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UFO Shape - Rectangular

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Low luminosity bluish-green rectangles. Clyde Tombaugh.

Carlos Argue Balvidares. On the far side of the pond rested a rectangular object approx. 35 ft in diameter and 7-10 ft high, which was luminous....

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Mike Lindstrom took three photographs of a UFO while on holiday in Hawaii (island of Kauai), 2nd January 1975. It had no wings or obvious means of propulsion - it was square when seen from below.

The object appeared to long and somewhat rectangular shaped with blunt ends and a strong yellow-greenish beam of light coming from it that could be seen moving very slowly across the open field.



Exhibit 1E

"The object had a rectangular shaped cage of some sort on the top portion (Exhibit 1E), and looked very clearly like it had some sort of cylinder or entrance from top to bottom located in the middle (see drawing). Also, noticed what appeared to be a door or heavy screened opening at the top part located in the middle." The lights on the object initially had a yellow cast and then changed to white. The object moved very slowly at first and then moved quickly away and out of sight.

Small cluster of lights on a square object is observed by multiple witnesses.

Two witnesses observe a red, rectangular object, with a pulsating light and emitting a humming-type sound. Physical effects, vehicle interference and time distortion.



A lady reported she saw a dark gray object like a "cracker box" with very bright lights on each end. The lights blinked on and off alternately. The object was seen in the north moving erratically back and forth making banking turns. Last seen in the west, it was lost behind a building and some trees after about a five minute observation.


Jerry Sievers didn't know about this. Neither did I until much later. The RSID (computer) showed another rectangular object like the one he investigated at the end of last year. This one occurred at Lima, Ohio, on February 8th at 7:00 PM. A large disc was also seen, but the rectangular object was about 50-60' long and was black.


"Kathy Davis" of "Intruder's" fame had a sighting of a rectangular object near Indianapolis and later found that she had been abducted again.


A black rectangular object was observed by lone witness while driving at 1-2 mile range.

Ms. Somerby, a 36-year old woman, saw a massive rectangular-shaped flying object while driving in her late at night. The UFO had a pipe structure clearly visible on the bottom. The witness experienced an episode of missing time. No other information.


It was shaped like a rectangle, but with the top edges more rounded. It seemed to be of a dark material except where the sunshine reflected off it. It had five tall rectangular windows. The edges of this object appeared to be "fuzzy" not clear, perhaps because of the sunlight reflecting off it.


I was driving home and it was pretty dark. Listening to some music on my way, I was very distracted when I suddenly saw some object in the sky. It is not like those times when you look at the sky and see a airplane very high. The object I was looking at was at a very low altitude, and it was traveling at a very moderated speed, it was not going fast at all. I was shock when I first saw it. I was looking at it while I was driving and it was moving opposite to my direction, so it was getting closer to me. I saw it very clear, very, very clear.... I could not believe what my eyes were looking at!!!!! It was kind of a square/rectangle shape, it had 4 lights...One in each corner, it didn't had much color, but very bright white lights. So I turn into a Midas car repair building parked there, I saw it go west and decided to follow it. I had my computer laptop in my car but I thought that by the time my computer was ready I would have lost the object. I decided to try and follow it but then this big truck got in my way, which was going very slow for some reason. I saw other cars where going slow too....... And I lost the object....I tried to look for it, remembering the direction it went, but had no luck. I was very excited. I have a Google picture of how the object looked. It was squared shape, IT WAS NOT AN airplane or helicopter...It had 4 very bright white lights in all 4 corners.

The object is described by the officer as being 600 feet in diameter in a generally rectangular shape. Two bright white lights were observed on each of the four edges. Smaller red lights were on the corners. The object appeared a gray-green color with a surface texture that seemed to appear like "canvas."

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