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UFO Flight - Maneuver

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-322 BCE. Tyre, Phoenicia During Alexander's siege of Tyre, a large flying shield, leadng a triangular formation of four smaller shields, circled over Tyre while thousands of soldiers on both sides watched in amazement.







August 18, 1783.

Sudbrooke, Essex, England

The object then seperated into 7/8 pieces and travelled swiftly horizontally before disappearing in an arc like a rocket.



Angels' Hair






May 13, October 13, 1917. Fatima, Portugal

The disk stopped spinning, plunged toward the ground with falling leaf motion. Finally, the disk retreate and disappeared into the sun.

Falling leaf motion also known as "pendulum motion," this pattern of descent is observed in many UFO sightings. The UFO is seen to descend in a gradual, side-to-side motion, in the manner of a falling leaf or a pendulum. (7)





Summer and Autumn, 1946 Sweden Known to travel all directions, execute turns, circular maneuvers. 1  
Disc 1947. Brazil Daytime sighting of a bright, metallic disk, about one foot in diameter, oscillating at treetop level above and along some nearby railroad tracks. Granchi, Irene. 1  

June 21, 1947.

Spokane, Washington One witness said the objects dropped from the sky in the soon familiar "falling leaf" motion and fell to Earth along the Saint Joe River in Idaho. 7  




October 1, 1948. Fargo, North Dakota, United States Witness: Lieutenant George F. Gorman. On the evening of October 1st, 1948, Lieutenant Gorman was returning from a cross-country flight with his squadron of North Dakota Air National Guard, when he saw an unidentified light source. He closed to within about l,000 yards to take a good look, later saying, “It was about six to eight inches in diameter, clear white, and completely round without fuzz at the edges." For 27 hair-raising minutes, Gorman pursued the light through a series of intricate maneuvers. North Dakota Public Radio, Dec. 10. 2003



May 10, 1952. Ellenton, South Carolina The noiseless UFOs weaved from left to right and moved from side to side as they departed at a 90 degree angle.

UFOs Continue To Visit Nuclear Energy Sites By George D. Fawcett

Look Magazine, June 24, 1952 issue, "Hunt For The Flying Saucer"




June, 1952. Massachusetts, New Jersey, Maryland F-94s had locked on aerial targets only to have the lock-on broken by the apparent violent maneuvers of the target. 2  





On Edge

July 14, 1952. Newport News, Virginia Flipped on edge in unison. Glowing top surfaces. UFOs shapped rather like coins. 1  




August 6-7, 1952. Kerkrade, Holland

Will Jansen, a marine engineer and designer, was visiting in Kerkrade, Holland. Just after midnight a disc-shaped craft with visible superstructure swooped down to low altitude, hovered, zigzagged and sped away. A second disc-shaped UFO, similar in outline, was then seen hovering farther away. Finally it tilted up vertically and shot up out of sight.

Letter to CSI of Los Angeles, on file at NICAP  




September 19, 1952. Topcliffe, United Kingdom NATO exercise. Royal Air Force's Topcliffe facility. Meteor jet preparing to land at nearby base. Silvery UFO, estimated at 10,000 feet, As the object descended, it described a pendulum-like motion in the air, from left to right. then the object stopped, appeared to rotate, and finally departed at great velocity.






Angels' Hair




October 17, 1952. Oloron, France The objects traveled in pairs following zigzag paths. 1  








October 27, 1952. Gaillac, France About ten pairs of disks accompanied the cylinder, flying in zigzag motions. 1  

An instrument technician, while driving from a large city toward an Air Force base on December 22, 1952, saw an object from his car at 1930 hours. He stopped his car to watch it. It suddenly moved up toward the zenith in spurts from right to left at an angle of about 45°. It then moved off in level flight at a high rate of speed, during which maneuver it appeared white most of the time, but apparently rolled three times showing a red side. About halfway through its roll it showed no light at all. It finally assumed a position to the south of the planet Jupiter at a high altitude, at which position it darted back and forth, left and right alternately. Total time of the observation was 15 minutes. Apparently, the observer just stopped watching the object.


