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ET Threat

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Colonel Philip J. Corso describes weapons incorporating alien technology, including advanced particle beam weapons. Among the early weapons systems developed for his purpose were 'Saint' and 'Blue Gemini', which were 'outgrowths of USAF 7795, a code number for he USAF's first satellite program [which was] designed to locate, track, and destroy enemy surveillance satellites or, more importantly, orbiting UFOs...Both of these weapons, under the cover of other missions, of course, were eventually deployed, and today they form one of the lines of defense in an antimissile and anti-UFO surveillance system. (13/p.424)

Referred to LIUFON (Long Island UFO Network) investigators by George Dickson, the scientist, "Dr. Nick," claimed he had been involved with UFO crash/retrieval incidents since the 1970s. According to Dr. Nick, the incident was actually part of a larger series of confrontations with one particular race or group of ETs.

See Crash , Debris , Star Wars Weapon

The United States military are preparing weapons which could be used against the aliens, and they could get us into an intergalactic war without us ever having any warning.
Our Canadian government needs to openly address these important issues of the possible deployment of weapons in outer war plans against ethical ET societies. -- Hon. Paul Hellyer

Dotted amongst the usual suspects of Rockefeller, Kissinger and Soros etc. we see the presence of renowned Hollywood filmaker Steven Spielberg. Spielberg attended the 1999 Bilderberg meeting held at Sintra, Portugal. What buisness does Spielberg, a chieftain of the entertainment industry have secretly mingling with international bankers, military intelligence and world political leaders?
Throughout his carrer we see an obsession with the alien/UFO/space theme. From the 1977 Close Encounters of the Third Kind to ET in 1982, to Deep Impact in 1998 [War of the Worlds in 2005]. All depict an invasion from outer space. Commencing in December 2002, the Sci-Fi Channel will screen 'Taken', Spielberg's 20 hour mini-series focusing on alien abduction. The cost of this production was a staggering $120 million - making it the most expensive mini-series in television history.

With the latest example being the much-hyped Sci-Fi channel roll-out of Spielberg's mini-series, 'Taken.'
Late last spring or early summer, I was contacted by the PR firm responsible for the ramp-up to 'Taken' and was informed that they wanted to link it to Disclosure.

It is the association of important evidence, scientist and witnesses with a xenophobic titled science fiction product like 'Taken' and the entire abduction industry that can empower fear in the minds of the masses regarding all things extraterrestrial. -- Steven M. Greer

In 2005 all three major US television networks ran a paranormal series following ABC's Peter Jennings UFO special Seeing Is Believing (February 25, 2005).

Two involved an extraterrestrial threat or alien invasion:

Invasion (2005) (ABC)

Threshhold (2005) (CBS)

"V" (2009-2010) (ABC)

All four authors have extensive scientific backgrounds in various fields including nuclear and spacecraft engineering, astrophysics and high level defense intelligence communications.