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NASA's Secret ET Influence

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UFO Craft Landing Feet & Apollo Lunar Lander

CE3: Witnesses to a close encounter with occupants describe discoid and oval-shaped craft with landing feet.

UFO Trace reseracher Ted Phillips has noticed this detail in UFO landing cases:

Egg-Shaped Objects, 16 to 20 feet in length with visible landing legs, generally four, on occasion six.

Typical Flying Saucer, 30 feet to 40 feet in diameter, three landing legs, touch the ground & leave burnt or
depressed areas with an irregular configuration.

February 5, 1971. Kangaskyla Kinnula, Finland

NASA: Notice the landing feet on the lunar module.


In fact debunkers tried to use the lunar module as a possible explanation to the 1964 Lonnie Zamora sighting.

April 24, 1964. Socorro, New Mexico. Lonnie Zamora.

Occupants Gathering Earth, Soil Samples & Apollo mission gathered lunar rock and dust samples

CE3: Witnesses to a close encounter also descibe UFO occupants taking soil and earth specimen samples.

Artist Walter Molino's impression of the incident, from the cover of the Nov. 14, 1954 issue of "La Domenica del Corriere," an illustrated Sunday supplement to the Italian newspaper "Corriere della Sera."

NASA: Lunar rock and dust samples were taken back to earth during the Apollo missions by astronauts.

Occupant one-piece coveralls/ divers suit, helmet/ visor & NASA Space suit, helmet/visor

CE3: Occupants in a close encounter are descibed as wearing one-piece coveralls/ divers suit and in some cases a helmet/ visor.

September 10, 1954. Quarouble, France. Maruis Dewilde.

  The sketches below were published in the Flying Saucer Review and other sources as being the occupant as described by Giorgio Filiputti to Ugo Furlan.

NASA: Astronauts also wear a space suit and helmet/ visor for protection.

According to Dr. Carol Rosin, Wernher von Bruan instrumental in the creation of NASA's and the Apollo program knew about the ET issue but could not talk. Wernher von Bruan's mentor, early rocket pioneer Hermann Oberth was outspoken on UFO's embracing the ETH.

This huge secret is being kept it has to have something to do with the 'off-planet culture,' that I call OPC phenomenon that in fact, it was so real that this man could hardly talk about this big secret and did not because of the threats to his life and probably to the lives of others who worked with him who might or might not have known. But he certainly did.

Other astronauts have cominted on the reality of extraterrestrials and a cover-up.

From: The UFO Encylcopedia by Margaret Sachs.

Although they were not involved in any UFO sightings, astronauts Eugene Cernan, Edgar Mitchell, and Harrison Schmitt have spoken out in the possibility that earth has been visited by extraterrestrials.

Gordon Cooper, astronaut who observed UFOs stated, "Intelligent beings from other planets regularly visit our world in an effort to enter into contact with us...NASA and the American government know this and possess a great deal of evidence. Nevertheless, the remain silent in order not to alarm people....I am dedicated to forcing the authorities to end their silence."

Rumor purports that Apollo 11 astronauts observed and filmed two UFOs that landed near the lunar module. The film has supposedly been put under tight security wraps by NASA. The agency denies that any such sighting ever occurred.

Former NASA employee and UFO debunker James Oberg (CSICOP's, Skeptical Inquirer) pays special attention in debunking astronaut testimony and space based UFOs. He worked at Johnson Space Center, where British hacker Gary McKinnon observed a high res image and learened NASA was secretly airbrushing out space based UFOs.

"A NASA photographic expert said that there was a Building 8 at Johnson Space Center where they regularly airbrushed out images of UFOs from the high-resolution satellite imaging...."

Robots described in close encounters & NASA Robots

Robonaut 2

September 4, 1964. Cisco Groove, California

September 21-27, 1989. Voronezh, Russia. Sketches of the UFOs and robots/beings drawn by some of the witnesses. The top-left drawing of the UFO and robot is by sixth-grader Roma Torshin; and the top-right drawing by Genya Blinov. (credit: Hesemann / Jacques Vallee)