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UFO Hoaxes, Possible Hoaxes, Fakes

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Bell Shape:

This was filmed in Lost Creek, West Virginia by Gray Barker and James Moseley. I actually have the original film that Barker shot, the Benedum Airport video is also up on my youTube page also shot by Barker and Moseley. Moseley actually used the films in college lectures and Barker sold 8mm copies at conventions. I just finished a doumentary about Barker . . .

Adamski type Bellshaped Flying Saucer photographed at Benedum Airport 1968.

Bellshaped type Flying Saucer - It was filmed on February 28th in 1965 by George Adamski at US government official home Madeline Rodeffer, in a suburb of Washington DC called Silver Springs, Maryland USA.

Beehive Shape:

Cigar Shape:

Cone Shape:

Cylinder Shape:


*Possible slow exposure rate photo

Diamond/Pyramid Shape:

*Possible lens artifact/effect

Discoidal Shape:


Press photographer Ed Keffel, reporter Joao Martins.

One of the clearest photographs ever of a UFO. Unfortunately computer examination suggest it is a hoax. Brazil has produced hundreds of such pictures. (20)

unknown source

Note: Similar to the 1952 Barra da Tijuca, Brazil photos.


George Stock photos. *Controversial. Some allege photos were faked


Gampietro Monguzzi. Considered to be a hoax (1).


Admitted hoax: the UFO is a button. For more details, see Ronald Story, Encyclopedia Of UFOs, p. 34-5 .


Rex Heflin. A fourth photograph shows a smoke ring which the UFO allegedly left when it departed.

*Controversial. Some allege photos were hoaxed. Disc from toy train wheel and smoke ring from cigar.


Possibly by artist Joe Clower (possibly fake).


Artist Joe Clower (possibly fake).

Rectangular Shape:

Saturn/ Walnut Shape:

Almiro Barauna.

*Controversial. Some allege hoax.

Spindle Shape:

*Possible slow rate exposure photo.


*Slow rate exposure photo.


Left :R. David Anderson. Right: Casey Rea

*Slow exposure rate photo.

Triangular Shape:

*Controversial. Purported admitted hoax.