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ET Eyes - Slit/Slot

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They had slit eyes and mouths, pointed noses, and rough looking skin like scar tissue. All wore caps beneath which blond hair was visible; the shortest, only 5-feet tall, had shoulder length hair and may have been a woman. All wore loose fitting gray green shirts and trousers.



A woman was driving on Interstate 75 when her engine, power brakes and steering quit. No UFO was seen, but a small, metallic man appeared after she had pulled the car to the roadside. It had a bubble-dome head with rectangular eye openings. The head moved like a robot. From the elbows down the arms were narrow and wrinkled, like a chicken's legs. It moved around the car, then was gone. Afterwards she found the engine billowing smoke and the hood intensely hot.



Four youths in two cars drove up a small mountain called Le Malmont to investigate the sighting of an orange yellow UFO seen earlier by a friend and his girl. No UFO was seen, but a diffuse white glow silhouetted a being approaching the group. Later two of the witnesses saw three entities pursuing their slowly retreating car. The entities were wearing one-piece suits with a waist high red light. The head or helmet was square with luminous, rectangular eye slots. One of them wore a gas mask with a veil covering the face. Their gait was slow and mechanical. Meanwhile, in the other car, the other two witnesses twice saw two sets of "red legs" crossing the road and later their car was swung sideways across the road, then back again. Other effects included heat, a smell of burnt insulation tape, the beings conversing with modulated whistles, one of the cars being shaken while parked, a powerful white light beam and E/M effects on both cars. No traces were found.

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