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ET - Reptilian

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Edemilson Mendes heard the frightened shouts of a neighbor and upon going outside to investigate he saw two strange figures approaching him on the pavement. He described the figures a man-like, but greenish and scaly, reptilian in nature. As they approached he became dizzy and apparently passed out. He woke up two hours later not remembering what had happened.

Abduction by 7-foot reptilian entities considered to be a hoax. - Alvin H. Lawson



A couple who had observed a peculiar light that hovered and oscillated rapidly over the area above the lake earlier, were parked in an isolated spot next to the lake at night when they suddenly spotted another light above the waters. The boyfriend leaned out the window for a better look when something grabbed him. He jumped back inside then a huge dark humanoid shape leaned over the car and began scratching and rocking the vehicle. Then a creature, described as having a huge reptilian like face with a wide slit mouth and bulbous eyes thrust itself partly through the window and grabbed one of the witnesses with a larger flipper like hand. The second witness struck the creature on the face with a bottle and it withdrew outside. The creature then retreated and apparently jumped into the lake, as the witness heard a loud splash.



Dinosauroid Sculpture by Dale Russell and Ron Seguin, 1982, Canadian Museum of Nature.

Lizard Men.

In July 1983, Ron and Paula Watson, a Missouri farm couple, spotted a landed UFO in a pasture. A bipedal “lizard-type crea- ture”—known to ufologists as a reptoid— stood nearby. Through binoculars the Watsons watched as two other beings, white- skinned humanoids in silver suits, ran their fingers over a black cow, which, though alive, was immobile as if paralyzed. Suddenly the cow floated up the ramp into the UFO, which then, weirdly, seemed to fade into the hill, along with the three aliens.

|Cattle Mutilation|


Two women and a man in a car encountered a craft hovering over the road. They were abducted and had an hour time loss. They reportedly encountered large lizard-like beings. One of the women had a brown area on one leg after the incident. The craft left marks on the ground. No other information.
|Abduction|Hover|Injury|Landing Mark|Missing Time|

Canadian Defense Department radars picked up a globe shaped object traveling at a phenomenal speed over the area. The object abruptly stopped and dropped like a stone. Canadian and American security agencies were immediately notified of the landing. Monitoring satellites traced the movements of aliens to a triangular area, off Old Almonte and Corkery Roads. The object had landed in deep swamp near Corkery Road. Two AH-64 Apaches and a UH-60 Blackhawk headed for the area. The helicopters carried full weapon loads. Flying low over the pine trees, the Apache attack choppers soon spotted a glowing, blue 20-meter in diameter sphere. As targeting lasers lock on, both gunships unleash their full weapon loads of eight missiles each. All sixteen were exploded in proximity bursts ten meters downwind from the object. The missiles were carrying “Vexxon”, a deadly neuro-active gas that kills on contact. Immediately after having completed their mission, the gunships turn around, and headed back across the border. Now the Blackhawk landed, as men emerged from its open doors. In seconds, the six-man strike team had entered the object through a seven-meter hatch less, oval, portal. No resistance was encountered. At the controls, three dead crewmembers were found. The humanoids were packed in ice and sent to an isolation chamber at the University of Ottawa. The beings were described as reptilian, heads shaped like fetuses, very muscular and gray-white in color.

The witness suddenly awoke and went outside her home to see a huge metallic cylinder-shaped craft hovering over the area. It had a pink pulsating light on its front and a blue light at the rear. She could also see a large door. She suddenly found herself inside the object where she saw different types of equipment illuminated by a brilliant blue glow. Inside the craft she encountered three types of humanoids, one was human-like that appeared to be in charge, several small gray humanoids with pear-shaped heads and huge black oval-shaped eyes, and a third type of being described as tall and reptilian in appearance, with green scaly skin and huge golden-colored eyes.



The witness was in bed sleeping when she suddenly began floating out of her bedroom towards a light and through the wall. She felt being pulled by a strong force with a quick movement. She then encountered a strange reptilian being described as five-foot nine inches tall with a green body that appeared scaly and rough. He had pea-green eyes with pupils slanted like a cat, black and yellow in color. The being lacked hair, had a small mouth, thin arms, duck-like hands with brown webbing in between four long fingers with sharp nails on the ends. The witness felt electricity going through her hands apparently after the being touched her. She was then told that they needed human beings to make their race stronger because it was dying out.



