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ET Wear - Hoods

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Marie Louise Bourriot...Then she encountered a man in a darkish overcoat, and a hood who was standing on the road in company of 2 dwarfish black beings, “difficult to describe.”

|Oval|ET|Physical Trace|

Gary T. Wilcox. Suddenly, however, two small humanoids appeared standing next to the craft. They were dressed in seamless uniforms with hoods covering their faces. Each carried a tray that appeared to be heaped full of earth that had been removed from his field.


Danie van Graan. Four 1- to 1.5-meter-tall beings, thin, slanted eyes, light coveralls, hoods, visible inside silver oval with legs; light beam struck witness in face, physiological effects.

|Ellipse|Beam|ET|Injury|Landing Legs|


Khoury had lay on a bed and was overwhelmed by paralysis. A number of beings became apparent around him. One of them, a tall thin golden yellow coloured being, with large black eyes, inserted a long needle like object into the side of his head. Khoury blackout. He regained consciousness with a start and rushed into the adjoining room where he found other family members in a "switched-off" state. Rousing them, Khoury found that while they thought only some 10 minutes had passed, in reality it seemed between 1 to 2 hours had passed. An injury to his head was verified.

|Abduction|Missing Time|

Peter Khoury. During November, 1996, while lying in bed with Vivian beside him asleep, he felt an energy presence intruding into the room. He opened his eyes. He saw what seemed to be several hooded small figures (similar to his 1988 experience) appearing to come through the mirror. As they came closer Peter experienced paralysis and felt he was being floated horizontally feet first towards the mirror. Touching the surface of the mirror with his feet felt like he was going into water, like a change of density, not something solid. Khoury felt a sense of electrical static buzzing right through his body. He watched as the reflection of his head approached his face. As soon as they touched, he blacked out. He did not remember anything else other than waking up in the bed again.

|Abduction|Passing Through Glass|