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UFO Occupant - Footprints

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Marie-L. Bourriot. Craft departed; small footprints found.

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Approx. 2:00 a.m. LT. Two sleeping witnesses were awakened by a small being with a large head (humanoid) wearing a "rubber suit." The being jumped out a window toward an object outside that had blinding, multicolored lights. Investigators found scrape marks and footprints (physical traces) at the site.

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Footprints, both large and small, were later found at the site.

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Two young men, P. Aliranta and E J Sneck, were working in the woods when Aliranta noticed a 15 foot metallic object, shaped like two saucers put together, and with four thin legs, descending in a clearing 50 feet away. As it landed, a little entity just under 3-foot tall glided to the ground from an opening in the underside; dressed in green one-piece "diver's suit," it wore a helmet with a circular faceplate. It approached the young men, walking on top of the deep snow, and Aliranta moved toward it with his motor saw in hand. Through 3 windows on the upper part of the object, 3 more entities could be seen. The humanoid retreated before Aliranta and was rising into the air under the object when the young man grabbed it by the heel of its boot with its bare hand; he found it burned like a hot iron, and he had to let go at once. As soon as the being was back in the object, it ascended with a slight buzzing sound or hum. Both men felt stiff all over and had difficulty in moving. Four landing leg marks and small footprints were left in the snow.

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Carlos Argue Balvidares. On later investigation, many triangular footprints 4" to 5" long, showing 4 claw marks at the front of the triangle, were found in the vicinity of the UFOs resting place; the object itself left 4 triangular impressions 15" on a side, arranged in a square 13 ft on a side.

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Mrs. Florida Malboeuf. Her son Andre went over to the rooftop in question and found there a large elliptical shaped crust of ice, 0.8 inches thick, and about 18 feet in diameter that was on top of the snow, evidently formed by the local melting of the snow. In relief on this plaque and going toward the fa├žade of the building, were four small, narrow footprints only 6.5 inches long.

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Manuel Gordillo, Lopez Rivero. On Sunday, January 14, 1979, the investigators went to the site of the supposed landing with Francisco Lopez. After certain difficulties in finding the spot where his observation was made, they carefully studied the ground and observed the following:

The place is, as a matter of fact, very wooded, and it is not easy to see. Nevertheless, the exact place where it is supposed that the object landed is a rather circular area, where the trees themselves are situated in this curious geometric pattern. The land was relatively soft, due to the rains that had fallen since before November. They found no sign of traces except for a curious footprint, which seemed to have been impressed into the ground many days before. After carefully drawing the mark, they measured it, and its size was 42 cm. (16.5 inches). Several meters (yards) farther on they found two more marks, made in the soil, and they were the same size as the first. The appropriate experiments showed the mark, in proportion to the height, would correspond to an individual some two meters, ten centimeters (6'11") tall. The distance between the marks was about 13 meters (43 feet).

Thanks to this field investigation, witness Francisco Lopez Rivero gave certain additional details that allowed investigator Antonio Moya Cerpa to make drawings in his presence that he approved, which are included in this report.

Investigators: J. Ignacio Alonso, Joaquin Mateos Nogales, J. Antonio Gutierrez, Manuel FUpo Cabana, and Antonio Moya Cerpa.

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The youngsters also claimed having found clearly non-human footprints upon returning the next day; investigators ascertained that the marks corresponded to a creature standing at least 7 feet tall.

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Jose Mannuel Castro, a rancher from the town of Ferrerias, saw a UFO land on his property a mere 100 feet away from his house. Small creatures "looking like monkeys" emerged from the object, and the vehicle left surface impressions and footprints similar to those found at Entrimo.

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