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ET Activity - Animal, Cattle Mutilation

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ET 1968. Otoco, Uyuni, south-western Bolivia Witness: Senora Valentina Flores. This creature was engaged in killing the sheep with a tubular instrument with a hook at the end of it. Placed the entrails in a plastic-type bag.

Violent Humanoid Encounter In Bolivia by Oscar A Galindez. (Caso OVNI 1967, Bolivia.pdf)




October 1972. Between Phoenix & Tucson Arizona A man named Ed Foley was driving between Phoenix and Tucson when he encountered a circular UFO and a robot like "figure or object" that emerged from it and hit him with a beam of light. At that point Foley experienced "an alteration of consciousness" as though he had left his physical body; he "mentally" entered the object, and was able to communicate telepathically with the beings on board. (Beings not described). The thrust of the information gleaned from these occupants was that they had needed to resort of "artificial replenishment" of an "essence of life" for their survival. These "juices" they obtained from the simpler forms of life as well as from living animals, excluding man. "They take blood and vital fluids from some glands of various animals…They are not concerned about the flesh and leave it intact," avoiding humans as much as possible in their "harvesting" of fluid substances." Wendelle C Stevens for Apro



May 1973. Houston, Texas Later under hypnosis the main witness was able to remember seeing, in the first encounter, a brown and white calf rise up into the object within a beam of pale yellow light. The witness and her daughter were also transported inside the object. There the main witness watched in horror as two little men, gray in color with huge wrap around eyes with vertical pupils and wearing form fitting black outfits excise tissue from the calf's eyeball, tongue and testicles and then lower the calf into a field apparently already dead. The daughter remembered being escorted into the object by several short humanoids that moved mechanically and performed medical tests on her. One of the beings was taller with different eyes from the others and seemed more compassionate towards the witness and was apparently a female. Both witnesses saw what appeared to be animal parts in a room inside the object.


Linda Moulton Howe, Glimpses Of other Realities Vol. I
  Thursday, February 25, 1999.

Cascade Mountains, Near Mt. St. Helens, Washington, United States

A team of forestry workers allegedly had been witness to an incident on Thursday, February 25, 1999, during which time an elk was lifted off the ground and carried away by a very peculiar, disc-shaped object.


Note similarities.

Lying on its side (see photo). The animal's entire milk sac was missing with no evidence of blood on the animal, nor on the ground where it lay. The neighbor said the neat, oval incision where the udder had been removed appeared to be charred.

Other farmers in the Albertville area soon started reporting similar cases over the next two months. The same organs were reported missing, though what was taken varied from animal to animal. In many cases the rectum had been cored out neatly, with no evidence of blood or body fluid present. On female livestock the sex organs had been removed in an identical fashion with clean, bloodless incisions. On male livestock, the sex organs had also been removed, again in oval, bloodless incisions.

Throughout all the cases, cattle farmers and their neighbors reported seeing or hearing helicopters in the vicinity either before or shortly after mutilated cattle were discovered.

Cattle Mutlilation History:

  • April 28, 1897. Le Roy Kansas.

Alexander Hamilton reported that his cow had been carried off by an illuminated airship that descended by his barn. The following day, a neighbor found the heifer legs, hide and head in his field. (1)

It was only in 1977 when Jerry Clark, in FATE magazine, published the results of Robert Schadewald's work on the "calfnapping" story, that the truth came out.

*Alexander Hamilton admitted hoaxing the report. (11)

  • 1960s. United States. (1)

In the 1960s, farmers throughout the United States found the corpses of animals, usually cattle, with vital organs removed, blood completely or partially drained, and sometime external parts such as eyes or ears surgically removed. The most celebrated case involved a horse called snippy.

  • 1970s Puerto Rico, Canada, Brazil, Bolivia, Sweden, Australia, Scotland and central Europe. (1)

The phenomenon continued into the 1970s, reportedly spreading into Puerto Rico, Canada, Brazil, Bolivia, Sweden, Australia, Scotland and central Europe. Read The Journal of Hispanic Ufology: Mutilations in La Pampa Argentina