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Occupants - Hairy

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Mr. Robert Hall. Behind this shield they saw a little under twenty aliens of varying shapes and sizes gathered around a small craft. Most of the creatures were “horrible looking” short grey type aliens, but there was also another creature present who Robert describes as looking like Bigfoot. Another creature had a strange sort of diving helmet on, similar to deep sea divers of the day.

  Other people told tales of meeting 3-foot dwarfs, hairy creatures and humanoids of various bizarre permutations. (22)

Architect Oscar Zamorro draws an illustration of the gorilla-like space alien and his UFO. Below is an enlarhgement of the amazing craft and it's ape-like pilot.

...we were shocked to see a hairy human-looking creature at least six feet tall. "He could have been mistaken for a gorilla except for his human-shaped body and face. "Beside the dark hair, the strangest thing about him was that he had no discernible neck.

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Driving a truck, Gustavo Gonzalez and his helper Jose Ponce found the street blocked by a luminous sphere 8-10 ft in diameter, hovering 6 ft above the ground. They got out to investigate, and saw coming toward them a dwarfish being 3 ft tall, with claws & glowing eyes. Gonzalez grabbed the little man, who wore only a loincloth, & lifted him up, finding him surprisingly light, hard, & hairy. The entity gave him a push than knocked him 15 ft. Gonzalez then tried to stab him, but the knife glanced off. Ponce saw 2 others emerging from the bushes with soil in their hands. They jumped up into the sphere, and shone a blinding light at Gonzalez. His antagonist also jumped in, and the craft flew away. Gonzalez was left with a deep scratch in his side.

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Emelino Martinez was walking back from his hunting trip in the hills outside of the city when there was a sudden movement in the bushes nearby. Martinez stopped, motionless, shotgun in the ready, when the thrashing noise sounded again. He waited briefly then resumed his walk toward his parked automobile. Suddenly he heard a blood curling guttural noise. Terrified he dropped his day’s catch and ran for his car, parked in a nearby clearing. An unintelligible shout behind him indicated that whatever creature it was, it was close to him. He stopped for an instant to glance back toward his pursuer. He then saw two bizarre creatures running after him. They were short, and looked like a half man, half monkey. They were covered with dark hair. Martinez reached the car fumbling with his pockets for the keys. He dropped the keys and picked them up and attempted to open the car. He was then suddenly grabbed from behind. He fell together with his assailant into a ditch besides the road. He dropped his shotgun as two powerful arms closed over his throat. He managed to bake free and scrambled towards the car. The creature jumped on top of him, screaming, growling, and biting like a mad animal. He could not reach his shotgun, so he grabbed a large rock and repeatedly smashed his attacker on the head. Screams of pain slashed through the dark night. Martinez saw his attacker move backward, blood spurting from his head wounds. He then dashed to his car. He snapped the door locked as the two creatures lunged against the car, pounding their hairy fists against the windows in frustrated rage. He managed to start the car and drove away at very high speed directly to the police station. The next day, Martinez and some friends returned to the site and recovered his shotgun they also found some blood stained leaves. They questioned locals and were told that strange disc shaped objects had been seen in the area and that; cattle, sheep, pigs, dogs, and two young farmhands had disappeared on the mountain. The farmers have also seen black, bristly haired dwarfs that hid in caves and kidnapped both livestock and humans. Martinez never returned to the area to hunt again.

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A widow named Maurel reported encountered a landed object shaped like a large bowl on a meadow near the village of Longuetire. An individual all covered with hair left the machine. At the sight of Mrs. Maurel the individual ran back into the craft which left immediately.

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A 12-year old girl sees a luminous boat shaped craft land on a nearby field. Three hairy humanoids emerged from the object and began to gather apples from a nearby orchard.
No other information.

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Two hunters, Lorenzo Flores, Jesus Gomez, saw a luminous object “like 2 washbowls put together,” 9 or 10 ft wide, hovering 2 ft off the ground. Flames emanated from the base. 4 little hairy men about 3 ft tall emerged and tried to drag Gomez toward their craft. Flores struck one with his gun butt; it felt like striking rock, and the gun broke. Gomez fainted from fright; both youths were scratched & bruised, their shirts in ribbons, when they told the police their story.

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Jesus Paz left his 2 friends car to go into the bushes to relieve himself. They heard him scream, and found him unconscious on the ground; a small hairy man was running away toward a flat shiny object hovering a few feet from the ground. The machine vanished with a deafening whistle. At the hospital Paz was found to have long, deep scratches on his right side & down his spine.

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18-year old jockey Jose Parra, out on a training run, came upon 6 very hairy little men loading rocks into a disc shaped craft which was hovering less than 9 ft from the ground. Parra started to run away, but one of the little beings pointed a device at him that emitted a beam of violet light, and he found himself paralyzed. The entities jumped aboard their craft & it took off. At the site were found footprints “neither animal nor human.”

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Guadalupe Cantu, 19, glanced through the kitchen window and saw an orange luminous object moving 30 feet above nearby rooftops. As it drew closer, he could see that it was a transparent disc shaped object, in which stood a hairy, ape like being without clothing; the entity was looking down toward him and the rest of the ground, its hand apparently resting on something. No machinery or controls could be seen. The UFO passed about a block away making no sound, and then went out of sight.

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A woman reported seeing a large boomerang shaped craft hovering over a heavily wooded area. Upon investigating, her husband encountered a large hairy biped type creature with a wolf like face. He shot at it with no apparent effect. No other information.

