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ET Wear - Pack

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Landing Legs


1953. Lermarken Varmland, Sweden 17-year old Lyyli Nilsson. Four persons, wearing strange “equipment” on their backs, like divers, came out. They wore some kind of helmet, which seemed to be fastened to their light colored overalls.

Sven Olof Svensson


Mid-August 1953.

Ciudad Valley, Mexico. Witness: Salvador Villanueva. Scrambling out from under the car, he was confronted by two pleasant-appearing men about 4½ feet tall who were clad in one-piece garments from head to toe, wore wide shiny perforated belts, small black boxes on their backs, and metal collars around their necks. They carried helmets which Villanueva compared to those "worn by pilots or by American football players." Encounters With UFO Occupants by Coral and Jim Lorenzen (1976)
Animal Mutilation 1968 (early)

Otoco, Uyuni, south-western Bolivia

Witness: Senora Valentina Flores.
Violent Humanoid Encounter In Bolivia by Oscar A Galindez. (Caso OVNI 1967, Bolivia.pdf)  
  July 12, 1977. Quebradillas, Puerto Rico A. Ordonez. One 3'/2-ft.-tall being, green garb, helmet, backpack, four fingers on hands, seen from balcony, no craft seen; being fled when lights turned on, floating upward.



Landing Trace


1990. Los Zazos, Tucuman, Argentina Witness: Goat herder, Flores de Mamani. They wore brown diver's suits, and had what appeared to be backpacks on their backs. The witness attempted to scream but could not. The beings were about 4-feet tall, heavy set and there appeared to be some stripes on their shiny brown suits. They wore helmets with a glass-like visor. She also noticed what appeared to be two antennas coming out of their suits. They seemed to glide just above the ground. Pablo Villarrubia Mauso



Landing Legs

Landing Mark

August 11, 2003. Szczecinek, Northern Poland

Beam of light shot out from a 5 x 15cm rectangular chamber, covered with a non-reflective surface, on the top of the "leader's" helmet. Drawing: © Lech Chacinski.

Witness: Lech Chacinski. Lech describes these entities as being about the height of tall humans (approx. 170 cm tall) with a basic human form (2 arms, 2 legs, a torso and a head), wearing tight-fitting, seamless "overalls of a dull silvery, elastic foil" material. He states that these overalls seemed to be "pumped up from the inside" and were "integrated with their shoes and mittens." On their heads were "helmets" with some sort of a band around the forehead which had a light source in the center, and on the top of the helmet there was something that Lech thought was a communication device. He saw no insignia anywhere on their clothing, but on their chests were "colorful blinking [rectangular] boards" with "7 lights in each row," each light a different color. He cannot remember the combination of colors, but states that the lights were "falling down [in a sequence] one by one, like a fountain." They also had packs on their backs which looked like those worn by astronauts or cosmonauts.