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UFO Force-Field

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A Mr. Galbraith observed a disc-like object land on the ground; an entity left the object and collected samples of vegetation. The object transmitted a “force field” which pushed the witness to the ground. The same witness again observed an object on the ground, three entities who smiled at him, were observed outside the craft. A police patrol saw a light in the nearby woods, but couldn’t approach it because of an “invisible wall”.



Sketch of UFO as seen at 180 feet

Claude Edwards. The witness walked to within 30 feet and threw two stones at the object, which bounced off an invisible wall between him and the object. Walking up to within 15 feet, he was able to feel the pressure of this invisible barrier.

|Disc|Mushroom-Shape|Animal Reaction|ET|Force-Field|Landing Mark|Repair|

Onilson Patero. As UFO came closer, pulled off road and overcome by heat and stuffiness...A transparent curtain moving around object completely encircled it. Sensation of heat and airlessness ceased.


Carlos Argue Balvidares. Balvidares took his horse and rode out to the pond, but when he had got halfway to the entities, he encountered an "invisible barrier" and cold not proceed.

|Rectangular|Animal|Beam|ET|Force-Field|Heat|Sulfur|Landing Mark|

...One of the men attempted to approach the craft on foot but was unable to make any substantial progress as the craft appeared to be surrounded by an invisible force field...The witness then felt an urge to go inside the object and did so. Apparently the force field had been removed from around the craft....


How to deflect the solar 'wind' - Dr. Ruth Bamford

When astronauts finally make it to Mars, they might arrive inside a ship protected by a giant bubble of magnetic energy, says National Geographic News.

One of the major hurdles for a human journey to Mars is that it would take months, during which a spaceship and its human occupants would be bombarded with solar radiation that would easily penetrate a metal hull. This radiation can cut through DNA like a knife, causing genetic damage, cancer, and other illnesses. Here on Earth, the planet's magnetic field and our atmosphere protect us from most of the sun's harmful radiation "Life might not have been possible on Earth without a magnetic field as this first line of defense," says British researcher Ruth Bamford. She and a group of scientist came up with the idea of surrounding the spaceship with a "magnetosphere" - a magnetic field a few hundred yards across, which would deflect the radiation. Bamford and her team tested their idea in the lab with a miniature model of a spaceship, and found their invisible deflector shield really could work. It's "like Star Trek coming to life," she says.

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