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Gampietro Monguzzi. The head appears to be covered by a sort of helmet. -- Gordon Creighton

Considered to be a hoax (1).

See also: Disc

Edmund Travis (age nine), Randy Travis (age seven), Floyd Moore, Billy Dunlap, Garry Dunlap. The boys said they were playing in a field when they suddenly noticed a small human-looking man, wearing a black suit and black helmet. The helmet had a transparent visor over the eyes, "antenna-like wires" on top, and was decorated with unidentified symbols and letters.

See also: Landing Trace


Patrolman Herbert Schirmer. They wore silver-gray uniforms, gloves, and helmets (which had a small antenna on the left side around their ear), and at the left breast of each suit they had the emblem of a winged serpent. Schirmer had the impression that the small antennas were somehow a part of their communication process with him - that part of their contact with him was mental and part of it was physical.

See also: Disc , Abduction , Hover , Missing Time. ET: Emblem , Gray , Silver uniform


Senora Valentina Flores.

See also: Animal Mutilation

Jeffrey Greenshaw. Took Polaroid photo's of a figure dressed in a foil-like one-piece suit with helmet and antenna.


*Considered the be a hoax using a non-flammable fireman suit covered in aluminium foil inspired by the Pascagoula, Mississippi abduction.


Carl Higdon. He was dressed in a black suit and black shoes and wore a belt with a star in the middle and a yellow emblem below it.

See also: Abduction

Filiberto Cardenas. The entities made him pass through to another bigger room. There, on a high seat, like a throne, was seated an individual wearing a cape. This person, who seemed to be in charge, perhaps their chief, addressed Filiberto in perfect Spanish while at the same time transmitting ideas telepathically.

See also: Abduction


David D. They were 2.5 – 3 meters in height.

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Goat herder, Flores de Mamani. She also noticed what appeared to be two antennas coming out of their suits.

See also: Sphere , Animal , Landing Trace , Speed

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