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Disc Sightings - 2010s

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THIRD LAKE -- My wife actually witnessed the object and has always been the open-minded skeptic of UFO's. That all changed today on her way to work. She was going east on Rollins Road just north of Third Lake, when she saw a chrome color metallic looking disc in the sky. It was close enough for her to freak out and she almost ran her truck into a ditch. She was looking at the object when all of the sudden it disappeared, just blinking out. My wife drew this sketch of what she saw. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Witness was driving Northwest on Highway 273 towards Weston, MO and noticed a shiny object to the West of him over the Missouri River.As he got closer he could make out a silver disk-shaped object that was moving slowly from a South-North direction. He called his wife to get a number of someone to call and got my number off of the MOMUFON website. He estimated the object to be 1/2 - 1 mile away from him, at 40 degrees off the horizon and very large. It did not change direction or speed. Witness said he would call me back after he got home but had not done so yet. Note: there are other recent sightings in this area. Weston is just across the MO river and Ft. Leavenworth is on the other side.


Sketch of Object & Location Sent by Witness

Time of Sighting: 6 PM PDT
Description: I was driving from the Lake View Terrace/Los Angeles area, going toward the pass over to the Santa Clarita area on Little Tujunga Canyon Road. Before I hit the peak of the pass, right before there is a sharp corner to the left, there was a disk shaped object (metallic in color) sitting on top of a bluff about 30 yards from the road. It was approximately 15'-20' in diameter, and approximately 2 meters thick at its thickest point. I could clearly see a rectangle hatch underneath that appeared to be a slightly different metallic color. As I turned the sharp corner to the left it went out of view. As I turned back around towards to object 15-20 seconds later on a switch back part of the road, the object was no longer there. It freaked me out so much, I haven't been on that road since. I saw it clear as day. There is no question as to what I saw.

Report by Witness Explaining Above Sketch: Hi William. The object was somewhat sitting behind a large boulder or mountain side exposing about 75% of itself. There was a mixture of white puffy clouds and gray clouds hugging the mountain side all around. It had rained the day prior. It was a very remote part of Los Angeles county. There was still about an hour and a half of daylight left in the day. Please excuse my poor drawing.

Note: The object obviously was not a mistaken stationary object (e.g. decoration) given that the witness saw the area shortly after his sighting and the object was gone. It seems that many disk shaped craft are sighted in remote areas. (These areas are sometimes close to metropolitan areas.)


A women sees a silent bright light hover, rotate and disappear, and manages to catch the photos below on her cell phone. Full Report: Bright light leveling off into a bright sphere than headed off than disappearing suddenly. I was letting dogs out in the exercise yard behind an Animal Hospital. Normally I do not do it this early but because we had no patients this night I could go home early. I was standing in a stairwell watching the dog I had let out when I noticed the bright light. It was between 1:30 Am and 2 Am. I saw only 1 unidentified object. First I saw a bright light, thought it was a chopper but than noticed no sounds. Even though the light shined directly on me nothing was lit up as far as myself or the area around me. The object in question went further away with the bright light facing me, than like leveled out and started going in a sort of a northwest direction than it just disappeared without getting smaller. Like someone turned the lights off. It was kind of overcast up in the sky. I took the pictures on my cell phone and sent them to my PC and didn't relize what I really saw till I looked at them on my PC.

Source: WBNG Binghamton, NY.


Witness: Brian Titus

Vestal, NY (WBNG Binghamton) One viewer says he saw an unidentified flying object in the Southern Tier sky.
Brian Titus says he was at Lourdes Hospital in Binghamton, when he saw something rising behind a hill in Vestal.

In an email, Titus wrote, "It sat there for about ten seconds and then it shot up like a bullet and vanished."
He says at least ten people saw it happen.
Minutes later when he was coming home, Titus saw the U.F.O. again.
During this second sighting, Titus snapped the picture.
Titus wrote, "I am so exited and freaked out at the same time."
What do you think? Is it a U.F.O.?


A definite aircraft shaped like a flat top strw hat with lights

Traveling west on Atlantic Blvd. from work to home observed an airborne object near intersection of Dixie Hw'y. in Pompano Beach, Florida. Object was traveling notheast .

I pulled over as I thought it was an aircraft about to make an emergency landing on roadway & got out of my vehicle to observe.I then saw it was about 20 times larger then a airplane and was shaped like a flat top straw hat & looked to be metallic. At least 50 times the size of a full moon's appearance in the sky. The upper portion or cabin had windows all around with light on inside which reflected out on to the deck portion giving me an excellent view. It was low and slow flying. About 300 to 400 feet high.

I watched it travel at that same steady slow speed for a few minutes until it went out of sight due to surrounding area of trees & homes. No tall buildings were in area. Returned to my vehicle & drove a few blocks and relocated flying in sn same direction & speed until I lost sight ! of it again.


At this point the craft does look like it could be circular/saucer type form. The second time I saw the craft it was much more saucer looking; the lights were more in line now. One large craft flying from west to northeast; large, with blinking lights of various colors (the notable ones being red and white) possibly a saucer style.

See also: Blinking


2 big saucer disc with light bulbs around the outside moving colors

I walked outside my front door to smoke a cigarette with an acquaintance, upon being outside for no longer than a minute when suddenly my acquaintance called to my attention 2 very large disc shaped objects moving northeast in our direction from behind the row of pine trees across from my home. Each object was about the diameter of a local McDonald's moving slowly above the top of the pine trees no more than 15-25 mph. The crafts appeared to be moving in a synchronized pattern. Each disc had at least 100-200 round light bulbs going around the outside of the disc in a complete circle. Each circle bulb pulsating in a domino like effect. 1 bulb sent energy to the next over and over going from red, to yellow to green to blue and so on in a clockwise motion while there was a smaller ring of lights under the bottom of each craft doing the exact same thing but in an opposite counter-clockwise motion while being the source for all the energy feeding the outside bulbs down a series of 7 or 8 lines like the swirls in a mint candy or bicycle spokes. Both at the same time. It was so close It looked like Las Vegas in the sky but strangely did not leak a drop of light nor a shadow to anything under it. They did not make a sound and one was like a duplicate of the other as far as movement and light synchronization. So to make a short story...2 big saucer disc with light bulbs around the outside moving colors from 1 bulb to the next. They had a smaller ring under the bottom that did the same thing counterclockwise. the smaller circle of lights feeding the out side circle of bulbs though a couple of mint candy type swirl of round bulbs repeatedly


Disk shaped craft seen moving silently from south west to the south east reflecting sunlight from the top of the craft.

Object seen in bight sun lit sky. Object was reflecting the sun and wa in shadow underneath. It took aprox a minute to move from the west to the east. Me, my wife and daughter witnessed the object, no noise was made, object was a clear saucer shape seen from the side. No wings or tails. Other planes were in the sky and made a great comparison


Disc photo in Department of Soriano, Uruguay on August 22, 2012. 2012