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UFO Heat Reports

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August 15, 1663/66. Robozero, Soviet Union

Fishermen on the lake about a mile away were badly burned by the heat of the UFO.

Robozero Marvel of 1663, a report from Russia published in the St Petersburg Archaeographic Society Archives for 1842.
Men in a boat could not approach near the object because the heat was so strong.

(1)   Fireball , Beam , Injury
June 12, 1790. Alencon, France Huge globe, surrounded by fire, made whistling noise, flying at high velocity. Gave off heat.


  Sphere , Explosion , Speed
1927. Fernvale, NSW, Australia The witness returned the next day and discovered a circle of scorched grass about 10m in diameter. Disc , Dome , Landing Mark
April 24, 1950.
Abbiate Guazzone, Varese, Italy

Witness: Bruno Facchini. The air around the craft was unusually warm and a buzzing sound like a giant beehive was heard constantly. Sphere , Beam , Buzz , Debris , ET , Injury , Landing Mark , Repair

August 20, 1952.

Florida J. D. Desvergers burned by close-approaching UFO. It had become oppressively hot. Sound of vault-like door opening. A ball of red mist  was ejected through the opening rending him unconscious. The roots of the grass samples taken from the clearing where Desvergers had fallen had been burned. (2)   Injury , Landing Mark
1955. Langtry, Texas, Mexican side of Rio Grande Witness: Robert B. Willingham. Heat from crashed UFO. Debris he piecked up felt hot. Source: Noe Torres & Ruben Uriarte - The Other Roswell: UFO Crash on the Texas-Mexico Border
Source: FOX 4 News (Dallas): The Tex Files: Del Rio Flying Saucer Mystery by Richard Ray
Source: W. T. Zechel, GSW [Ground Saucer Watch]
  Disc , Nocturnal , Aeronautics , Crash , Debris , Harassment , ET
1954. Schirmeck, France Motorist felt heat from UFO on road.  

July 1, 1954.

Walesville, New York Unbearable, suffocating heat pilot bailed out. (1)   Disc , Gleaming , Radar , Scramble
November 4, 1957. Sno Vicente (Fort Itaipu), Brazil
Sentries received burns as UFO approached and hovered.
(1) Disc , Hover , Hum , Injury , Glow
1957. Orogrande, N.M. Witness: James Stokes. Felt a wave of heat and later his face appeared sunburned. Injury
1957. Melom, Indiana Iron worker stood under UFO. Treated at hospital for burns. Beam , Injury
1957 The Merom Indiana Incident. UFO hovering, received mild skin burns.
Hover , Injury
1958. Loch Raven Dam, Maryland. Brightly luminous UFO, skin reddening, obtained medical attention. One large, flat egg-shaped object affected a car's electrical system and caused a burning sensation on one of its occupants.     Ellipse , Dam , Injury , Interference


Pan De Azucar, Uruguay Felt strong heat, aerial encounter with top shaped UFO. Top , Aeronautics
April 24, 1964. Socorro New Mexico
Witness policeman Lonnie Zamora watched object with flame underneath descend toward desert.
Burning and charred brush found at landing sight.
Ellipse , ET , Landing Legs , Landing Mark , Smoke
June 29, 1964. Lavonia, Georgia A motorist reported seeing an object of an amber color fly over his vehicle along State Route 59. The object--described as about six feet high and top shaped, with what appeared to be antennae along its rim--followed the car for two miles, emanated great heat, made a loud hissing noise, had odor like that of embalming fluid and gave off a yellow light through what looked like openings in the lower portion of the object. (7)   Top
September 3, 1965. Damon, Texas Driver felt heat on his left arm. Triangle
November 22, 1966. Missouri.

Ivestigated by Dr. J. Allen Hynek and Ted R. Phillips.

Ted Phillips Disc , Landing Mark
March 16, 1967.

Malmstrom AFB, Montana

Minor injury, either a burn or a cut received by security guard while approaching or retreating from the object.

    Atomic , Base , Glow , Hover , Injury , Intercept
May 19, 1967. Falcon Lake, Canada Radiation burns abdomen area. Disc , Injury , Landing Trace , Radiation
November 20, 1968. Tingo Maria, Peru The child was supposedly taken to a local hospital where he died suffering from third degree burns. On the site an area of scorched brush was found. ufo/updates/2005/aug/m02-009.shtml Disc , Injury , Landing Trace

August 7, 1970.

