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UFO Shape - Jellyfish

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September 22. 1977. Petrozavodsk, Soviet Union Jellyfish UFO. 1    
January 4 1992. Saga Prefecture, Japan A farmer that had experienced strange cattle mutilations in the past was awakened by the sound of his dog barking. The farmer went to investigate and upon entering the cow shed saw a small white "object" resembling a jellyfish with numerous tentacle-like protrusions coming out of its bottom. The "object" was floating in the air; it then drifted outside where it vanished. A cow was discovered on the floor. It had a badly broken leg. Jenny Randles, Peter A Hough, World Best True UFO Stories Cattel Mutilation
December 21, 1994. Mt.Popocatepetl in Puebla, Mexico
Carlos Diaz photo of a glowing, yellowish, disc shaped object with a red hue toward the top and windows or portholes.



June 21, 2004. Richmand Hill, NY "The object looked round like a disc, and was so bright that its light was beaming below the craft, making the object look kind of like a jellyfish, with its body hanging below it. The bright light lasted for about three seconds. About two minutes later, I saw a clearer craft. It was the same shape, and the lights were even brighter red. Both objects seemed far away, but very visible. The second craft kind of floated around wobbling like it didn't know where to go, and then it just disappeared very fast." P.226/19  



Jan. 4, 2009. Conisholme, England Witness: John Harrison. Local resident John Harrison said he witnessed a "massive ball of light with tentacles going right down to the ground" above a nearby wind turbine farm on Jan. 4, 2009. "It was huge. With the tentacles it looked just like an octopus," he was quoted as saying by the UK newspaper The Sun. UK newspaper The Sun