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ET/UFO Disclosure

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  DISCLAIMER: The following is a brainstorm on how to hypothetically go about having an extraterrestrial disclosure type event and ending the supposed cover-up.


A Diclosure Revlotution.

This concept is similar to the American Revolution:

The war of 1775–83 in which the American colonists won independence from British rule. Called in Britain the War of American Independence .

The cover-up is effective when one or two witnesses or an orginization can be silenced using methods of harrassment or infiltration. This is what the intelligence community does best. However, with growing extrterrestrial acceptance by society it is hard to stop many individuals from speaking out all at once. If abductees decide to go public with their real names and video testimony then it would be hard to silence them all and then you would have a snowball effect with more and more of the public willing to speak out about their abduction or UFO, close encounter experiences. And then whistle blowers would follow once the cover-up is weakened being hit from all angles. An extarterrestrial reality that's being supressed can no longer be denied to the public. And thus, another chapter in man denying truth the status quo has a hard time accepting can be written in the history books. And a new age upon us.

There should be a presidential announcement in conjuction with leading industrial nations.


My fellow Americans..... and nations around the World...... I am here to announce... that the human race is being visited by EXTRATERRESTRIALS... and have been for some time now...... we are not alone in the Universe.

The public should be reassured as to subside mass panic.


I would just like to ask everybody to please remain calm, there is no need for alarm. We've been keeping this sort of thing secret for a long time and there has been no invasion of our planet.

There are certain truths we can no longer ignore in this Universe. We can't continue to deny certain realities in keeping with our old orthodox ways hoping it will all just go away. UFO's are not going away because aliens more advanced than us do exist. We are being observed by them. The US government has been fooling the population for too long and wasting your tax payer dollars trying to deny the obvious. America is ruled by the people and the people of this nation should be told the truth. Good or bad.

Reassure the public that disclosure is necessary and is better for the long run. Give a positive, optimistic outlook for the future.


We are deciding to give extraterrestrial disclosure because it's better for the long run. You should know that intellectual life exist throughout our Universe. It's not unusual to have other life like ours.

Encourage people to go on with buisness as usual for a stable transition during reassurance.


If there is too much panic in the streets there will be martial law. Please go on with life accepting this new reality since there will be no immediate changes.

The populous should be debriefed on the nature of extraterrestrial life and current visitation.


These are the types of ET races we are aware of observing this planet. They are concerned with our nuclear weapons. Our future..destructive..potential, threatening peaceful co-exstence in space as Earthlings evlove and become more space faring.

Measures should be in place on how to best deal with a post-disclosure environment.
Living in an era with the realization of more advanced extraterrestrial civilizations and technology.

Since drastic changes will inevitably happen after extraterrestrial disclosure a new time may be a good idea such as in BCE, CE. to better move forward during this new era.
Publicly acknowledging, living, coexisting with more advanced extraterrestrial civilizations.

  • Overt Technology Gap Control

    The revelation of more advanced ET technology will undermine current industry and the current black budget secrecy system reliant on secrecy and slow conditioning. A solution would be establishing overt technology gap control to lessen the impact of the future shock. Higher technologies can be properly regulated for maximal benefit to both man and the environment for a smooth transition.

  • Energy As A Livable Resource

    Revaluation of economic personal wealth (human greed, corruption, monopolies on energy putting us in a type of sloth Industrial Dark Ages) and ownership of energy resources. Energy should be treated as a livable resource for 21st Century economic means and properly regulated. UFO technology probably represents an energy alternative to oil.

  • Space Economy

    Expand human economy and habitation beyond the confines of the planet Earth utilizing higher technology that is now being kept secret after disclosure. A space economy is key in coping with the higher ET technology.
    Now hear this:

    A simple protocol to follow in order to prompt sudden disclosure in the event of a UFO crash.
    1. Identify UFO Shape.
    2. Approach with caution.
    3. Quickly determin if it's ET.
    4. Grab debris and bodies.
    5. Exit area fast.
    6. Go to most populated area.
    7. Create emegence alarm, commotion.
    8. Expose debris and bodies.
    9. Widely disperse physical, photo, video evidence. (that will be spread all over the internet).

    DO NOT WAIT and trust UFO investigators/orginizations such as MUFON, media, police, and military. You would be risking moles ratting you out, media censorship etc. This is of the highest level of secrecy with an ongoing cover-up to keep it secret. You must act first as a citizen alerting the public to force the governments hand in ET disclosure.

    More regulations on Earth to clean up Earth's environment and less restrictions in space as an incentive to promote space advancement with the privatization of space industry.

    The benefits of such a concept are:

    1. I helps clean up and preserve Earth's environment.

    2. It creates a larger, solar system-space based economy.

    3. Human preservation and adaptability. A solution to over-population by expanding a livable space beyound the confines of planet Earth's atmosphere.

    4. Technology proliferation. Example: The technological achievments and benefits from the last space race demostrated technology proliferation. More advanced top secret technology becoming overt, such as UFO technology, to sustain better space infrastructural development.

    5. A solution to terrorism since all nations around the world will up the ante for their stake in outer space, a more modernized lifestyle.

    6. Space industry benefiting from space development for nations around the world. Big defense contractors could profit off of space development.

    7. No cap, tax on space wealth in order to spur faster growth.

    8. Things that are controversial such as stem cell research, genetic engineering, adavanced alife could be more acceptable in space since you are not on the jurisdiction of the planet Earth,

    Note: X-prize foundation, competition model, commercial industry in space, commercial space program, valuable resourcess on other planets in our solar system.

    Set up scapegoats to take the fall. Ensure people (US, UK, EU) part of the cover-up that there is no immediate plans for disclosure then turn around and have a disclosure type event.

    The benefits of having scapegoats or fall guys during disclosure is it directs anger, distrust toward the government toward name people who were part of the cover-up. Think of it as a cultural shock absorber when a long running conspiracy is exposed.

    The system of Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI) can work in the favor of the people at the top of the pyramid. Since, like the all seeing eye, they have a gist of what entails the cover-up and can hand select people and programs that will be exposed during a UFOgate type event. Thus these high ups can take the high road and look like the good guys.

    The basic premise of this concept is that the legacy that a person will have who instigates ET disclosure since it will be a monumental event in human history.

    The immediate consequences of defying the current cover-up system and prompting an ET disclosure may not have good consequences for the person involved but they will be looked at in a good light historically speaking.
    People involved in the current cover-up (historically) will be looked at in a bad light (Modern day the-world-is-flat thinkers. We must hold on to our "orthodox way of life" and old fashioned types, the pollutant industrial dark ages).

    We must not forget mavericks who have challenged established belief systems in the past were ridiculed, chastised by society but became important figures in the long term as what they challenged (the new revelations) became true. Life is short. Prompting ET disclosure is an opportunity for an otherwise forgotten about name (on a gravestone) in the history books to forever having your name as a changing point in human history.