which appeared just above a line of trees.

From witness illustration.

Witness was awaken early at 1:30 AM by pet dog barking at something out side the a bed room window. Witness looked out window and saw a disk about 80 feet away hovering over a close-by artificial pond. The object was approximately 30 feet above the pond approximately 80 feet from the witness home. The pond is approximately 230 by 45 feet. There are several fruit and small maple trees between the witness home and the pond. The disk was observed through and just above the trees as shown in the graphic. The disk was approximately 30 feet in diameter and 15 feet thick. The sighting lasted approximately 5 minutes until the object just disappeared. This sighting occurred between thunder storms on this evening with a storm previously passing through about two hours previously. The sky was broken clouds with between cloud lighting occurring. There was no wind during the sighting event. The lighting flashes in the sky lit up the disk when they occurred. Red rectangular lights on the bottom portion of the craft rotated from right to left and reflected off the pond surface. The bottom of craft appeared to be a metallic blue with a shimmer to it. Water in the pond below the craft appeared to ripple. The dome on the craft was unlit.

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Disk 15 minutes. Possible fighter jet chasing UFO.

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Local citizens were awakened by a series of extremely loud explosions, soon after a traveler on I-20 took a picture of a strange disc-like object being transported near the area.

|Disc-Shape|Cover Up|Explosion|Smoke|

Camped near a ridge the witness had been seeing red, blue and green object go over the ridge many time late at night. This night he camped on top of the ridge directly northeast of his home. He took his binoculars and saw an oval disk shaped object with blinking lights and making a low pitched humming sound. It was over the ridge in a small clearing. He did not see it until its lights came on. It hovered there for a while, he looked through the binoculars and saw what appeared to be a porthole or small window, and he could also see a humanoid shaped head wearing some sort of helmet. This frightened the witness who decided to climb down the ridge and go home.

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Disk 15 Min. Strange craft, military jets chase and plasma arcs in the AZ desert.

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