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ET Communication - Grumbling, Guttural Noise

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Daniel Leger. Female piltot, slightly slanted, Asian like eyes. Guttural speech.


Bruno Facchini. He then started to realize they might not be American pilots, as the beings started to converse with each other and call him in "a guttural language," and also because they moved with difficulties and made "strange gestures" at him, which he felt may be an offer to come aboard. The invitation and the realization that they were not human threw him in a state of panic.

|Sphere|Beam|Buzz|Debris|ET|Heat|Injury|Landing Mark|Repair|

Ocotlán is to 60 km of Guadalajara, patch to the shore of the Lake of Chapala.

Antonio Apodaca...the aliens natural speech was a jaw breaking, being far more guttural than German.


Two women, Anna Spiadiacci, 52, and Adele Orsini, 37, were returning home after having left a movie theatre. Next to the intersection between a square and a street, they observed a strange creature moving “convulsively” and producing some terrible sounding guttural noises. The being was approximately one meter in height, wearing something like a gray colored diving suit and a leather helmet. A bluish light emanated from the creature’s forehead. The being produced some words which the women recalled as sounding like “Axgi etam anul.” Thereafter the creature vanished in a thick white cloud.


Antonio Villas-Boas.



Maurice Masse. Their heads were oversize and with sharp chins, their eyes were large and slanted, and they were making a "grumbling" noise.


Sales executive "John Gilbert." There was a leader dressed in blue and they spoke amongst themselves in guttural tones.


|ET|Guttural tones|Large Head|Pupil_None|Short|Suit-Blue|Telepathy|

In one reported incident the hairy creatures seemed to mimic human speech, their voice sounding very guttural.

|Guttural speech|Hairy|


Some type of low mumbling sound coming from one of them.


A fifth of all subjects in the study re marked on the audible voice of one or more beings, alwaysentity-to-entity communication. Reported in six cases each were whispering and chattering (the latter denoting a language seem- ingly without vowels). Five other subjects said they heard low pitched sounds made up of either grunts or mumbles.