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Disc Sightings - Ancient/ Pre-Modern Times

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Ancient Times (BCE)

Pharaoh Thutmose III observed fiery disks. (1)
This report is believed to be a modern hoax derived from the story of the Old Testament prophet Ezekiel (7)

Greek philosopher, logician and scientist Aristotle (a student of Plato and tutor to Alexander the Great) whose references to heavenly disks have been interpreted by some UFOlogist as an indication that he witnessed objects similar to modern UFOs.

Two shining silver shields dived repeatedly on Alexander's army, causing the elephants and horses to panic while they were attempting to cross the Jaxartes River into India. Alexander The Great.

During Alexander's siege of Tyre, a large flying shield, leading a triangular formation of four smaller shields, circled over a while thousands of soldiers on both sides watched in amazement. Suddenly, the largest UFO shot a beam of light at the city's walls...then took off at great speed disappearing into the distance. Alexander The Great.

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Pre modern Times (CE)

Hans Glaser's woodcut showing UFOs seen at Nuremberg, Germany.
Cylindrical UFOs, spheres and disks.

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Aerial objects resembling large hats.

Over 400 cigar-shaped, disk-shaped and spindle-shaped objects moving in groups across the face of the sun by Mexican astronomer Jose Bonilla Director of the Zacatecas Astronomical Observatory and his assistant. His photographed the UFOs, which appeared to be solid.

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