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Alien Abduction
The causes and effects of Smog
Black Program
How Acid Rain is formed and how to reduce it
Saucer Profiles
How Acid Rain is formed and how to reduce it
UFO Chronology
The main producers of poluting gasses
GM crops are they safe
GM crops are they safe

A simple protocol to follow in order to prompt sudden disclosure in the event of a UFO crash.

  1. Identify UFO Shape.
  2. Approach with caution.
  3. Quickly determin if it's ET.
  4. Grab debris and bodies.
  5. Exit area fast.
  6. Go to most populated area.
  7. Create emegence alarm, commotion.
  8. Expose debris and bodies.
  9. Widely disperse physical, photo, video evidence. (that will be spread all over the internet).

DO NOT WAIT and trust UFO investigators/orginizations (MUFON=moles), media, police, military. Risking moles ratting you out, media censorship etc. This is of the highest level of secrecy with an ongoing cover-up . You must act first as a citizen alerting the public to force the governments hand in ET disclosure.