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UFO Size - Small (Probes)

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According to information disclosed to the well known author, Jacques Vallee, by a former engineer with US intelligence in Germany, Americans were already aware by 1943 that UFOs (or 'foo-fighters', as they were then dubbed by USAAF air crews) could interfere at a distance with internal combustion engines. Investigators at the time suspected that electrostatic effects were the cause. A secret investigation into the phenomenon, including an investigation into German research on jet aircraft, was conducted in 1943 by the US National Bureau of Standards (now the National Institute of Standards and Technology), under the direction of Professor Dr Hugh L. Dryden (developed America's first successful radar-guided missle).

The glowing spheres and disks, ranging in size from one-to-five in diameter, sometimes exhibiting changes in color, usually from orange to red to white and back to orange. Rare daylight sightings revealed globes with a metallic finish. Sometimes flying in formation.



Foo fighters were also reported by allied bomber pilots flying over Japan. After the war, it was discovered that the Germans and Japanese had also been perplexed by the same phenomenon.


UFOs observed in Scandinavia, Western Europe, Turkey, West Africa between 1946 and 1948.

Mysterious fireballs and cigar-shaped UFOs. The objects usually traveled at altitudes between about one thousand and three thousand feet. Variously described as traveling slower than airplanes or crossing the sky in seconds at fantastic speeds. Known to travel all directions, execute turns, circular maneuvers. In October 1946. Swedish defense ministry issued a communique that radar had detected about two hundred objects "which cannot be the phenomena referred to as Swedish airplanes. " Ghost Rockets.


Coral E. Lorenzen . On June 10, 1947, four years after she married Jim Lorenzen, who woul be her partner at APRO, she saw another UFO. This was a small sphere that rose from the ground near Douglas, Arizona, and disappeared into the night sky.

Mysterious green fireballs began to make frequent appearances over highly-restricted areas in the southwestern United States. The large number of sightings alarmed the United States Air Force (USAF). Green Fireballs.


The secret U.S. Army/Air Force investigation into green fireballs.


He was held frozen in his tracks as he watched a glowing object cavort in his backyard and then streak away. Puzzled authorities found a burned spot about the size of a dinner plate in the grass.

  Although they seemed slightly silly at the time, reports of small, basketball sized objects were not uncommon. I refer to these objects as OBOLs (Orange Balls of Light). They generally appear near the ground; sometimes near fence rows, house windows, etc. I believe that these are probes with TV cameras not unlike the ones on our own spacecraft such as the Viking, etc. There correlation with parent objects is documented. They are not unlike the little red light in the movie "Close Encounters of the Third Kind". Such an object is apparently what appeared at Dale, Indiana. -- Francis L. Ridge

|Fireball|Sphere|Glow|Landing Trace|

A little later, just south of his son's trailer, there was a round object. "It was darker green than the rectangular thing and looked like it was right in the fence row. This one looked like it might have been eight or ten feet in diameter and on, or very near, the ground. It changed color from pale green to bright blue and back to pale green. When the larger rectangular object got over in the area back of the trailer and a little south, the smaller sphere moved up to the bottom of the big object and went out like a light." The single remaining object then departed slowly to the east.



Ms. Lois Stovall, Mrs. Alice Buckner. The object was almost capsule-shaped. Inside crouched a human-shaped figure, all over gray in color, that looked puffed up, like a balloon.


Bob Taylor. Bob Taylor describes how he stared in amazement as two metal spheres with spikes on, not unlike sea mines, emerged from the rear of the object and bounced towards him. they made horrible, sucking noises as they impacted into the wet soil. as they reached his side he became aware of a curious acrid smell, then felt a tugging on his legs and collapsed unconscious on to the ground.

|Sphere|Animal|Cloak|Hover|Injury|Landing Trace|Odor-Acrid|Probe|

Danny Gordon, Roger Hall. It was very large, had a dome shape to the top of it, no wings, and what appeared to be strobe putting out multi-colored lights on the right side of the craft. Estimated size two football fields in diameter. Three huge picture windows in the back of it that were lit inside out. A red ball docked with the craft.

|Dome|Nocturnal|Sphere|MIB|Witness Harassment|

Two investigators parked out in a remote desert site began watching mysterious lights maneuvering over the area. One of the lights suddenly began to approach; it was a large object with bright square light panels that glowed amber and blue light. As the object, now transformed into two or three bright orbs of light, passed over the vehicle, one of the men attempted to snap a photograph. At this point a state of confusion seemed to have overcome both of the witnesses, as both then became aware of a strange vehicle driving quickly away from the area. A period of missing time was noted. Later under hypnotic regression the main witness was able to recall that the object stopped and hovered over their vehicle.

|Nocturnal|Missing Time|Orbs|

|ET|Arms - Long|Eyes - Slanted|Hands - 4 Digits|Cranium|Emblem|Gray|Short|Suit - Gray|Tall|


Raul Dominguez.