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UFO Sound - Hum

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Two bright green hoses extended into the water, and during the sighting, a distinct humming sound could be heard. The witnesses thought that water was being taken into the ship with one hose and that it was being discharged back into the lake through the other.

|Disc|Tilt On Angle|ET|Humming Sound|Water|

A steady hum emanating from the object.


The base of the saucer appeared to be rotating, and the object emitted a low humming noise.


Marianne Hatzenbuhler. As it approached, the object became intensely bright, and emitted a low humming noise.

|Animal Reaction|ET|Debris|Hum|Landing Mark|Landing Struts|


Arvi Juntunen. A saucer-like object flying just above the ground. Device was brownish, it had diameter not more than 80 cm and it caused little hum.


The object emitted a vibratory hum, he said.


The UFO was about two to three car lengths wide and made a soft hum- ming sound.

In the late summer of 1968 at 2 a.m. a married couple(names confidential on file) reported seeing a dome-topped UFO with "windows" and odd-colored lights(yellow, blue and red fixed together) flying near their Lake Norman home. The UFO was about two to three car lengths wide and made a soft hum- ming sound. A "metal rod" came from the bottom edge of the UFO, as it moved down nearby power lines, almost touching the wires as it followed the power lines.

|Disc|Dome|Humming|Power Lines|


P. Aliranta and E J Sneck. As soon as the being was back in the object, it ascended with a slight buzzing sound or hum. Both men felt stiff all over and had difficulty in moving. Four landing leg marks and small footprints were left in the snow.

|Disc|ET|Buzz|Heat|Hum|Landing Legs|Landing Trace|

Strange buzzing noise.


Two or three 6-ft tall human-like beings moved around a domed disc resting on tripod legs, entered via ladder, took off with humming sound.

|Disc|Dome|ET|Humming|Landing Feet|

It was heading in the same direction as the car and emitted a humming sound.


Elaine McGowan also observes the object, which was giving off a humming sound.

|Power Plant|

The object was about eight feet long and 4 feet high. Its light was yellow/green in color and it emitted a soft humming sound.


Two witnesses observe a red, rectangular object, with a pulsating light and emitting a humming-type sound.


The object was rocking gently to and fro. Suddenly a multicoloured band began to rotate inside the windows and a witish mist thickened around the object, wich emitted a faint hum. The witnesses became aware of a sulphurous smell.


Terry. The white underside of the object had "craters" on the surface, as well as what appeared to be steel beams, girders and lots of antennae. She remembered hearing a low hum. She became startled when she realized that her car had stopped running and her radio, which had been playing, was silent. She remembers starting her car and continuing the drive home after the object passed over.


Statistical Analysis On Recorded Observations of the Hudson Valley UFO "Boomerang"

Sound -> Humming:

March 17, 1983 = 50%

March 24, 1983 = 24%

April 10, 1983 = 57%

July 12, 1984 = 18%


Time not given. A 13-year-old boy working at a kennel in Williston, Florida heard a humming noise, and noticed that the dogs were attempting to hide in their pens and whining. As he went out to investigate the area turned red with illumination, and a bright red disc-shaped object hovered only 20 feet over his head. He felt heat coming from the object. When he returned to the dog pens, the dogs barked at him and would not let him inside. (Sources: Robert Gribble, International UFO Reporter, May 1984, p. 16; MUFON UFO Journal, May 1984, p. 11).


8:05 PM. Five people in Plano, Texas, witnessed a huge dome-shaped UFO fly over their house at only 200 feet altitude. It made a loud humming noise and had lights on the rim. A jet aircraft was seen in pursuit of the UFO.


The cigar was emitting a low, fluctuating humming noise, which rose and fell in pitch. It seemed to be travelling towards the Williamtown Air Force Base, some 13.5 km to the east.


David D. I heard a low humming sound.

|Disc|ET|Hum|Interference|Landing Legs|Turn On Side|

Illustration by witness Tim Todd.

Tim Todd. There was a very distinct humming, exactly like a large transformer hums.

|Disc|Dome|Hover|Humming|Power Lines|Missing Time|Speed|

The only sound reported was a humming sound.


Ian Macpherson. As he strolled along, he was suddenly aware of an odd humming noise, quite unlike anything he ever heard before.


The object also made almost no noise. I live 25 miles from Pittsburgh Intl. Airport so a lot of plane fly over head at a fairly frequent pace and you can hear the engine drone from miles away, but this thing made only a slight hum even as it flew away.


...quiet, low humming craft with 2 bright banks of lights (what appeared to be rather halogenic red/clear/blue), approximately 500-1000ft above ground.


Reported humming sound from craft.

The aircraft made a humming noise, not like an airplane but more like the sound of a computer humming.


Camped near a ridge the witness had been seeing red, blue and green object go over the ridge many time late at night. This night he camped on top of the ridge directly northeast of his home. He took his binoculars and saw an oval disk shaped object with blinking lights and making a low pitched humming sound. It was over the ridge in a small clearing. He did not see it until its lights came on. It hovered there for a while, he looked through the binoculars and saw what appeared to be a porthole or small window, and he could also see a humanoid shaped head wearing some sort of helmet. This frightened the witness who decided to climb down the ridge and go home.