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John Avis, 29, his wife Elaine, 25, and 3 children, were driving home to Aveley, traveling southward along Hacton Lane and the Aveley Road when they saw an oval pale blue light to their left. This light traveled with them, and presently crossed the road in front of them, about 500 yards away. About a mile further on, they suddenly came upon a bank of thick green mist covering the entire road, 8-9 ft high. At this moment the car radio started crackling and smoking, and John pulled out its wires. The car's headlights went out, and they entered the mist. In the mist "it was very light," and they felt very cold; there was a dead silence. After what seemed like a second or two, there was a jolt, and the mist was gone; the car was now half a mile further along the road. Elaine's first impressions were not until it had traveled another half mile. One of the children was still awake, and the other two still asleep. When they reached home, they found that the time was not about 2200, as it should have been, but about 0100A. Three hours had somehow been lost. After this, numerous odd things happened to the family, among them a nervous breakdown before Christmas that forced John to give up his job; also, John, Elaine, and two of the children all gave up eating meat, and John and Elaine gave up drinking alcohol. John, a heavy smoker, gave up smoking completely. There have been disappearances of articles in the house, a loud droning noise frequently heard after midnight, and clicking noises heard in the living room and bedroom, with other phenomena. The telephone acted peculiarly, etc. On one occasion one of the children claimed he saw a "man" standing beside his bed dressed "like a clown." John had seen a UFO on a highway in 1968, which had made the lights and engines of several cars fail, causing a collision to occur; also, just before or just after the green mist incident, he had seen by daylight a large cylindrical silver object pacing an aircraft. John had "odd dreams" from which he could remember being operated on, "or something similar," by "gnomes;" Elaine could remember a dream in which she was lying on an operating table, with a person of small stature in a white coat standing beside her. Later Elaine remembered John, herself and one of the children standing beside a car in a large room with curved walls. Walking around machinery were men in gray one-piece suits. Inside another room, containing the operating table, was "a small ugly looking person." Later while John was under hypnosis he remembered that as the car entered the mist, he found himself in a big room where tall "peaceful" beings, in one-piece colorless suits, told him not to worry about the children. They had pink eyes and communicated by telepathy. They put him on a table and ran a "honeycombed" bar like instrument, 10" by 30", over his body. He asked where they came from; they showed him "a map but not a map", and gave an explanation of which he could remember only "Phobos." They travel, he was told; almost instantaneously;" they explained how, but he could not understand. A small being was present; it had fur like covering and made chirping sounds; it served the tall beings. In a second hypnotic session, John remembered that when the car entered the mist, a white beam cut through it, and lifted the car. The next thing he knew was that they were in a very large room. Here an "examiner," "smaller than us," with big eyes and a mouth "not like ours", examined him. The tall beings had no visible mouths. Their propulsion system used a magnetic "vortex." He encountered only 3 of these beings, and only one communicated with him. When asked the reason for the being's visit to Earth, he replied, "No visit, they are here always." Asked where they came from, he said, "There was no need for them to say," and that they have no need to return home; "they have more than one base," he said. After being brought out of hypnosis, he said that at this point he felt prevented from saying anything more.

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Johnny Sands. I was on the side next to the desert and I reached and grabbed the door handle and as I reached to grab it, I don’t know if you’ve ever seen that show The Adam’s Family, Cousin It, the furry thing?

Editor: Yes.

Johnny Sands: Okay. Cousin It come running at me, at my door, and I looked and it run so close to the door I slammed the door back and looked out and it stood right in front of my door. No face. Just fur. And I looked back and there was another one to the left of him, and I said, “John, do you see?” He said, “A cactus run into the door didn’t it?” I said, “I don’t know what it is.” He said, “Are you getting out.” I said, “No, I’m not.” I backed up and locked the door and this thing went around the car and went over to Dave Dunn and this other man. I don’t know what he said or what he done, but he came right back to my door and stood. Another words it meant don’t get out. So I didn’t move.

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Time: night During a brief power outage in the area and around the same time a lighted object was seen cruising low overhead, several witnesses spotted a seven to eight foot tall dark hair covered figure. The figure had long dangling arms, bumps for ears, wrinkled skin on it face and claws-like hands. It was apparently seen at a wooded area.

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Source: Mark Opsasnick

Time: night. Williard McIntyre saw a tall hairy humanoid in a wooded area. He fired a shot at the creature, apparently without affect; the creature then turned around and hit McIntyre with a ball of light. No other information.


ALF (for Alien Life Form) is an American television sitcom that originally ran on NBC from 1986 to 1990 and was created by Paul Fusco. ALF's body is covered with a ginger/rust-colored fur (he once described his color as burnt sienna).

A Mr. BPL saw a small metallic saucer crash in a lake. A port opened and two creatures emerged. One was about one meter tall with a large baldhead and big eyes and the other was a bit larger and hairy except for the hands and face. BPL used a long stick to pull them to shore, and then took them to his house. A report from an anonymous soldier of the 35th infantry battalion said he was part of a team that went to the farmhouse and carried the creatures out. The hairy one protested. One solider made the sign of the cross and said, "These are animals from another world." Then Naval Intelligence officers arrived in a car and took control of the event. The saucer, being very light was put on a truck. Then a helicopter arrived and took the two humanoids. Another soldier confirmed the incident.

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Two women watched from a 2nd story window a hovering disc shaped object right outside their upstairs window. They could see a hairy type creature inside the object through a large observation window. The craft was about 50 ft away from the house. When they yelled for their father to come and take a look the saucer shot straight up and vanished.

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In addition, in 1997, as far as Braganca Paulista, three hours drive from Varginha, a remote area, where there are only small farms surrounded by jungle, the children who live there have seen a non-human, non-animal creature covered with dark hair several times the description given by the children of this being is that it seems to hover just above the ground, moving very fast and stirring the leaves under its' path.