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Red Flags in UFOlogy


Questionable People:

Al Bielek: Philadelphia experiment clown. Obviously fake story.

David Adair: Claimed to be a rocket prodigy as a child on the Art Bell radio program, taken to Area 51 to examine ET debris. Later proved to be a fraud.

Col. John B. Alexander

Dr. Richard Boylan

Dan "eagles disobey" Burisch: Bogus story about 2012, crystal skulls, an alien named J-Rod or Jarod (stolen from another story), Area 51.

Nick Cook (UK): In Nick Cook's book "The Hunt for Zero Gravity" there is a photo of a "test-rig" for carrying out a so called "Nazi-Bell" experiment. It turned out to be the remnant of a cooling tower.

Robert Dean:

Richard Doty: A so called counter intelligence-disinformation agent at UFO conventions.

Dr. Steven Greer: Plays the confidence game using UFOs, free energy, and government conspiracy. New age UFO retreats.

Richard C. Hoagland: Face On Mars fame. Promotes pseudo science and conspiracies (NASA). Often on CoastToCoast AM.

Linda Moulton Howe: Freelance paranormal journalist that has promoted some bogus stories.

David Ike (UK): Best selling conspiracy writer who made stories of shape shifting reptilians and lizard people popular.

Barry King (UK): The source of the PLF (Programmed Life Form) story used by Steven Greer to explain abductions.

John Lear: Pilot and the son of inventor, William (Bill) Powell Lear. Helped make Area 51 famous with the likes of Bob Lazar. He's been associated with

Jim Marrs: Conspiracy writer. He's been associated with

MUFON: A sweep it under the rug organization. In recent years MUFON has been going through lots of conflict and controversy. The regional MUFON sites may be a better bet. See:

Project Camelot: Cranky UFO web site.

Tim Matthews (UK): His real name is Tim Hepple and has a shady past. Promotes the Secret Weapons Hypothesis.

George Noory: Replacement to Art Bell. Likes to interject statements, screen callers, has carefully prepped program. Claimed on air to caller that no one tells him what to put on his program.

Jonathn Reed: Famous Art Bell hoax.

Robert Salas: Exopolitics tag. Silly claims about ET's because of our political policy.

Dr Armen Victorian: Pseudonyms (one of several) used by Habib (Henry) Azadehdel.

Colonel Wilson:

Dr. Michael Wolf:

UFO Hunters: A questionable UFO cable program (History Channel) that ran several seasons.


Suspect Skeptics:

CSICOP's (Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal): Debunking extremist group.

Dr David Clarke (UK): Puts religion, folklore spin to UFOs

Kendrick Frazier (Skeptical Inquirer): Debunker, works at Sandia National Laboratories.

Philip J. Klass: A famous debunker, who died in August 2005, was able to explain all UFO sightings attacking every witness/ multiple witnesses. Known for his letter writing smear campaigns against Ufologist.

Joe Nickell (CSICOP's): Considered the worst UFO debunker by Stanton Friedman.

Karen Olsson: American novelist who claims all alien abductions are due to sleep paralysis.

Susan Clancy: Another writer famous for using debunking abductions.

Phil Plait: Bad Astronomy moniker. Uses assumptions to explain away all UFOs since they could not be ET in origin. You also have to be a trained observer to see what flies in the sky.

James Oberg (CSICOP's, Skeptical Inquirer): James or Jim Oberg is a skeptic, former NASA employee who is also known for his smear campaigns against Ufologist. Focuses on space based UFO's and astonaut testimony.

Skeptical Inquirer magazine:


Popular cranky web forums. Popular conspiracy web site with cranky appearance. It often pops up in google searches. Similar to ATS.

Open Minds Forums: A newer forum like ATS promoting Project Serpo, John Lear etc.


Iffy UFO Sites: is not the best source for UFO info. However it may have info on new cases you can cross-check.


The integrity of the information in their database may not be trust worthy. The regional MUFON sites may be your best bet. See:

UFO Case Book:

Cross-check info from this site. The computer generated illustrations on the site may not accurately reflect witness sightings.

Tip: It's always good to cross-check, look for original witness testimony.