John Carpenter. "Typically, these reptilian creatures are reported to be about six to seven feet tall, upright, with lizard-like scales, greenish to brownish in color with claw-like, four-fingered webbed hands. ... Their faces are said to be a cross between a human and a snake, with a central ridge coming down from the top of the head to the snout. Adding to their serpent-like appearance are their eyes which have vertical slits in their pupils and golden irises."



Polaroid photographs by Filberto Caponi.


Dan Wright. "A fair reading of those sessions indicates strongly that multiple groups of entities have been routinely intruding into the lives of Americans -- children as well as adults. ... When a so-called reptilian is repeatedly described as having the same scaly skin tone, claws for fingers, and an extreme interest in sexuality, one must pay attention."

The study’s preliminary results indicate that reptilian types have been reported in a relatively small percentage (less than 20 percent) of the cases being studied.



Louis Boisvert. The same night that witnesses saw a large triangular vessel hovering over the town of Buckingham, Quebec, farmer Louis Boisvert, 19, saw a very large metallic triangular craft with a set of red lights hovering over a barn, while plowing snow on his tractor. The craft seemed to very slowly fly over the barn. The light coming form the triangle did not illuminate the ground or even the roof of the barn. The craft then suddenly left. After the craft left Boisvert and his father, noticed that their electric water pump would not function. Troubled by recurring dreams, Boisvert underwent hypnotic regressing. He was then able to remember that he had hopped of the tractor and ran to the barn where his father was working. As he rushed into the barn, he saw his father standing there with a blank expression on his face. Besides him stood two reptilian looking creatures, with long faces, scaled leathery skin, black eyes, clawed hands, and gaunt arms and legs. Both Boisvert and his father were taken onboard the triangular object by the humanoids.


A silvery disc shaped craft with a dome on top descended on a cattle field besides the I-40 highway. Motorists in both directions stopped and got out of their vehicles to see the craft. To their amazement, three reptilian like humanoids emerged from the object and walked about nonchalantly, ignoring the crowd of onlookers. The creatures were about five ft tall and had light blue skin with dark hues and tones. The reptilians had three long, claw like fingers and toes and yellow eyes with a black, catlike split in the center. Supposedly some in the crowd photographed the events. A state trooper came along and ordered everyone back to their vehicles. The humanoids went back inside their craft and left the area northwest bound, at a slow rate of speed.




Pamela Stonebrooke. Alleged sexual encounter with reptilian alien.

Pamela said her first alien bonk took place in 1998, more than a year after her first extra-terrestrial encounter. At the time, she was working as a high-powered celebrity agent in Houston, USA, and says she had no interest in the mysterious world of little green men.

Illustrator Lisa Dusenberry studied art at Southwest Missouri State University. As an artist/investigator, she specializes in working with eyewitnesses to help them visually recapture their memories.

Two women walking along the western edge of the lagoon observed a strange reptilian figure swimming in the waters just off shore. They described the creature as resembling a reptile, about 1.50m in length and very wide. They watched the creature for several minutes before it vanished. Both witnesses requested to remain anonymous.


The 13-year old witness was out hunting with his grandfather and had briefly separated from his grandfather following a flock of quail. He strode up a mountain, carrying his shotgun and a bag of shells. He scratched his leg with a rock and tended the wound for a few minutes; he then heard ducks nearby and knew there had to be a pond to wash his cut. After arriving at the pond he began to splash water on his leg when he suddenly heard a splashing sound. He looked up and saw a man leaning over, drinking from the pond. It only took him a few seconds to realize that this was no ordinary man. This man had scales and a lizard’s head. The witness was petrified---he couldn’t move a muscle. He stood there watching the strange creature drink, when all of the sudden he saw it jerk its head up. It eyed the witness for what seemed like hours, it then jumped in the water and began swimming toward the witness. The witness managed to shoot three shells at it and then ran from the area as fast a he could. After telling his grandfather he was not believed.


Victor Alexandrovich Zdorov (involved in other encounters) was at his office in this village east of the Simferopol Airport, when four strange humanoid creatures barged in. He described them as “reptoid” They were scaly and lizard like with four fingers on each hand. They surrounded Zdorov, who was sitting at his desk and blinking in disbelief. One entity pointed a scaly, clawed finger at him and hissed, “You know too much about UFOs.” The strange visitation came at the end of a series of UFO sightings by Zdorov the previous week.



Reptilian-human hybrids. See: Hybrids