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ET Profile - Fang-like Teeth

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Japanese youngster indicates area near vineyard where a UFO touched down on February 23, 1975; and a sketch by one of the boys shows the craft and occupant. (credit: Leonard Stringfield / Dennis Hauck, director, International UFO Registry)

Masato Kawano (7 years old) and Katsuhiro Yamahata (7 years old). His skin was dark brown & he had pointed ears, but his large head had no eyes, nose or mouth, merely wrinkles on the "face," and 3 silver colored "fangs" 2" long where the mouth should be.

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Angelo D'Ambros. Two 3-1/2 to 4-ft. tall grotesque beings, yellow skin, prominent veins, huge ears, fang like teeth, from disc with dome, moved jerkily, seized pruning knife from witness, who felt an electric shock during struggle.

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