The object maneuvered with a strange oscillating motion.

|Buzz|Oscillating Motion|Ground Trace|Tilt|

Salvador Villanueva. Glowing white, the vessel zigzagged upwards, and then shot up vertically, with only a faint whistling sound.

|Disc|ET|Glow|Landing Spheres|Landing Trace|Maneuver|Whistling sound|

USAF Pilot Capt. Bill McDonalld. One white light descended at 45 from great altitude, passed under his aircraft, made two 360' turns and went out after 30 seconds.


Robert Frenhoff. "It moved in a fantastic manner. One moment it would hover near the Great Bear constellation, apparently, and then in a sudden rush, dart away at an angle of ninety degrees; then stop short as if it had hit a brick wall. There was no way of estimating its immense height in the sky. It repeated these hovering and rushing maneuvers until close on midnight."


The author indicates further in his book that that in September 1954, in the Savoie, on the Franco-Swiss frontier, fifteen persons watched for five minutes a saucer maneuvering in the sky.


Doctor Martinet. "First of all, I thought of some atmospheric phenomenon, such as a cloudburst etc. But the wind blew from the North-West, and the phenomenon came from the South. Thirty seconds later, whereas we were about fifteen people to observe this object, it started to go down in a falling leaf manner, offering the aspect of a plate whose relief had been turned upwards. At 05:16 P.M., it suddenly presented itself upfron in the shape of a perfect disc. After that, it came to the apparent vertical location above the cablecar station of Revard, went down a little, then suddenly accelerated and disappeared as fast as a thunderflash. It was exactly 05:18:40 P.M."

"Depending on the angles of observation, the object went from a dark gray aluminum to a clearer gray. The phenomenon had lasted a little more than four minutes, during which I noted all his complicated moves on my note-book."


The UFO paced the plane for several minutes before speeding off past the maximum velocity of the French airplane.


A light zigzagging across sky..Stopped in mid-air..took off at high speed.. one hundred yards of car, then paced it.


Object rose vertically and shot up into the sky at incredible speed.



The UFO made a sharp turn at high speed and headed north directly toward the observers while changing color to orange and, finally, to a brilliant blue white. The object made a U-turn, tilting on edge, and turned southeast toward Grayville.

|Diamond|Animal Reaction|Glow|Hover|Maneuver|Speed|Tilted On Edge|

Mrs. Helen Reed. It then executed several sharp right angle turns and disappeared behind her shed.

The object then began to move away; making a sharp, right angle turn to the north and, without gaining altitude, it disappeared from view.


One reddish, blinking light approached the runway, stopped and made several reverses during 2 minutes.


Sanderson and four friends watched an oval UFO as it traversed the night sky during a twenty-two-minute period.


An object hurtling toward the ground. Stopped altitude 200-300 feet..accouding to UFO's deceleration, hovering, taking off again.


Rudi Nagora shot an entire roll of film as this spectacular UFO descended in a 'falling leaf' motion over Deutschlandsberg, Austria on 23 May 1971.


The UFO cavored about the sky. Sometimes it hovered, wobbling as it did so. The object shot up into the sky, then sped off at an abrupt ninety-degree angle.


David Bates, 8, and Steven and Henry Stillie, aged 10 and 7. Traveling slowly, the object reversed its course and with an undulating motion headed for the small cleared area amongst the trees where the sandpit was situated.

|Disc|Animal|Buzz|Flashing|Heat|Landing Legs|Landing Mark|Maneuver|

Travis Walton. Then, abruptly, it shot vertically into the sky, creating a strong breeze.


A confidential communique issued by the Combat Operations Center of the North American Air Defense Command (NORAD) on November 11, 1975, reported that " the interceptors approached the lights went out. After the interceptors had passed the came on again..


The massive object stopped short and paced the car, which soon became filled with blue light and suffocating heat.



They observed the object for about an hour and during that time the object moved erratically from side to side, up and dow, and to and fro not venturing from the originla position.


