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ET - No Pupil

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The eyes large and black like bug eyes, ears were small, lips thin slits.


Large heads with big dark eyes.


Margaret Symmonds. Four 3-1/2 to 4-ft tall beings, gray garb, long arms, large reddish eyes, pointed chins, small mouths, clawlike hands; beings in road apparently digging with sticks; witness swerved car to avoid hitting them.




Two short humanoid beings, wearing silvery white coveralls, glowing eyes.



Sketch of one of the occupants by Claude.

Claude Edwards. Each of the figures had either very wide set eyes or goggles.

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Sales executive "John Gilbert." Their eyes disturbed him and as a result he did not look at them too closely, but he got the impression they had no pupils.


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Denis McMahon. Big black eyes. Remembered details after hearing Bud Hopkins on a radio show.

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Richard Kilburn was returning home along a remote road when he suddenly experienced a memory lapse. He only had fragmentary memories of an event. Under hypnosis he recalled seeing two lights descend from the sky and land nearby, his vehicle suddenly veered off the road and stopped. He got out of the vehicle and heard a sound, he then saw four or five humanoids coming over a nearby fence and approach him. The beings were very short and thin, hairless with large heads shaped like inverted teardrops, large black walnut shaped eyes, small noses, slit mouths, no ears and white putty like skin. They had long tube like fingers and wore black tight fitting suits and gloves and were clumsy when they moved. One that seemed to be the leader gave directions by gestures while another being began digging a hole. The witness was seized by a clamp like device and taken to a luminous white egg shaped craft sitting on a platform of girders and making a humming sound. He was escorted up a tube like ramp into the object and entered a luminous white domed room and next found himself on a table wearing only a diaper like cloth. A device came down from the ceiling and a needle like device ran along his back. He was then given an extensive physical examination by several of the beings, with different devices. He later lost consciousness and found himself driving home in his vehicle.



Beings with large bulging black eyes.



Four beings with dark eyes, diagonal marks on side of head, surrounded campers, reacted to light, faintly luminous structured craft seen; possible abduction.


Four-inch black eyes.



Each of the men described the beings as resembling large insects with "bug-like" eyes.



Illustrations drawn by Uyrangê Hollanda depicting the entity.

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Intuders by Bud Hopkins.

Cathy Davis who was the subject of the book and the TV movie, “Intruders” was abducted at 10:50 near Indianapolis, Indiana.







Ed Walters had heard some strange voices that spoke Spanish. Thirty minutes later his dog started barking, he went to check the porch area and pulling a blind he saw a 4-foot tall being with large almond shaped eyes looking at him. The being wore some type of shield over its head, chest, and lower body and was holding a lighted rod in its right hand. The being turned around and ran towards a nearby open field. The witness was chasing the creature when he was suddenly struck by a blue beam of light, he was unable to move his legs and he fell to the ground, it felt as if the beam was holding him down. When he was finally able to move he ran back to the house and grabbed his camera and photographed a large bowl-shaped craft with darkened portholes and an illuminated orange ring on the bottom, he could also see the beam of blue light shining down on the ground.


Polaroid photographs by Filberto Caponi.

Polaroid photographs by Filberto Caponi.

Australia abduction. Kelly Cahill

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62 children from Ariel School, a private primary school in Ruwa (about 20 km from Harare) observe UFO and occupant.

The little man was dressed in a tight-fitting black suit which was 'shiny' according to one observant girl (11 years of age). He had a long scrawny neck and huge eyes like rugby balls. He had a pale face with long black hair coming below his shoulders.




Beam of light shot out from a 5 x 15cm rectangular chamber, covered with a non-reflective surface, on the top of the "leader's" helmet. Drawing: © Lech Chacinski.

Lech Chacinski. Lech could see a darkened helmet with a visor of some "transparent" material, through which he saw two large (3cm diam) round black eyes--but no other facial details.

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