Saladare, Ethiopia Witness: Dr. Antal Makk. It had a source of heat. It melted the asphalt, metal objects, grass and bushes were burned, but without fire or flame. Ted Phillips Injury , Landing Mark
August 30, 1970. Barragem do Funil, Brazil Almiro Martins De Freitas became quite frightened, drew his revolver and fired at the object. Instantly he felt intense heat, he went numb and a prickly feeling of pins and needles took hole of him. He fell down, attempted to get up again and run. Still holding his gun, he took his whistle and started calling for help. He stated that after firing his first shot, the lights grew brighter and there was a noise. A blinding ray was emitted after he had fired his second shot from his 38' double barrel. Ted Phillips Injury , Landing Mark , Power Plant
September 4, 1970. Brazil A peasant woman walking along a deserted road when she felt a great heat at her back. When she turned around she saw a large bluish-white light at about 50 meters and behind it, some kind of object. She ran, the object followed her at a distance of 20 meters. Two hours later she suffered from a violent headache, visual handicaps and burns were found covering her back. In addition, several workmen at the dam have reported UFOs. Ted Phillips Heat , Injury
February 5, 1971. Kangaskyla Kinnula, Finland
Two young men, P. Aliranta and E J Sneck, were working in the woods when Aliranta noticed a 15 foot metallic object, shaped like two saucers put together, and with four thin legs, descending in a clearing 50 feet away. As it landed, a little entity just under 3-foot tall glided to the ground from an opening in the underside; dressed in green one-piece "diver's suit," it wore a helmet with a circular faceplate. It approached the young men, walking on top of the deep snow, and Aliranta moved toward it with his motor saw in hand. Through 3 windows on the upper part of the object, 3 more entities could be seen. The humanoid retreated before Aliranta and was rising into the air under the object when the young man grabbed it by the heel of its boot with its bare hand; he found it burned like a hot iron, and he had to let go at once. As soon as the being was back in the object, it ascended with a slight buzzing sound or hum. Both men felt stiff all over and had difficulty in moving. Four landing leg marks and small footprints were left in the snow.
Tapani Kuningas, FSR Vol. 17 # 5 Disc , ET , Buzz , Hum , Landing Legs , Landing Trace
May 22, 1973. Catanduva, Brazil

As UFO came closer, pulled off road and overcome by heat and stuffiness...A transparent curtain moving around object completely encircled it. Sensation of heat and airlessness ceased.

Note: Force field/ protective shielding type technology being utilized. See: UFO Propulsion

(1)   Disc , Beam , Buzz , Interference
June 28, 1973. Columbia, Missouri Witness: James Richard. Investigators subsequently found broken tree limbs, crushed foliage, and on some trees burned leaves as high as 35 feet above the ground. Ellipse , Animal Reaction , Beam , Interference Landing Mark
October 29, 1973. 25 km NE of General Pinto Buenos Aires Argentina Witness: Carlos Argue Balvidares. They floated about with their arms held close to their bodies. On the far side of the pond rested a rectangular object approx. 35 ft in diameter and 7-10 ft high, which was luminous, and emitted a beam of light 15" in diameter which struck Balvidares; it dazzled him and he could feel heat from it. Omar R Demattei, ONIFE Rectangular , Animal , Beam , ET , Force-Field , Sulfur , Landing Mark
May 9, 1974. Mt. Vernon, Indiana. He reported that the object gave off heat. Abduction , ET , Hover
August 16, 1974. Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada
Witnesses: David Bates, 8, and Steven and Henry Stillie, aged 10 and 7. In a state of petrified amazement, the boys remained at their point of observation about 150 feet from the touchdown site. As the object settled down to land it gave off a blast of hot air that disturbed the ground so violently the boys were covered in a film of dust.
Graham Conway / UFO*BC Disc , Animal , Buzz , Flashing , Landing Legs , Landing Mark , Maneuver
1975. The Travis Walton Abduction Faint warmth radiating onto my face. Disc , Abduction , Beam , Maneuver
January 6, 1976. Liberty, Kentucky (1) ..soon became filled with blue light and suffocating heat.     Disc , Dome , Abduction , Injury , Maneuver , Landing Mark
1976. Stanford, Kentucky Louise Smith, Mona Stafford, and Elaine Thomas. They were suffering from burns on areas of exposed skin. Abduction , Beam , Injury
January 9, 1977. Bellevue, ID Witness was physically affected by the object as it heated up the interior of the vehicle. Bob Gribble of Phenomena Research Hot Line   Interference , Whirling
October 14, 1977. Cantwell, MI Light heated up skin on one of the witnesses. Bob Gribble of Phenomena Research Hot Line   Cone
December 29, 1980. Piney Woods, Texas Became hot inside and outside of witness vehicle. The door handle was so hot she could hardly open the front door.
Sunburn skin feeling. Diamond , Beeping , Injury , Radiation
May 6, 1984. Williston, Florida Time not given. A 13-year-old boy working at a kennel in Williston, Florida heard a humming noise, and noticed that the dogs were attempting to hide in their pens and whining. As he went out to investigate the area turned red with illumination, and a bright red disc-shaped object hovered only 20 feet over his head. He felt heat coming from the object. When he returned to the dog pens, the dogs barked at him and would not let him inside. Robert Gribble, International UFO Reporter, May 1984, p. 16; MUFON UFO Journal, May 1984, p. 11 Disc , Animal , Hum
May 26, 1987. Waterbury, CT The lights were shimmering like distortion from engine heat, but he could hear no sound. Boomerang , Interference
July 12, 1987. Putnam Lake, Brewster, New York From his location he could see a weird disturbance like "heat waves" was coming from beneath the craft entering the lake. 19/p.77   Beam , Buzz
1992. The Quantock Hills, Somerset, England The craft flew directly overhead, no more than fifty feet above land. Instinctively, he threw himself to the ground, and as the shadow passed over him, he felt a burning sensation. 16/p.88   Disc , Dome , ET , Hover , Injury , Radiation
January 2, 2001. Brazlandia, Brasilia, Brazil Witness: Carlos Airton Machado. He attempted to get closer but the heat emitted from the object preventing him in doing so. Thiago Luiz Ticchetti, Brazil Oval , ET , Injury , Speed , Whistling Sound