Witness observes large bright object maneuvering in a circular path and pursued by several military aircraft.


Police HU3H Helicopter on routine flight encounters a luminous, egg-shaped object, that maneuvers around the helicopter, causing instrumentation to go haywire.


Object paces aircraft and then comes within 50' of his right wing. Pilot banked hard to avoid collision.


At 43,000 Feet - Pilot and co-pilot of a Lear 35 jet encounter a huge object that paced their aircraft for 10-15 minutes.


Target pasted solidly on planes radar. Plane was in excess of Mach 2.2 and the object stayed within 50 feet off the left wing of the aircraft.


Pilot Frederick Valentich: He's flying over me two or three times at speeds I could not identify...It's hovering (on top of me), and it's not an aircraft."


Thre objects moved rapidly in sharp angular movements and displayed red, green and blue lights.


A large disc-shaped UFO followed a Piper airplane from Cordoba to Resistensia, Argentina. It reportedly maneuvered at great speed, and changed color from silver to orange. The plane's compass oscillated between 0.5 and 270 degrees, and there were several other variations noted in other onboard instruments.


They travelled very quickly ('like lightning'), zigzagging to join the larger cigar.


The main reason the witness decided to report the sighting was that the object looked strange: a shape, with dots of lights, that maneuvered, circled a radio tower at very high speed. "It wasn't a regular craft. It seemed so high up, you know, when you look at a plane so high up, you can tell it's small? This thing was huge!"


The objects performed extraordinary maneuvers and stayed with the plane for 400 miles (640km). The incident was also confirmed on ground radar.


Ocotlán is to 60 km of Guadalajara, patch to the shore of the Lake of Chapala.

Captain Daniel Monraz (Yahoo! Babel Fish translation):

Later I realized that the shades of the trees of down did not correspond with “the reflection”, and when I moved the parasol one I could see clearly that it was a very brilloso plate that was above of the airplane, was a disc silverplated with a black wheel down, that came swinging as if it went away to fall.

No, nor of joke, “that thing” did not interact with the wind. One moved making swingings. It gave the impression of being a very great magnet that is moving, like toroide.



I stood outside my door and watched for several minutes and it continued to hover in the same spot with a slight jerky movement at times.


At 11:30 p.m. an amateur astronomer who is also a pilot witnessed a disc-shaped object with a blue strobe light over Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. The UFO made 90-degree and 60 degree turns and other fast maneuvers, then shot away to the west.


Cameraman Bartolome Vazquez filmed the maneuvers of a triangular UFO which he described as an "upside down steam iron." The episode was considered to be one of the most significant, given that the cameraman had managed to capture two jet fighters in pursuit of the slow moving triangle.


It seemed not to fly forward or backward, but instead length-wise and always to the left.


Pilots, mechanics and managers from United Airlines witnessed a metallic disc-shaped object hovering over the United Airlines Terminal at Chicago's O'Hare Airport. The clearly observed object shot straight up leaving a hole through the clouds.


It made absolutely no sound and it initially moved very slowly. Too slow for an airplane to fly. As it approached us the object banked to the north and after about 30 seconds reversed it's direction revealing it's side to us.

We watched if for some time as it banked back and forth, then all of a sudden it tipped it's nose to about a 45 degree angle and quickly ascended out of sight. It was completely out of sight after about three seconds. I wasn't afraid when I saw the object, just fascinated by its erratic movements and it's beauty. It truly was a beautiful thing to behold. source-MUFON Submitter 7257



Written transcript of Ricky Sorrells UFO description on Larry King:

"I started looking at it. There were no bolts, no rivets, no welded seams, it was smooth, it was like a barn gray. It had cones potruding, going up into it, bigger at the bottom, going up to smaller at the top. It took off like this [shows motion with his hand]. It remained flat and took off at a 45 degree angle."

"It took off so fast that if I blinked I would have thought it vanished but I had my eyes on it, and I know it took off flat at a 45 degree angle."

|Collosal|Harassment|Hover|Maneuver|No Seams/Riveting|Speed|