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ET Profile - Glowing Eyes

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Roger Barrault. One 4-1/2 ft tall being, diver's suit, bright eyes, two lights on chest; bicyclist at dusk encountered being, who disappeared into woods; no craft seen.


Driving a truck, Gustavo Gonzalez and his helper Jose Ponce found the street blocked by a luminous sphere 8-10 ft in diameter, hovering 6 ft above the ground. They got out to investigate, and saw coming toward them a dwarfish being 3 ft tall, with claws & glowing eyes. Gonzalez grabbed the little man, who wore only a loincloth, & lifted him up, finding him surprisingly light, hard, & hairy. The entity gave him a push than knocked him 15 ft. Gonzalez then tried to stab him, but the knife glanced off. Ponce saw 2 others emerging from the bushes with soil in their hands. They jumped up into the sphere, and shone a blinding light at Gonzalez. His antagonist also jumped in, and the craft flew away. Gonzalez was left with a deep scratch in his side.


Four 3-1/2 to 4-ft tall beings, gray garb, long arms, large reddish eyes, pointed chins, small mouths, clawlike hands; beings in road apparently digging with sticks; witness swerved car to avoid hitting them.

J. C. Sutton family. Two or three 3-1/2 ft tall beings, large heads, big ears, large luminous eyes, long arms, clawlike hands, luminescent torsos; disc-shaped craft landed, dog barked violently, beings approached house one or two at a time, floated at times.



Small man 3 and 1/2 feet tall. Long thin arms extending to the ground. Ran away seeming to use its arms to aid its locomotion, similar to a monkey.



Two short humanoid beings, wearing silvery white coveralls, glowing eyes.


David Simpson. One humanoid, glowing eyes, from oval UFO that landed near car, E-M effects on car.


Looking out the window, Ludmila Sadovskaia saw a strange creature with glowing eyes. Its face was a greenish gray and it had no nose and only a slit for a mouth.

|Disc|ET|Horn-like sound|

Australia abduction. Kelly Cahill

|Abduction|Landing Mark|


It had a small slit for the mouth, two small holes as a nose, no ears, but three lumps both sides and centre of the big head. In addition, the feet were disproportionate to the rest of the body, which was naked but there was no indication of the creature's sex. Its abdomen was prominent, which later became the joke of a pregnant ET!
The being did not resist capture at all, apparently looking as if it was dizzy and making the sound likened to that of bees.