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ET Profile - Green Skin

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William J. Kiehl. Questions later put to Mr. Kiehl about the small men he observed yielded the following information:

They appeared to be four feet tall or under, were dressed in tight-fitting suits which revealed their human shapes, and which appeared iridescent, for they were green or purple as they moved about in the late afternoon sunlight. Each of the "men" wore a box-shaped or square yellow headpiece.



R.L. Johannis allegedly saw a discoid UFO on the ground with two small humanoids, about three feet tall or less, beside it. The humanoids reportedly wore blue coveralls with red belts and collars and had large heads with big dark eyes... (7)

Signor R.L. Johannis. Next, he was confronted with the presence of two child-sized beings (about 3 feet tall) standing by the object. They were wearing dark blue coveralls with bright red collars and belts, and a spherical, transparent helmet on their oversized heads. Their faces appeared to have a greenish color, their eyes were large and plum-colored with a vertical line in the center and no lashes or brows. Their hands were claw-like with eight fingers, four opposed to four, on each hand.



Sketch of one of the occupants by Claude.

Claude Edwards. The small figures were also gray-green and about 3 feet tall. They moved around directly beneath the device. As they moved he could see arms or levers which also moved rapidly. Each of the figures had either very wide set eyes or goggles. He also could clearly see a protuberance where the nose and mouth would have been. He could see no lets or movement at the lower part of their bodies.

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Neither greyish nor whitish aliens dominate the study's files, though. Dark-skinned entities were seen in 18 cases; blue or grey-blue in eight; and green or grey-green in seven.



Source: Abduction gone awry? Virginia case detailed

Entity’s Description: I have asked “Lee” to utilize the height of the bed’s railing as reference to determine the size of the entity and she later concluded that it was approximately 42 inches (106.7cm) tall. Although her initial report described its’ skin as “reptile like” but further into our interview, she did state that it did not have scales or have the texture of a crocodile but rather the look of rough skin. Its’ color was a dark, mossy green/gray and glossy and it was not wearing clothing or a uniform. The head had that classic [b]Gray-alien appearance with large black eyes[/b] and each hand had three digits (two fingers and a thumb). Wendi: “It had 3 fingers kinda on the long side and they were fatter at the tips of his fingers”.


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Their skin appeared to be wrinkled and greenish in color.