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UFO - Falling Leaf Motion

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Eight discoid objects , each estimated to be the size of a house, allegedly were seen flying over Spokane in eastern Washington State. One witness said the objects dropped from the sky in the soon familiar "falling leaf" motion and fell to Earth along the Saint Joe River in Idaho. This sighting was reported three days before pilot Kenneth Arnold's famous sighting of UFOs near nearby Mount Rainier, and three days before the widely publicized "Maury Island incident," which reportedly occurred near Tacoma, Washington, and now is seen as a hoax.

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Rudi Nagora shot an entire roll of film as this spectacular UFO descended in a 'falling leaf' motion over Deutschlandsberg, Austria on 23 May 1971.

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Ryutaro Umehara. At 9:00am on May 11, 1975, young Ryutaro Umehara, snapped 4 color pictures, of a featureless dark lens-shaped object flying in the sky as it descended in a falling-leaf fashion.

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