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ET Communication - Gesture/Wave

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Bruno Facchini. He then started to realize they might not be American pilots, as the beings started to converse with each other and call him in "a guttural language," and also because they moved with difficulties and made "strange gestures" at him, which he felt may be an offer to come aboard. The invitation and the realization that they were not human threw him in a state of panic.

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Antoine Mazaud. One being of average height, "helmet"-like headgear; cigar-shaped craft; being confronted witness, extended arm and touched him.

Artist Walter Molino's impression of the incident, from the cover of the Nov. 14, 1954 issue of "La Domenica del Corriere," an illustrated Sunday supplement to the Italian newspaper "Corriere della Sera."

Rosa Lotti nei Dainelli. They gesticulated, but with no trace of menace. Indeed, on the contrary, in a friendly fashion, as though they were trying to make themselves understood and to strike up a rudimentary conversation.

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He could see the center where a couple of men seemed to be at the controls. The occupants looked normal to the witness. Both males and females in matching pant suits. Some waved back at him, all looked to be amazed.

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Ron Hyde. Two humanoids about five ft. tall, silvery suits, round helmets, emerged from disc with dome; one moved toward witness and gestured, he fled in fear.

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Francois Delpeuch (13) and his sister Anne-Marie (9). One of the little beings is bending over and seems to be busy with the soil, while another, holding in one hand an object which reflects the sun (which Francois likened to a mirror), is waving his hands, apparently making signs to his companions.

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Two to four beings with disclike craft seen on road, E-M effects on car; beings gestured and moved toward witness, who fled.

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Johnny Sands. So I didn’t know. My mind was there, but at the same time I couldn’t move. So the first question that I asked them was , “Where did you come from?” And he pointed up there. He didn’t say a word. He just pointed.

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A motorist passing by the summit of the mountain noticed some bright flashes of light on a side canyon. He stopped and left the car and proceeded to investigate. There he came upon a landed disc shaped object on the side of the canyon. Three humanoids were walking around the craft. One of the humanoids raised his hand in a gesture of greeting; at this point the witness ran back to his vehicle and sped away. The disc then followed him briefly, positioning itself in front of him, and then it departed at high speed.

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A farmer reported seeing an object with brilliant lights descend and land slowly near him. Two short humanoids wearing black tight fitting outfits emerged from the object. These approached the witness; signaled to him, then spoke in an unknown language. The beings left when the witness told them he could not understand them. A six-meter circle of burned grass was found on the site and the witness suffered from headaches after the incident.

See also: Injury , Landing Mark

Goat herder, Flores de Mamani. She also noticed what appeared to be two antennas coming out of their suits.

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